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By maxwell edison ·
In the aftermath of what seems to be an especially busy year (first half-year) of fending off viruses, Trojans, security holes, and so on, perhaps some people have some input as to the best protection software and/or procedures to protect our corporate networks. Personally, I'm in the process of evaluating various virus protection software, and will be updating accordingly. Norton, McAfee, and Trend Micro are the three on my evaluation list, so any feedback on the current versions would be appreciated. (Any suggestions over and above the three products mentioned are welcome as well.)

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No conclusions yet - except

by maxwell edison In reply to Have you formed any concl ...

...I'll probably spend a month or so evaluating several products before I spend the $$ to install on all my machines, and I'll look into all of the ones mentioned in these threads.

Thanks a lot for your input.

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by Black Panther In reply to Virus Protection Options

We find InoculateIT great!

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Trend Micro

by Brooks Fancher In reply to Virus Protection Options

Trend Micro has been very good to us. We were using NAV 7.6 Corporate and since moving over to Trend Neatsuite we have had less problems with Virus outbreaks.

It is also easy to set to disallow any changes to it, including uninstalling or unloading it. This was a problem we had with Norton and with Mcafee before that. I have yet to find a machine with Trend crashed or messed up.

You can also create a script easily to install it on the first connection to the network.

You can push it from the web console to clients and if you are at an individual machine somewhere and need to install it, you can install it easily from the server through a website. (I have not had time to test this yet with XP sp2, so I don't know how the new security of sp2 will affect this)

It includes Internet Gateway protection, , spam protection, Exchange protection, Lotus Notes, PDA, VPN awareness, Linux server, Netware. If you run a mixed network, it has an advantage.

The automatic updating works great. You can view reports through IE on your intranet, and you can use IE to set and deploy the options to any machine.

It allows remote reconfiguration and has virus outbreak prevention.

Our city also uses it to protect our e911 dispatch center on the recommendation of our e911 software provider and we have not had a problem over there. That is one location that is mission critical and we have not had any systems fail yet.

All in all, I am pleased with it. When the latest mydoom.m hit our Library Cooperative, all the other libraries around got hit hard (we are all on one big wan), but our systems just kept chugging and quarantined the virus.

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