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Vista- a marked improvement on XP?

By tednyhan ·
Unquestionably in my opinion I feel that Vista is one of the greatest software advancements of the modern generation.I would like the cynics to reply A.S.A.P. with their easily refutable negative comments on Vista so I can tear you apart with my in-depth knowledge on this magnificent system. I would also love comments from the pro-vista posse.
Vive la Revolution!!!!

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Hmmm flamebait I believe

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Vista- a marked improveme ...

Need a point of reference bfore I can burn you up.

Advancement from what?

or Advancement for whom?

Either or both will do.

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His profile's a hoot.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Hmmm flamebait I believe

He spent the last 20 years at Verizon, a company that didn't exist 20 years ago. I suspect that for most of the last 20 years he was still swimming in his father's prostate.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to His profile's a hoot.

People have made suggestions that my ego is a tad over inflated.

I shall simply refer people to him and change mine, to meek and humble. ]:)

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by FilipVR In reply to His profile's a hoot.

It makes you wonder about TechRepublic's policy on assessing items before linking them in their newsletters.

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They haven't got one

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to mmmh...

to be fair, that would be hard to do without a human in the process.

Notice, he hasn't come back to easily refute anything.

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Got that right!

by Richard81 In reply to His profile's a hoot.

Judging by the infantile remarks in his profile I would highly agree with your observations concerning his age...

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Ok, I'll take the bait!

by w2ktechman In reply to Vista- a marked improveme ...

1. Training is needed for things that everyone already know how to do!

2. many drivers are not supported yet, so installing HW will oft. result in a non-useable device.

3. Most SW that is currently in use, including proprietary company-created SW, is not useable under Vista, which requires re-working useable applications.

4. many companies do not update their systems regularly enough to use the newest MS OS. machines made 3-5 years ago will be slow at least, or not capable of running Vista.

5. Bugs, MS has a list of bugs that are not yet fixed, and the list gets bigger everyday.

6. explain why it is the best OS, other than it is the newest and you like the look of it. How in-depth are you? Your post was generic and crap with absolutely no insight as to anything other than a small rant. Does someone you know work at MS or something so you are taking their word for it? Specify your position in detail if you want others to as well. What makes it magnifiscent? because it is new? Because of Aero? Because you have no clue? or because you are just ignorant of reality?

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you forgot to mention...

by mroseberry In reply to Ok, I'll take the bait!

7. The DRM in Windows Media Player 11 is the worst that M$ has put out yet.

8. The OS is very expensive (between $200 and $400 depending on the version).

9. The User Account Control to prevent malware from installing can come up so often that selecting "Allow" may become a reflex action since there is no thought required.

(Maximum PC / February 2007 / 10 Reasons You Don't Need Vista Today)

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Number 9 is a killer

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to you forgot to mention...

You just know people are going to click yes, and then reel back in horror as their brain catches up with their finger.

Del *.*

F%&&&*&&^^%%. t

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Sorry, Forgot to mention those :)

by w2ktechman In reply to you forgot to mention...

Thank You for adding them to the list.

And to think, these are just some of the main reasons not to move!

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