Vista backup files .fbw?

By butchy1104 ·
I recently had to reinstall Vista Premium on my laptop because it wouldn't boot to Windows. Before I did this, I had an option to backup my media files ie: music, pictures, documents. I had to use an external hard drive to do this. After I finished reinstalling Vista, I tried to restore these files onto my laptop. On my external HD, there is a folder called MINWINPC containing 15 .fbw files the first file being a .exe file. When I try to restore these files using the restore feature on Vista, it does not locate these files on my external HD. When I try to run the .exe file, it asks me to "insert the last disk." I cannot find any solution for this problem on any Vista board anywhere on the Net. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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24 gig .fwb file

by robb161 In reply to Hp Support

Hey i ran a pc back up through the hp recovery manager to my external hdd and now i am unable to restore the file it is showing the exe and only one fwb file with a size of 24 gb .Any ideas

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A SOLution!!!!!!!!!

by 21st.100 In reply to 24 gig .fwb file

I had the similar problem and it solved it with patience...
I have 2 files on my secondary HDD

Backup.1 (2,440 KB)
Backup.2.fbw ( ~ 29Gb)

As you can see that the fbw file is too big to burn onto a DVD so after like 5 hrs of being impatient....I decided to so the thing thing that the RestoreWiz ppl told the guy above to do...

Delete/Move the following files
-C:\Users\ YOUR ACCOUNT NAME \AppData\Local\Temp\RestoreWiz.lgg
-C:\Users\ YOUR ACCOUNT NAME \AppData\Local\Temp\RestoreWiz.smf

Once i did that i made sure that there was no Folder in my HDDs root called:
System Recovery Files
If there was i deleted it.

and delete the shortcut they place on desktop..

Once i did that i just ran the program, ticked all boxes (default)..and i went to sleep :S..

I woke up and it was completed (8hrs later)

This is a commom problem and ppl assume nothing is happening as there the status bar isnt moving (or is stuck at 0%) and the HDD light isnt flashing indicating no work is being done..

Just leave the backup program as it is over night and it will finish...

Log started Saturday 2008-09-20 at 02:03:18
Using st_log.ini: 0
Log level: 1
Forced flush: 0
Compressed: 0
Encrypted: 0
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 STEP : Initialization.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Create destination directory succeed
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Repertory to restore : C:\System Recovery Files
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Get volume filename : \MINWINPC\Backup Files 2008-09-18 164306\Backup.1.exe
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Version of RestoreWiz.exe :
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : File skin.smf extract successfully.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : File filetypes.ini extract successfully.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : File restorewiz.lgg extract successfully.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : English is the user language./r/n If language doesn't exist in lgg file, the language is english.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Pictures extension : .jpeg .tiff .xbm .svgz .24b .2bp .2d .301 .3ds .3th .73i .82i .83i .85i .86i .89i .8ba .8bp .8xi .92a .92i .9xi .ab3 .adi .aec .aed .ahs .ai .art .bif .bil .bm .bmp .br3 .br4 .br5 .bsk .btf .bw .cad .cam .cci .cck .cdr .cdt .cfp .cga .cgm .clp .cmu .cmx .cov .cp8 .cph .cpi .cpt .cr2 .crw .cs1 .cs4 .ct .ctb .cvp .cvr .cvx .dc2 .dc5 .dcm .dcx .det .dfx .dgn .dib .dim .djv .dng .dpx .drt .drw .dsf .dwg .dws .dwt .dwx .dwz .dxb .dxf .dxx .efx .ega .egm .emf .emo .emz .eps .exp .exr .eya .fax .fh .fh3 .fh4 .fh5 .fh6 .fh7 .fh8 .fh9 .fhc .ft7 .ft8 .ft9 .fxd .fxr .g3f .g3n .gbt .gcd .gem .gfb .gfm .gif .gis .goo .gry .hot .hpl .hrf .hrz .icb .ico .ief .ifc .iff .igf .im .im1 .im7 .im8 .imj .imt .imx .j2c .j2k .jb2 .jbg .jfi .jfx .jif .jmh .jng .jp2 .jpc .jpe .jpg .jpm .jpx .jsl .jtf .kdk .kfx .kic .kpx .kqp .lbm .ldf .lm8 .lpp .lv .lwf .lwo .lws .mdi .mix .mrw .msp .ncr .nef .nib .nic .npm .odi .oil .onx .opd .orf .otb .oti .p3d .pbm .pc2 .pc3 .pcc .pcd .pcg .pcs .pct .pcx .pd1 .pd2 .pd3 .pd4 .pd5 .pd6 .pd7 .pd8 .pd9 .pda .pdd .pdn .pdp .pdw .pfr .pgm .pic .pig .pix .pjp .plt .png .pnm .pov .pp4 .pp5 .ppm .prt .ps .psb .psd .psp .pwp .pxr .qti .raf .ras .raw .rf .rgb .rle .rpx .s1g .s1j .s1n .sda .sfw .sgi .sjp .skf .slb .sld .spe .spn .srf .svg .sxd .sy3 .tcw .tdi .tef .tga .thb .thm .tif .tim .tnl .tub .u3d .ucg .udi .ufo .upf .upx .uvp .vda .vec .vel .vff .vfl .vga .vgr .vml .wbm .wd .wdp .wi .wif .wmf .wpg .wpw .x3f .xcf .xif .xim .xjt .xwd .yuv
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Musics extension : .acm .aiff .midi .cda .aifc .aac .m4a .m4b .a3k .aa .abs .ac3 .ahx .aif .amr .aob .ape .au .avr .b4s .dls .dus .emp .far .fla .it .kar .la .la1 .lav .lqp .lqt .lsl .lwz .m1a .m2a .m3a .m3u .m4a .m4b .m4p .mad .mdz .med .mid .mjf .mka .mlp .mnd .mod .mp1 .mp2 .mp3 .mpc .msq .mtm .mus .myr .ntx .nxt .ogg .oma .omc .omg .pcm .pls .pna .ra .ram .rm .rmi .rmj .rmm .rmp .s1m .s3m .sd2 .se .sfr .sib .sid .smi .snd .sng .swa .tfx .thx .tta .vbk .vmf .voc .vox .vqf .w64 .wav .wax .wma .xm .xmf
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Videos extension : .mpeg .rv9 .wmd .wpl .mp2v .mpv2 .divx .3g2 .3gp .afl .asf .asx .avi .d2v .dcr .dif .dmv .dvd .dvr .dvx .flc .flm .flv .flx .fmv .gvi .gvp .ifo .ivf .jmf .jmm .lsf .lsx .m1s .m1v .m2v .m4v .mkm .mkv .mmv .mng .mov .mp4 .mpa .mpe .mpg .mqv .nsv .ogm .omf .ppj .qt .qtc .qtl .qtm .qtv .rmx .rnx .rp .rts .rv .rvx .s11 .s14 .s1q .smo .ssm .ssw .swf .tmi .ts .vcr .vfw .vid .viv .vob .vro .wm .wmp .wmv .wmx .wvx
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : TV extension : .dvr-ms
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Documents extension : .acl .ade .adn .ag4 .ans .dic .wbd .xl* .vs* .wmz .cdg .html .zip .rar .ace .info .py .pyo .enc .php .asp .pyw .1 .rc .policy .pcl .cer .pth .xslt .123 .1pe .1ph .3tf .abw .adp .asc .asm .ast .aww .bdb .bsw .bud .bv1 .bv2 .bv3 .bv4 .bv5 .bv6 .bv7 .bv8 .bv9 .c .cpp .css .csv .cw3 .cwk .cwl .cws .cxx .db2 .db3 .db4 .dbf .dbs .ddb .def .des .diz .doc .dot .dox .dta .dvi .dwf .dz .ebo .edd .edn .etd .evy .ext .ezs .faq .fdf .flp .fm .fm1 .fm3 .fmf .fmo .fmt .fp3 .fp5 .fp7 .fpt .frt .frx .fsl .fsx .fx .gdb .gph .gth .h .hpp .htc .htm .hwp .hxx .hz .ics .iif .inc .ind .jtd .jtx .lit .log .lst .ltx .lwd .lwp .m10 .m11 .m12 .m14 .m15 .maf .mar .mbf .mcw .mdb .mde .mf .mhp .mht .mn1 .mn2 .mn3 .mn4 .mn5 .mn6 .mn7 .mn8 .mn9 .mny .mpd .mpp .mpt .mst .msw .mw .nvr .nws .oas .obd .obt .odb .odc .odf .odg .odm .odp .ods .odt .ofc .ofn .ofx .ond .one .otc .otf .otg .oth .otp .ots .ott .p65 .pcw .pdf .plg .pm3 .pm4 .pm5 .pm6 .pmd .pmt .pot .ppg .ppi .pps .ppt .ppv .ppz .pqf .pt4 .pt5 .pub .pwd .pwi .pwz .pxl .pxt .q00 .q01 .q02 .q03 .q04 .q05 .q06 .q07 .q08 .q09 .q10 .q98 .q99 .qb1 .qba .qbb .qbr .qbw .qcd .qch .qdb .qdf .qdi .qdt .qef .qel .qfl .qfx .qif .qix .qmd .qml .qmt .qnx .qpb .qpp .qpw .qsd .qtx .qw5 .qw6 .qxd .qxp .qxt .rpc .rpt .rtf .s1a .s1e .s1h .scp .sct .sdc .sdd .sdp .sds .sdw .sed .sgl .shw .skd .skp .smf .sml .smt .snp .snt .spm .spo .spw .sql .srb .stc .std .stw .sxc .sxg .sxi .sxl .sxm .sxp .sxw .syk .t01 .t02 .t03 .t04 .t05 .t06 .t07 .t08 .t09 .t10 .t98 .t99 .ta0 .ta1 .ta2 .ta3 .ta4 .ta5 .ta6 .ta7 .ta8 .ta9 .tab .tax .tbt .tdt .tex .thp .tmd .tsv .tuw .tvl .twp .tx8 .txf .txt .udb .uks .uml .ups .utl .vcf .vdx .vmb .vor .vrd .vsd .vsl .vsr .vss .vst .vsw .vsx .vtx .w51 .w60 .w61 .wb1 .wb2 .wb3 .wbk .wcm .wdb .wg2 .wiz .wk1 .wk3 .wk4 .wkb .wks .wls .wp4 .wp6 .wpd .wps .wpt .wri .wrk .wrl .wrz .wtx .wvw .x .xdr .xdw .xfd .xl .xlb .xlc .xlk .xlr .xls .xlt .xlv .xlw .xmi .xml .xps .xs3 .xs4 .xs5 .xsd .xsl .xsn
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Mails extension : .dbx .nab .ldif .rwz .mbx .msg .contact .eml .fol .mai .msg .oab .oft .pab .pst .smd .wab .url
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 STEP : Wizard creation.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Begin of creation.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:1 INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:19] INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:19] INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:19] INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:19] INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:19] INFORMATION : Wizard dialog box is created.
[2008-09-20 02:03:19] INFORMATION : Succeed end of creation.
[2008-09-20 02:03:19] STEP : Welcome to restore wizard.
[2008-09-20 02:03:20] STEP : User choose types of files to restore.
[2008-09-20 02:03:21] STEP : Confirmation of destination for restoration.
[2008-09-20 02:03:22] INFORMATION : Create shortcut on desktop for destination directory succeed
[2008-09-20 02:03:22] STEP : Scan of hard drive to archive.
[2008-09-20 02:03:22] INFORMATION : Progress bar tourned.
[2008-09-20 02:03:22] INFORMATION : Thread for scan archive to extract informations is opened.
[2008-09-20 02:03:22] INFORMATION : Value of include extensions : .jpeg .tiff .xbm .svgz .24b .2bp .2d .301 .3ds .3th .73i .82i .83i .85i .86i .89i .8ba .8bp .8xi .92a .92i .9xi .ab3 .adi .aec .aed .ahs .ai .art .bif .bil .bm .bmp .br3 .br4 .br5 .bsk .btf .bw .cad .cam .cci .cck .cdr .cdt .cfp .cga .cgm .clp .cmu .cmx .cov .cp8 .cph .cpi .cpt .cr2 .crw .cs1 .cs4 .ct .ctb .cvp .cvr .cvx .dc2 .dc5 .dcm .dcx .det .dfx .dgn .dib .dim .djv .dng .dpx .drt .drw .dsf .dwg .dws .dwt .dwx .dwz .dxb .dxf .dxx .efx .ega .egm .emf .emo .emz .eps .exp .exr .eya .fax .fh .fh3 .fh4 .fh5 .fh6 .fh7 .fh8 .fh9 .fhc .ft7 .ft8 .ft9 .fxd .fxr .g3f .g3n .gbt .gcd .gem .gfb .gfm .gif .gis .goo .gry .hot .hpl .hrf .hrz .icb .ico .ief .ifc .iff .igf .im .im1 .im7 .im8 .imj .imt .imx .j2c .j2k .jb2 .jbg .jfi .jfx .jif .jmh .jng .jp2 .jpc .jpe .jpg .jpm .jpx .jsl .jtf .kdk .kfx .kic .kpx .kqp .lbm .ldf .lm8 .lpp .lv .lwf .lwo .lws .mdi .mix .mrw .msp .ncr .nef .nib .nic .npm .odi .oil .onx .opd .orf .otb .oti .p3d .pbm .pc2 .pc3 .pcc .pcd .pcg .pcs .pct .pcx .pd1 .pd2 .pd3 .pd4 .pd5 .pd6 .pd7 .pd8 .pd9 .pda .pdd .pdn .pdp .pdw .pfr .pgm .pic .pig .pix .pjp .plt .png .pnm .pov .pp4 .pp5 .ppm .prt .ps .psb .psd .psp .pwp .pxr .qti .raf .ras .raw .rf .rgb .rle .rpx .s1g .s1j .s1n .sda .sfw .sgi .sjp .skf .slb .sld .spe .spn .srf .svg .sxd .sy3 .tcw .tdi .tef .tga .thb .thm .tif .tim .tnl .tub .u3d .ucg .udi .ufo .upf .upx .uvp .vda .vec .vel .vff .vfl .vga .vgr .vml .wbm .wd .wdp .wi .wif .wmf .wpg .wpw .x3f .xcf .xif .xim .xjt .xwd .yuv.acm .aiff .midi .cda .aifc .aac .m4a .m4b .a3k .aa .abs .ac3 .ahx .aif .amr .aob .ape .au .avr .b4s .dls .dus .emp .far .fla .it .kar .la .la1 .lav .lqp .lqt .lsl .lwz .m1a .m2a .m3a .m3u .m4a .m4b .m4p .mad .mdz .med .mid .mjf .mka .mlp .mnd .mod .mp1 .mp2 .mp3 .mpc .msq .mtm .mus .myr .ntx .nxt .ogg .oma .omc .omg .pcm .pls .pna .ra .ram .rm .rmi .rmj .rmm .rmp .s1m .s3m .sd2 .se .sfr .sib .sid .smi .snd .sng .swa .tfx .thx .tta .vbk .vmf .voc .vox .vqf .w64 .wav .wax .wma .xm .xmf .mpeg .rv9 .wmd .wpl .mp2v .mpv2 .divx .3g2 .3gp .afl .asf .asx .avi .d2v .dcr .dif .dmv .dvd .dvr .dvx .flc .flm .flv .flx .fmv .gvi .gvp .ifo .ivf .jmf .jmm .lsf .lsx .m1s .m1v .m2v .m4v .mkm .mkv .mmv .mng .mov .mp4 .mpa .mpe .mpg .mqv .nsv .ogm .omf .ppj .qt .qtc .qtl .qtm .qtv .rmx .rnx .rp .rts .rv .rvx .s11 .s14 .s1q .smo .ssm .ssw .swf .tmi .ts .vcr .vfw .vid .viv .vob .vro .wm .wmp .wmv .wmx .wvx .dvr-ms .acl .ade .adn .ag4 .ans .dic .wbd .xl* .vs* .wmz .cdg .html .zip .rar .ace .info .py .pyo .enc .php .asp .pyw .1 .rc .policy .pcl .cer .pth .xslt .123 .1pe .1ph .3tf .abw .adp .asc .asm .ast .aww .bdb .bsw .bud .bv1 .bv2 .bv3 .bv4 .bv5 .bv6 .bv7 .bv8 .bv9 .c .cpp .css .csv .cw3 .cwk .cwl .cws .cxx .db2 .db3 .db4 .dbf .dbs .ddb .def .des .diz .doc .dot .dox .dta .dvi .dwf .dz .ebo .edd .edn .etd .evy .ext .ezs .faq .fdf .flp .fm .fm1 .fm3 .fmf .fmo .fmt .fp3 .fp5 .fp7 .fpt .frt .frx .fsl .fsx .fx .gdb .gph .gth .h .hpp .htc .htm .hwp .hxx .hz .ics .iif .inc .ind .jtd .jtx .lit .log .lst .ltx .lwd .lwp .m10 .m11 .m12 .m14 .m15 .maf .mar .mbf .mcw .mdb .mde .mf .mhp .mht .mn1 .mn2 .mn3 .mn4 .mn5 .mn6 .mn7 .mn8 .mn9 .mny .mpd .mpp .mpt .mst .msw .mw .nvr .nws .oas .obd .obt .odb .odc .odf .odg .odm .odp .ods .odt .ofc .ofn .ofx .ond .one .otc .otf .otg .oth .otp .ots .ott .p65 .pcw .pdf .plg .pm3 .pm4 .pm5 .pm6 .pmd .pmt .pot .ppg .ppi .pps .ppt .ppv .ppz .pqf .pt4 .pt5 .pub .pwd .pwi .pwz .pxl .pxt .q00 .q01 .q02 .q03 .q04 .q05 .q06 .q07 .q08 .q09 .q10 .q98 .q99 .qb1 .qba .qbb .qbr .qbw .qcd .qch .qdb .qdf .qdi .qdt .qef .qel .qfl .qfx .qif .qix .qmd .qml .qmt .qnx .qpb .qpp .qpw .qsd .qtx .qw5 .qw6 .qxd .qxp .qxt .rpc .rpt .rtf .s1a .s1e .s1h .scp .sct .sdc .sdd .sdp .sds .sdw .sed .sgl .shw .skd .skp .smf .sml .smt .snp .snt .spm .spo .spw .sql .srb .stc .std .stw .sxc .sxg .sxi .sxl .sxm .sxp .sxw .syk .t01 .t02 .t03 .t04 .t05 .t06 .t07 .t08 .t09 .t10 .t98 .t99 .ta0 .ta1 .ta2 .ta3 .ta4 .ta5 .ta6 .ta7 .ta8 .ta9 .tab .tax .tbt .tdt .tex .thp .tmd .tsv .tuw .tvl .twp .tx8 .txf .txt .udb .uks .uml .ups .utl .vcf .vdx .vmb .vor .vrd .vsd .vsl .vsr .vss .vst .vsw .vsx .vtx .w51 .w60 .w61 .wb1 .wb2 .wb3 .wbk .wcm .wdb .wg2 .wiz .wk1 .wk3 .wk4 .wkb .wks .wls .wp4 .wp6 .wpd .wps .wpt .wri .wrk .wrl .wrz .wtx .wvw .x .xdr .xdw .xfd .xl .xlb .xlc .xlk .xlr .xls .xlt .xlv .xlw .xmi .xml .xps .xs3 .xs4 .xs5 .xsd .xsl .xsn .dbx .nab .ldif .rwz .mbx .msg .contact .eml .fol .mai .msg .oab .oft .pab .pst .smd .wab .url .
[2008-09-20 02:03:22] INFORMATION : Value of exclude extensions. (.tmp add) : .tmp.
[2008-09-20 02:03:27] INFORMATION : Make file list to restore succeed.
[2008-09-20 02:03:27] INFORMATION : Number of files : 95953.
[2008-09-20 02:03:3 INFORMATION : Size of restoration : 750 MB
[2008-09-20 02:03:3 STEP : Restoration of archive.
[2008-09-20 02:03:3 INFORMATION : Thread for restore is opened.
[2008-09-20 06:26:34] INFORMATION : Restoration succeed.
[2008-09-20 09:01:22] STEP : Wizard exit.
[2008-09-20 09:01:22] INFORMATION : Process exit after a success.
Log ended Saturday 2008-09-20 at 09:01:22

AS YOU CAN SEE, IT DIDNT TELL ME WHICH FILES ITS RECOVERED, IF YOU GET THE "Thread for restore is opened. " THE PROGRAM IS WORKING, Leave it for 8-12hrs and see what has happened....

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This Worked

by wleddy In reply to A SOLution!!!!!!!!!

I have a backup that listed Backup.1 and Backup.2.fwb. When I first ran this program, it did not get off 0% after 5 minutes and I shut it down. When I went to restart by double clicking Backup.1 it would not do anything. The advice form 21st.100 was bang on. delete the new folder System Restore that the back up program creates. This will delete the two files RestoreWiz.lgg and RestoreWiz.smf. Once these are deleted, the back up program will work again.

It will sit on 0% for about 10 minutes and then it will start to recover the files. Will take about 8 hours to complete. It will not reinstall your programs, but all your data will be available to you. You do not have to rename your back up files with `0`to make this work.

Thanks to 21st.100. You saved me a lot of work.

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by m.webb In reply to A simple solution for you ...

FBW.007; ANY OTHER IDEA ON WHAT MIGHT WORK. HATE TO LOSE THE 25 GB OF PICS AND MOVIES. The only part of the backup and restore process that didn't work was the restore part. I've since done a full file back-up and the restore files are all labelled *.zip

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by troy In reply to Thks Troy: BUT SOLUTION ...

You first may need to:
A) Ensure you are at least a system administrator.
B) run program in compatibility mode for XP (SP2)
C) Disable the stupid useless security rubbish on vista for the duration of restore.

Try the above methods to restore, but the solution I posted was only a fix for 10+ sets, and this error simply sounds like a corruption/failure during the backup. If so, you should probarbly attempt to find another program that allows you to browse the sets for what you want, or converting them to .iso files, as several backup programs can read .iso sets and browse graphically.
Note: If you attempt the .iso method, please create multiple copies of your backup files in case of data corruption.

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m.webb any luck?

by slatter_man In reply to Thks Troy: BUT SOLUTION ...


I had exactly the same problem as m.webb and cant restore the .fwb files. Troys solution didnt work in my case either as I only have one .fbw backup file.

HP support said the .fbw file is related to the recovery partition and that the files cant be restored. Thats contrary to what some of the guys on this thread have experienced with 10+ files so it seems this is a really new problem and HP have no idea where to start.

I was hoping m.webb might have had some luck and found a solution?

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Have u found anything slatter_man?

by juliorodriguez777 In reply to m.webb any luck?

I do have the same problem and I dont want to lose these files if u find anything let me know please.

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Confusion reigns!!

by slatter_man In reply to Have u found anything sla ...

Hi juliorodriguez,

Im afraid I havnt found a solution yet. I got this reply from HP online support:

"Thank you for writing back.

I would like to inform you that, .fbw files are related to recovery
partition. If these files are saved to external hard drive while
performing the backup on notebook , it is not possible to restore those files back to hard drive on notebook from the external hard drive."

I then emailed Softthinks the company that created RestoreWiz, they replied with the solution Troy posted here. I told them this didnt work in my case and they replied again asking for information on the SMINST folder and specifically what version app I was using on my C:...I've got no idea what the SMINST folder contains and I havnt heard from them again. Maybe you guys should email them to show this is a widespread problem? Have a look on the web and mail to the US and European departments.

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i dunno if a coincidence or what...

by In reply to Thks Troy: BUT SOLUTION ...

hi guys.
i don't know much about computers and all that... but i'm gonna explain the stupidity i did
I tried the same and it didnt' work for me either. But you know, we all want our files back so ... i didn't know what to do when i said "i'm just gonna do one more thing and if it doesn't work i'm gonna do nuthin' with this crap."
i had all the files in my pc (with its system recovered) again but vista couldn't read/reconize them; i also had this `back up` (that's what you call it in english, right?) in my external HD.
So i went picking all the `unreadable` files up from my pc to the HD again...

It was sort of a stupid work, but Vista could get them. x)


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i dunno if a coincidence or what... (Whaddaya Mean?)

by tidoo2001 In reply to i dunno if a coincidence ...

Sounds as though you got it to work by dragging the fikles from the External HD to you C;\ drive. I wasn't that lucky. Sound to me like we have a class action lawsuit on out hands! Who's with me?
Tim D.
VA Beach, VA

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