Vista backup files .fbw?

By butchy1104 ·
I recently had to reinstall Vista Premium on my laptop because it wouldn't boot to Windows. Before I did this, I had an option to backup my media files ie: music, pictures, documents. I had to use an external hard drive to do this. After I finished reinstalling Vista, I tried to restore these files onto my laptop. On my external HD, there is a folder called MINWINPC containing 15 .fbw files the first file being a .exe file. When I try to restore these files using the restore feature on Vista, it does not locate these files on my external HD. When I try to run the .exe file, it asks me to "insert the last disk." I cannot find any solution for this problem on any Vista board anywhere on the Net. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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by Tlweber1416 In reply to Found what worked for me. ...


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by nickymac In reply to Found what worked for me. ...

Hi I have read many thread on this subject as I too have the same problem. I backed up from the Hp Backup Manager to and external hard drive, and got a new hard drive and re formatted vista, now guess what! Yes I can't open any of my files on the external hard drive. I too have a backup.1.exe file and a backup.2 fwb file, I have tried everything, now I have just double clicked the exe application and it lets me go to the HP Recovery wizard and I have chosen to restore all files, it is now just sitting at a blank recovery screen, where it says click exit to finish, it's not flashing, making any busy sound etc.. is this the blank screen that you mention you had for an hour before it you got the message that it was restoring the files?
Please let it be, have precious photos of my little ones.. that's all I really care about

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is it only for files numbers from 010 or even for 001?

by Dr. Arun In reply to A simple solution for you ...

I tried the same but still did not work.
1. Is it because there was only onle file
2. May be the numbering was just 001 and not 010.
3. May be because the fwb file is in the internal HDD itself but as a partitioned disk.

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Now I know what you're talking about.

by seanferd In reply to is it only for files numb ...

But I wouldn't worry about numbering since you do have only the two files. It sounds like the whole point is to keep them in order when looking at them sorted by name.

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Brother, Join the Club...

by tidoo2001 In reply to Vista backup files .fbw?

We are all victims of this screwed up HP / VISTA mess.
I imagine they'll eventually find a solution but I have not been able to since MARCH. Thnakfully I only love a handful of MP3 files I had recently converted from CD.
Manual back ups rule... Never trust software to do what must be done with diligence and care. Share the wealth if you find and answer.

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I'm the newest member of the club

by Eddie_K_Lee In reply to Brother, Join the Club...

Aloha Folks,

I had the same problem, I did what Troy said to do and was able to get 6% of the recovery, then it asked me to "Please insert the disc #2", I burned the 2nd file (Backip.0002.fbw) and stick it in and nothing happens. I had a total of 18 files. Any ideas?



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Re: I'm the newest member of the club

by Eddie_K_Lee In reply to I'm the newest member of ...

False alarm! I was finally able to do the recovery successfully! The thing I did wrong was I added the "0" after all the "Backup.0*", you don't need the extra "0" on the first 10 files:


Good luck to those of you still didn't get it to work yet.


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Vista restore *fbw files

by m.webb In reply to Re: I'm the newest member ...

I've found another solution that while not ideal seems to get the files back at least. I connected my ext HD to a computer running Windows XP, and ran the back-up file. I then transferred the files to my original computer running Visa Premium.

At least I got back the video and picture files, and data files that I was most concerned about losing.

I suspect that the restore program that HP included on laptops with Vista was originally designed to run with XP.


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by alslush In reply to Vista backup files .fbw?

I found the solution! If you read the small print on the recovery disk instructions, you are supposed to back up your data on a CD or DVD. I didn't read this and backed mine up on an external hard drive. Bad move. I wasn't able to restore my files.

Now I have the fix. First, copy EACH of the files onto its own DVD. (don't try to fit 2 onto a DL dvd--it won't work--I tried that). Copying these huge backup files (~3.5GB each)is very time-consuming, but it's the only way to get your files restored. So now you have one disk for each of the files in your backup folder (I had nine disks-my files ranged from backup.001.fbw to .009)

Next, reboot your computer in Safe Mode (continually click on the f8 key until the menu appears so you can make that selection as your computer is rebooting). Once Windows has started in Safe Mode, put in the DVD containing the first file--the one called backup.001.exe. Open "my computer" and double click on the file to start it. The recovery manager panel appears, and your DVD is ejected. You're then asked to put in your last disk. (mine was backup.009.fbw. Yours may be different.) The "NEXT" button on the recovery manager panel will activate. Click it, and you're on your way! You'll be prompted for each of your disks in descending order.

I spent about 6 hours total with HP support, and no one was able to help me. I figured this out on my own, I hope it works for you!

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Solution!!!! Let's Pray

by tidoo2001 In reply to THIS IS THE SOLUTION!

HP support Sticks on all levels. First from the US team and followed up by their designated 3rd world outsourced, terrorist supporting nation of choice. Non of them identified the solution. Screw corporate outsourcing to terrorist harboring countries. If this is the solution you are a computer GURU of the 10th order.

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