Vista backup files .fbw?

By butchy1104 ·
I recently had to reinstall Vista Premium on my laptop because it wouldn't boot to Windows. Before I did this, I had an option to backup my media files ie: music, pictures, documents. I had to use an external hard drive to do this. After I finished reinstalling Vista, I tried to restore these files onto my laptop. On my external HD, there is a folder called MINWINPC containing 15 .fbw files the first file being a .exe file. When I try to restore these files using the restore feature on Vista, it does not locate these files on my external HD. When I try to run the .exe file, it asks me to "insert the last disk." I cannot find any solution for this problem on any Vista board anywhere on the Net. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Solution!!!! Let's Pray

by alslush In reply to Solution!!!! Let's Pray

Please let us know if it worked for you. It worked perfectly for me. Again--ya gotta do it in Safe Mode, or Vista and the backup restore will fail.

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by utopian_power In reply to Vista backup files .fbw?

I had the same problem with the *.FBW file. I backed up my info with Vista on an external USB HD. There were 16 files about 3.5 Gigs each. I burned each of the files on their own DVD's. But all the files from #10 to #16 I renamed with an additional 0. So for example Backup.016.fbw became Backup.0016.fbw. For some reason the software looks for the two zeros when it loads the disks. I then restarted the computer in SAFE MODE with the wifi and everything else off. I inserted disk one and went to the CD drive and opened the Backup file #1 which then asked for the last CD #16 then from there it loaded sucessfully. I now have all my data back. I hope this helps.

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by In reply to THIS WORKED FOR ME!!!

I tried loading my back up files to disks and loading the computer threw safe mode on them, and it brings up the recovery manager that i believe i am supposed to use, but the program will not let me click the next button to start the restore process. I read on another thread that I need to make the back up disks bootable, but how would I go about doing that? I couldn't find any ways to go about it through roxio, nero, or casper. Any suggestions anyone???

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by MaverickRansom In reply to How??

So does anyone have a viable option because none of these worked for me! I cannot change my files to make them 0001.fbw and when in start up mode--doesn't work. I have copied them to hd- no luck. I am convinced that this is all BS and that there isn't a solution and that HP is seriously just screwing with us to see how long we will try to figure out solution. Same thing with DC jack on a previous voyage. HP just wants to screw the consumer and that is all there is to it!!!!!!!!

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Please post a question,

by ComputerCookie In reply to WTF????

I rarely use Vista, but I have seen this problem before.

I suggest you post a NEW question and someone may be able to help you, as it is your post is buried amongst thirty other posts, most of them are over a year old.

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Try this--it worked for me--FINALLY!

by alslush In reply to Vista backup files .fbw?

The reason you are being asked to "insert the last disk" is that recovery assumes that you made your backup onto DVDs or CDs. The program will not restore your files from your external hard drive. Here's what I did, and it worked:

First, copy EACH OF YOUR .FBW FILES ONTO ITS OWN DVD. (don't try to fit 2 onto a DL dvd--it won't work--I tried that). You have 15 files, so you should end up with 15 disks. Copying these huge backup files (~3.5GB each)is very time-consuming, but it's the only way to get your files restored.

So now you have one disk for each of the files in your backup folder (I had nine disks-my files ranged from backup.001.fbw to .009)

Next, reboot your computer in Safe Mode (continually click on the f8 key until the menu appears so you can make that selection as your computer is rebooting).

Once Windows has started in Safe Mode, put in the DVD containing the first file--the one called backup.001.exe. Open "my computer" and double click on the file to start it. The recovery manager panel appears, and your DVD is ejected.

You're then asked to "insert your last disk." (mine was backup.009.fbw. Yours will be disk 15)

The "NEXT" button on the recovery manager panel will activate. Click it, and you're on your way! You'll be prompted for each of your disks in descending order.

Good luck!

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Doesnt work

by In reply to Try this--it worked for m ...

Thats exactly what I have been trying. The recovery manager pannel appears and it tells me to click the next button, but nothing happens when I do click it. The DVD is not ejected and I am not prompted to insert my last disc. Thats why I was wondering if making my discs bootable would change any of that, or if there was a better option.

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Why does it say "eject support failed?"

by hanzoumeda In reply to Try this--it worked for m ...

[2008-08-15 18:29:4 STEP : Change the CD.
[2008-08-15 18:29:4 INFORMATION : Thread for wait correct CD is opened.
[2008-08-15 18:29:4 INFORMATION : Wait correct media
[2008-08-15 18:29:4 *** ERROR *** : Eject support failed. GetLastError() Returned : This network connection has files open or requests pending.

I finally got the stupid thing to run, but it stops on the screen that says Scanning for files to restore: Please insert disk #1

The stupid green bar has been going back and forth for the longest damn time now, but nothing is restoring. What's up?

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This may help...

by rebafan In reply to Why does it say "eject su ...

I was having the same issues as you have listed above, including the error you show and it is I believe because the PC is looking for the backup to be on a CD or DVD in the disk drive and not finding anything...
IF you have the files on an external drive, try what I have posted from the HP forums in the following thread:

Hope this helps some others with the problem I paid $150 to fix and got nothing until reading the HP forum and again trying it myself.

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Reponse To Answer

by imuh In reply to Try this--it worked for m ...

Is it possible to copy fbw file (about 4 GB) to DVDs or CDs?

please tell me how to do it



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