Vista backup files .fbw?

By butchy1104 ·
I recently had to reinstall Vista Premium on my laptop because it wouldn't boot to Windows. Before I did this, I had an option to backup my media files ie: music, pictures, documents. I had to use an external hard drive to do this. After I finished reinstalling Vista, I tried to restore these files onto my laptop. On my external HD, there is a folder called MINWINPC containing 15 .fbw files the first file being a .exe file. When I try to restore these files using the restore feature on Vista, it does not locate these files on my external HD. When I try to run the .exe file, it asks me to "insert the last disk." I cannot find any solution for this problem on any Vista board anywhere on the Net. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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A simple solution

by george1 In reply to Vista backup files .fbw?

Run your pc in safe mode.
after that, My computer, external hard drive E or wherever, find the folder MINWINPC run the .exe and thats it. there is no reason to burn fbw files in dvd. after than you will have your files restored in C

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Not so simple for me...

by nhzname33 In reply to A simple solution

I followed your post above and I do have files restored in C but I don't see my documents, pictures, etc. Did I miss something? Am I looking in the wrong place? In the MINWINPC folder I have backup.1 and backup.2fbw. The .fbw file is where I have 2.55 GB of info, this is probably where my stuff is, but I can't seem to open or restore. Help!

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I am having the same problem

by bpmckenna In reply to Not so simple for me...

I have the same issue with only the backup.1 and backup.2fbw files. I copied the files from my external USB HD to individual DVDS. I have renamed them with the 00 prefix per the previous posts. I can get the utility to run, but when I insert disk one after being prompted for it, the utility dies. I have tried it on a windows xp pro machine as well with the same result. If someone has found a solution to this problem, please let me know I would really appreciate the help....

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The answer is right within all these link. RTFWP...

by tidoo2001 In reply to Vista backup files .fbw?

If you read all of the links you'll find the answer. I started this question over year ago. Take the time to read the solution which is actually quite simple.

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The answer doesn't work for me

by bpmckenna In reply to The answer is right withi ...

I have tried the suggestions in the thread but I can't access the backup.002.fbw is there something that I am missing. I have burned the files to individual dvds off of my external USB harddrive. I am able to get the HP recovery manager to load but it won't recognize the disk with the backup.002.fbw. Any assistance that someone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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Why can't someone help!

by jackie In reply to The answer doesn't work f ...

I've got the same problem - was updating to SP1 - it corrupted, so had to re format and reinstall now got 1 exe file, and 1 fbw file that's about 36GB (and I can't find out how to burn it onto disks if I had to anyway)..

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Fool me once...

by wearearewe In reply to Vista backup files .fbw?

Shame on you... fool me twice... well, who's the fool now.

I've read this entire thread and am convinced that yes Troy is a hero, thanks for finding a bug Troy!

As a lifelong sys admin, tech, geek, whatever, I am still fascinated why all cars have a spare tire, after all, they do go flat, but not everyone takes care to back up their "valuable" data properly. What am I saying, I've seen people on the side of the road cursing their flat spare tire.

My point is, electronics fail as do tires, and if you don't plan for the worst you will be bitten sooner or later. A proper backup is one that has been tested and is redundant.

It's not HP's fault, nor is it Microsoft's, just as it's not Honda's fault when you fail to check the air in your spare tire.

Peace to all,

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Well put Jeff. Very well put,.. "Spare Tire ~ Sailor Proof"

by tidoo2001 In reply to Fool me once...

Jeff. I am an engineer by trade. I worked at sea in the merchant marines for 16 years. When I quit sailing I took a gig suppporting a computer program used to record engine data and logbook entries. Kind of like Star Trek... "Captains log, Stardate 20060**5..." Anyway shipboard engineers 10 years ago were the last cromagnons of the maritime industry. Guys bitched about loss of data even back then when their computers crashed. Backups were developed to ease their pain. Finally zip drives came on the scene and backup scripts were written in DOS that would go to the ZIP drive. The term we used to make the program industry compatible was "Sailor Proof". I really like the spare tire analogy though. Wish I had that one up my sleeve back then...
Tim D.

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Solution to fbw format files

by Cutey Pie In reply to Vista backup files .fbw?

All you need to do is simple rename the files starting from 009 on wards. Change 010.fbw to 0010.fbw and so on. You need to change the name of backup files in order to restore the backup data. Once you are done, either copy it back on your system in C drive or let it remain in the external HD where you orignally saved the back up data.
In the second step play the exe file saved along with the backup files. This is take couple of minutes. Be patient and wait untill it shows a permission box asking you to allow the restore system to start. Once it is done, you may need to wait till it puts the data back in place.
I hope this works for you as it did for me.

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Retrieval error message...what does it mean?

by roadie1227 In reply to Solution to fbw format fi ...

Hi, just wanted to follow up and let you all know I followed protocol and was almost successful in retrieving my precious pictures in that goddamned HP backup file. If I knew not to use HP's backup systems initially, I wouldnt be bothering you intelligent folks

Anyway, I booted into safe mode, fired up up backup.1.exe and watched the HP utility attempt to retrieve my files and it was pretty exciting to watch progress (it appeared that way, initially) then I got this error message:

Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library
Runtime error

Program: E:\minwinpc\backup files 2010-06-20 144309\backup.1.exe

"The application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Please contact the application's support team for more information. "

and then all I can do is click the "OK" button and watch the HP recovery utility phase itself out

I assume of course, I could delete the directory containing the "System Recovery Files" and start again, but Im pretty sure I will come full circle towards this message ending my retrieval quest

If anyone can point me in the right direction towards getting a fix and retrieving files beyond the procedures stated in this forum, I'd appreciate it. Im willing to do the work in getting them retrieved.

Like someone said not too long ago.... I will never purchase another HP machine again!

Thanks so much in advance.....


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