Vista black screen with curser

By zlitocook ·
started working on a brother in laws computer with video problems. It was a bad video card; it is an HP media center with an Nividia 8400 GS card.
After replacing the card the video was fine but the computer boots in to a black screen with a curser. Even in safe mode, it will show the screen saver after a bit and if you press shift it will bring up the sticky keys.
I have spent hours looking through the same problem on TechNet and Google, none of the fixes work for me.
When this started months ago MS said it was a virus/malware problem but it has turned in to a major problem for many.
I did use a live CD to save his info but would really like to know how this happened, and how to fix it. This problem is not computer related, it happens to Dell, HP and IBM. I have done every thing that was suggested, except for a compleat system restore because of the work my brother in law and his does. But I guess I will have to if nothing works. Any help would be great. I can give a full list of what I have done so far if needed. Thanks

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did you try

by Sue T In reply to Thanks for all the replys

using the startup repair in Vista? When you logged on as another user did you have the same problem? We use Vista here at school and so far I have not had any issues like this that startup repair did not fix except for when a computer had a bad hard drive but even then I was able to save the data. I even used Acronis and made an image of the computer and then restored that image to the new hard drive without any problem. Normally I would not do that but because of special programs and their "special" settings I thought I would give it a try and see what would happen. Maybe the Gods were smiling down on me that day.

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