Vista "Complete PC Backup" not in Home versions. Workaround?

By ojopere ·
The preinstalled Vista Home Basic & Premium versions (laptops & desktops) do not include the "Complete PC Backup" application. There is no included software with these pre-packaged systems (Circuit City, CompUsa, Best Buy, etc.) Is there a workaround or other method to do a complete backup of the Vista OS, installed software, user files, etc. so that entire system can be restored if the disk drive dies?
(Yes, I know that upgrading to Ultimate version will include the complete backup capability).

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Well as you already know the correct answer from M$

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vista "Complete PC Backup ...

If you are unwilling to buy the Ultimate Version you'll be stuck with some third party backup software that's Vista Compatible.

I wish you luck in finding some as hardly anything is currently accepted as Vista Compatible at the moment.


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Any way to backup a single networked file?

by AMCooper63 In reply to Vista "Complete PC Backup ...

So far I can't find any Windows Vista version that will back up any networked files. XP backed them up, but now my supposed upgrade won't do what my out dated OS would do. I'm not amused. Can't fax, can't back up networked files.

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What you need to look at is Vista Ultimate

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Any way to backup a singl ...

Incidentally Vista isn't as yet an Upgrade to XP it's a possible replacement in about 12 to 18 months time by which time all the bugs that have been programed into it will have been ironed out and the Third Party Software Houses will have have had a chance to introduce upgraded Products that will work properly on Vista without requiring workarounds to make them part way work.

Currently all Vista is good for is Testing Purposes in a Business Environment and for games machines in Domestic environments. Anyone who thinks that Vista was going to work perfectly from the word go is deluding themselves and has been brainwashed by M$ Advertising Campaign.

As my Desk Calender said last year Microsoft is an Anagram which really stands for Most Intelligent Customers Realise Our Software Only Fools Teenagers.

There is a very good reason that Business isn't adopting Vista and that is because they Can Not Afford the Losses that come with a New Untried/Untested offering from M$. This applied to Windows 95, Windows 98, the various versions of Windows NT then Windows 2000, XP and now Vista.


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Re: Vista "Complete PC Backup" not in Home versions. Workaround?

by gigajosh In reply to Vista "Complete PC Backup ...

You could try
Drive Snapshot
Or DriveImage XML

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Vista Basic Backup workaround

by RetiredTech In reply to Vista "Complete PC Backup ...

I stumbled upon this while trying to help a friend with Vista Basic Backup. Apparently if you set the Vista "Files" setting to include hidden and system files and "view extensions" the system will to a complete c: backup instead of just the data only backup. It still doesn't allow you to automate it, but you should be able to use the task scheduler to automate.

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CompletePC Backup (only for $ versions?)

by danbromberg In reply to Vista Basic Backup workar ...

Short of doing a full system backup & restore is there any way to verify changing the FILE options as you suggested will actually work? ie, is this documented by M$ anywhere?

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You can try this out.....

Acronis is worth the look here:

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