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Vista, is it really worth it?

By Dave the Computer Guy ·
Ok so I have to say I?ve been reading all the articles on Vista. I see all the visual improvement and hear about all the security enhancements and I have to ask myself is it really worth it?

First off there are these really cool new window effects. Ok I have to say they look very cool. But from what I?ve been reading I?ll need a 256 Meg video card just to use them. Then if this is the case how are my games going to react? If I need a 256 Meg video card for a game I?m trying to play do I then need a 512 card to accommodate both my game and windows? Or am I going to have to drop my windows display into a lower mode every time I want to do something graphical?

Then there are all these comments about how secure Vista will be. I?m sorry it?s a Microsoft operating system and I don?t care how secure they make it some one is going to crack it. Then I read about how the new Windows Defender will help block Spyware and prevent viruses. Well I have a Antivirus / Firewall / Spyware removal software that works just fine for that now.

Finally what version of the new Windows will I buy? There are seven to choose from and the question then becomes how expensive is this venture going to be?

Don?t get me wrong, I?m not going to just ship to Linux (though I thought about it). I like windows; I just wish Microsoft would take the time and produce something original. Even the new Windows effects look just like a combination of the new Mac OS and an OS by Sun called project looking glass.

I guess I?d like to hear other people?s opinions on Vista and see if I'm just a radical or if others agree.

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MS In for Rude Awakening

by SpatsTriptiphan In reply to Vista, is it really worth ...

MS is going to find out the hard way that Vista is a big flop. A - No reason to upgrade from XP. The only reason I went to XP was because it got away from the kernal32.dll problem which made it much more stable than 98. B - 98% of potential buyers will have to go through a major hardware upgrade to run it well.

Good Luck Bill - Your going to need it.

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Man are you wrong

by Michael L Hereid Sr In reply to MS In for Rude Awakening

If your computer will run Windows XP, it will run Vista. So where do you get the 98%. I bet you are one of the people that said "They would never use Windows XP as it would take too much to upgrade your hardware."

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Man you are a Bonehead

by SpatsTriptiphan In reply to Man are you wrong

Do some research before you reply. THe system requirements for Vista are hugh.

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Why should I have to do some research as

by Michael L Hereid Sr In reply to Man you are a Bonehead

I'm one of the tech beta testers of Vista. I already know what is required to run Vista. In fact I'm running Vista as I write this on 3 computers one is
AMD Athlon XP 1700+
512 meg ddr PC 2100
WD 40 gig harddrive
Toshiba CD RW/DVD drive
On board Video/sound
Gateway 17" monitor
Runs pretty good just no eye candy.

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Then what's the point?

If you?re not going to take advantage of the new Windows graphics then why would you want to upgrade a system from XP to Vista? It's the same OS with MS security instead of a third part security and a few graphic changes, not enough to justify an upgrade.

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What's the point:answer to "No"

by Michael L Hereid Sr In reply to Then what's the point?

1 IE is isolated from the OS just like FireFox(in other words it's isolated from the os)
2 Increased security built in(for one no program will install with out asking if you want it installed first-2 Vista will also iinform users about securtiy and privacy issues
3 Nearly instant search for files on pc(The search function is much faster and better than all previous versions-WinFs will just make it more powerful)
4 Improved tcp/ip for faster internet(is the part that gets you on the internet and allows d/l of progrmas-Vista improves on this also when ip 6v is available-Vista already has it)
This is just a few of the added value of Vista

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by jmgarvin In reply to What's the point:answer t ...

*Since you edited your post, I'll edit mine...

1) IE is still integrated into the OS it just runs in "protected mode."

2) What increased security specifically? Their anti-spyware tool? As for programs not installing without user interaction: I'll believe it when I see it. It is too easy to quietly run code without user interaction.

3) Nope, WinFS ain't coming out with Vista. How is the search going to be made faster? Indexing the HDD? Magic?

4) WTF? Ok, please for the love of god explain what this means. You claim that IPV6 somehow "makes the internet go faster." Please go on. I'm interested how IPV6 will make everything so much faster.

Rather than taking a few MS talking points, what technical merits does Vista give us?

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Well I bet you have a graphics card

by Michael L Hereid Sr In reply to Then what's the point?

that supports Directx 9 and has at least 64 meg of memory. That supports Aero Glass in Vista.

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Vista Sshmista

by RNR1995 In reply to Vista, is it really worth ...

PALease is there anything in Vista I need?
I would not buy it
And 7 versions?
What the heck for?
So I need to learn all the nuances of another defective M$ product!
The only time I will see Vista is when I am fixing it for someone else!

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Lets be Rational...

by lds_sailor In reply to Vista Sshmista

I am a Network Administrator and have a few thoughts on Vista.

1) I agree with the majority of you that eye candy alone is not sufficient cause to upgrade. I mean if all youre going to get is a newer interface, I can spend far less on a Windows XP skin program and make it look however the heck I want it to.

2) If indeed the windows Vista source is just another evolution / refformation of the XP source code, Then its not going to take long to have someone exploit it. However in Microsoft's defense, If someone wants to exploit something there is always a way. I would suggest if Microsoft is going to release a "new" OS, then it needs to be new.

Scrap the original source code and use the past 5 years to make something truely new. Something that addresses the issues of today and not just patches them but deals with them head on.

3) I can understand the need for a home and a business version of Windows, but come on 9 versons! I mean how the heck is anyone supposed to know what to buy or what they need.

Now with that said, I am an MCP an soon to be MCSE. I am also very interested in Linux. Not because I think Microsoft is a big evil giant, rather becuase I dont think that anyone has all the answers. Linux has flaws to. As does MAC. The thing is, if we can't learn from others mistakes then it's our own dang fault that things break. Linux learned from Microsoft's follies and created a good platform, is it perfect, NO but it gives another point of view.

I will not be upgrading to Vista until I see a value to upgrading. In the mean time, like many of you I am getting more involved with Linux and Apple. I dont think there is a silver bullet but in order for Microsoft's Vista to work, they need to think outside the box and make something truely NEW. Give me a reason to drop $300+ on a new Os and I'll consider it, but dont pass off fancy visuals as a reason. Just my 2 cents worth guys.

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