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Vista, is it really worth it?

By Dave the Computer Guy ·
Ok so I have to say I?ve been reading all the articles on Vista. I see all the visual improvement and hear about all the security enhancements and I have to ask myself is it really worth it?

First off there are these really cool new window effects. Ok I have to say they look very cool. But from what I?ve been reading I?ll need a 256 Meg video card just to use them. Then if this is the case how are my games going to react? If I need a 256 Meg video card for a game I?m trying to play do I then need a 512 card to accommodate both my game and windows? Or am I going to have to drop my windows display into a lower mode every time I want to do something graphical?

Then there are all these comments about how secure Vista will be. I?m sorry it?s a Microsoft operating system and I don?t care how secure they make it some one is going to crack it. Then I read about how the new Windows Defender will help block Spyware and prevent viruses. Well I have a Antivirus / Firewall / Spyware removal software that works just fine for that now.

Finally what version of the new Windows will I buy? There are seven to choose from and the question then becomes how expensive is this venture going to be?

Don?t get me wrong, I?m not going to just ship to Linux (though I thought about it). I like windows; I just wish Microsoft would take the time and produce something original. Even the new Windows effects look just like a combination of the new Mac OS and an OS by Sun called project looking glass.

I guess I?d like to hear other people?s opinions on Vista and see if I'm just a radical or if others agree.

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Night, it was a moment of weakness

by jmgarvin In reply to I own that piece of crap

I figured for $25, how can you go wrong, right? I'm an idiot.

Normally I pick REAL hardware, but in this case the price tag suckered me. It was a $50 card with a $25 rebate...I just couldn't say no. So I picked it up and it was the WORST choice I could ever make.

The FX cards have most of the wizbang things, but it depends on the card and depends on the numbers in front of it.

So the moral of the story is: You get what you pay for...and sometimes less. I'd say this card is worth maybe $10, I over paid by $15!

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by rewand1 In reply to Vista, is it really worth ...

Can you please unsubscribe me immediately Iam only 12 and my mom is getting mad with all the mails i am getting i have tried for two weeks to unsubscribe thanks

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Average Guy, Average User

by michaelkelly1 In reply to Vista, is it really worth ...

I consider myself an average user. I listen, read, and sometimes learn from people I consider more knowledgeable (hopefully) than myself. Microsoft attracts trouble the way dog do attracts flies. Why is anybody's guess. If something ain't broke why fix it??? I suppose we fix things because we can. More bell, more whistles, alright, I want it. I suppose it breaks down to personal choice. If something works for a person and they want to stay with it fine, if not they can change or upgrade, whatever their choice my be. I like bells and whistles.

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That's the problem...Windows doesn't work

by jmgarvin In reply to Average Guy, Average User

Look at the amount of critical security issues Windows has. Look at the mess Windows is making of the desktop market.

That is why ENTIRE CITIES (ala Munich) are jumping ship...MS OSes are not reliable nor are they usable.

Sure, bells and whistles are is the geewiz factor, but honestly, what does Vista give us that isn't just a new interface*?

* The answer is nothing. The only thing that made Vista worth while was WinFS, without it, there is no point. IE is STILL integrated into the OS (it runs in "protected mode") and there in NOTHING in terms of real architectural change. It's XP with a new skin.

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Now Jim there you made a funny

by Michael L Hereid Sr In reply to That's the problem...Wind ...

Windows dosen't work-I think there maybe a few million people that may disagree with you there.

As far as Munich that decision was made in 2003 and they still have not done the job yet. I have also read that so far it's costing them $12million more than if they stayed with Windows plus on some systems they will be running Windows in VM and they are not even started yet.

Vista is more than Xp with a new skin-actually its based on the Server2003 SP1 - With added security features and other features.
Tell you what Jim-when Vista goes Beta 2 and you can get/use it. Then tell us how wrong Vista is.

As far as stability goes my Windows XP pc's run 24/7 with no problems and I've done this since Windows XP went Gold(released to manufacturers).

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*sigh* Again

by jmgarvin In reply to Now Jim there you made a ...

I've named the technical issues with Windows and you didn't respond, so I'm not about to go down the same road again.

Please post a link where it is going to be $12 million more and they are running Windows via VMWare (or whatever).

Ok, what is the difference between Win2k3 and XP? What are the security features? What are the other features?

Please screen shot your uptime...I just don't believe you have never rebooted. As far as XP being stable, while it isn't awful, it isn't great either. I've noticed you've given up on secure...

Before we discuss anything any more, please read:



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by apotheon In reply to *sigh* Again

Well . . . he said his XP systems run "24/7 with no problems", or something to that effect. For all we know, he might be talking about one week.

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My home Debian file server: 452 days

by nighthawk808 In reply to uptime

I think that speaks for itself. Perhaps I should add that it was kept current on all security patches while chugging away uninterruptedly for 1.24 years. Unlike Windows, Linux doesn't require a reboot just to apply a simple diff on four lines of code.

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yes indeedy

by apotheon In reply to My home Debian file serve ...

I restart Linux machines under the following conditions:

1. it's a laptop
2. there's a hardware/power problem
3. it has to be moved and isn't plugged into a UPS that'll sustain it that long

That pretty much sums it up. My main server got restarted once earlier this year because of a hardware issue, but otherwise has been chugging along since August (when I first moved to this state) without interruption.

In a month and a half, your uptime is going to show one day, though. The Linux uptime counter only goes up to 497, y'know. I wonder if/when they're going to fix that.

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Oh man...

by nighthawk808 In reply to My home Debian file serve ...

I didn't know it only went up to 497. If I would have known that, I would have waited another six weeks to upgrade to Sarge. I guess I'll never see what happens, because the UPS this box was on is now in the big hardware graveyard in the sky and some bad midsummer thunderstorms inevitably knock out our power here at least a few times a year.

Have you tried setting your clock to 03:14:00 on January 19, 2038 and waiting eight seconds to see what happens? My SuSE box won't let me set a date later than the year 2031.

Post edited to correct 03:18 to 03:14

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