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Vista, is it really worth it?

By Dave the Computer Guy ·
Ok so I have to say I?ve been reading all the articles on Vista. I see all the visual improvement and hear about all the security enhancements and I have to ask myself is it really worth it?

First off there are these really cool new window effects. Ok I have to say they look very cool. But from what I?ve been reading I?ll need a 256 Meg video card just to use them. Then if this is the case how are my games going to react? If I need a 256 Meg video card for a game I?m trying to play do I then need a 512 card to accommodate both my game and windows? Or am I going to have to drop my windows display into a lower mode every time I want to do something graphical?

Then there are all these comments about how secure Vista will be. I?m sorry it?s a Microsoft operating system and I don?t care how secure they make it some one is going to crack it. Then I read about how the new Windows Defender will help block Spyware and prevent viruses. Well I have a Antivirus / Firewall / Spyware removal software that works just fine for that now.

Finally what version of the new Windows will I buy? There are seven to choose from and the question then becomes how expensive is this venture going to be?

Don?t get me wrong, I?m not going to just ship to Linux (though I thought about it). I like windows; I just wish Microsoft would take the time and produce something original. Even the new Windows effects look just like a combination of the new Mac OS and an OS by Sun called project looking glass.

I guess I?d like to hear other people?s opinions on Vista and see if I'm just a radical or if others agree.

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I couldn't agree with you more

by Lesmond In reply to Seen this type of thread ...

You are so right with this one. I can't see the point in spending thousands on software that won't make me more productive. I recently spent a week using a Windows 95 laptop with Word 6 (because I wanted to, and the laptop is a really cool one - ThinkPad 701CS, with the fold out keyboard) and got as much done as I would have with XP and Word 10.

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Cheap and Lazy?

by craig In reply to Seen this type of thread ...

Who ever called you cheap and lazy has never been in charge of a budget and has too much time on their hands to sit around contemplating upgrades... have you ever considered an open source solution?.

Linux offers much cheaper and much , much more stable solutions.Even if you stick to windows OS and upgrade to Open Office .

It all boils down to the "if it's not broken , don't fix it" philosophy.

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Final Service Pack?

by craig In reply to Wait for the 'final' Vist ...

Is there such a thing as a final service pack... MS is like a fancy British sports car , looks goods but needs heavy and constant maintenance

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Yes, about 3 - 5 years after release

by kf6akz In reply to Final Service Pack?

Certainly there's a final SP; there are no more patches or upgrades being offered for DOS 6 or Windows 3.11, are there?

Most places I've worked don't install any MS products for 2 - 5 years anyway. The last place I left in 2005 was just getting around to upgrading the workstations to Win2k, and NOBODY had XP. This seems to me to be typical in the larger corporate environments.

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small problem

by apotheon In reply to Yes, about 3 - 5 years a ...

That sounds like a great idea except for one small problem.

Actually, it's a huge problem. It's even a bigger problem than security issues from an unpatched system.

The problem is the EULAs. Ever since Win2k SP3, there has not been a Windows EULA that I'd trust on a computer that will hold any data of any importance whatsoever. You can always protect an unpatched system with firewalls, third-party security, and so on -- even just take it off the Internet and use it as an isolated system to protect against security crackers, if need be. What you can't protect against is representatives of Microsoft coming to your door pressing their legal privileges to control what's on your computer if you have a Windows version any newer than Win2k SP2.

I find Windows to be technically inferior, personally aggravating to use, and odious to my sensibilities because of the corporate practices of Microsoft, but I still occasionally find myself needing to use Windows. When I have to use Windows, though, I stick with Win2k SP2, because I don't want the legal hassle that comes with any later versions. That's just too much risk for me.

I'm amazed so many people don't share my reticence.

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Final Service Pack? No such thing

by Flylta In reply to Final Service Pack?

Everything out of Redmond since Windows 95 has been a service pack. Some they charge for and "Call" a new OS but lets be realistic, they are trying to fix what only works sometimes.

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Vista Looks Pretty and that is all I am giving it at this time....

by tom.x.spencer In reply to Wait for the 'final' Vist ...

I have been beta testing Vista for some time now and the only thing everyone is hitting on target with is the Eye Candy. Yep it is pretty cool and that is where I am going to stop. I say leave the Eyecandy to Graphics programs and Games. Give me a lame Windows 98 looking interface again and I am happy. If you must have eye candy put on Window Blinds. Much cooler skins for the OS.

Working as a Systems Admin for a Engineering Firm that like to stay "CUTTING EDGE" we are going to deploy Vista as soon as it rolls out. What do I know I only have to support this stuff. Corporate makes the decisions ultimately. I have not seen much speed performace in Vista over XP with SP2, I will also give it the fact that it does boot quicker. Personally I like my morning stroll to get a cup of coffee and relieve myself of the presures of morning traffic. So that does not bother me.

What really bugs me is the Login to the network. I do not feel it necessary that everytime I login I have to either type my whole freaking e-mail address/ passwor or Domain Name\Username / password to log in. Bring back the old style there.

I was able to run all of the visual effects with a 128 PCIE card and 512MB RAM so I am not sure where you are getting you need a gig and 512MB but as of now in this current beta I can max out on eye candy and it is not taking much of a toll on the OS as if it was off.

The only thing I think Microsoft should focus on is Cool effects for the home users and a stripped down interface for business.

There is my 2 cents on this discussion...

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When they say they "recommend Windows XP Professional" ...

by tommy higbee In reply to Too much trouble...

... that really means, "Microsoft agreed to help pay part of the cost of this ad if we add the blurb that we recommend Windows XP Professional."

In other words, the verbiage is just something they have to add to the ad in order to get marketing funds from Microsoft, not an actual recommendation by the vendor.

Why do they do it? Saves money on the old advertising budget.

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by craig In reply to When they say they "recom ...

Just means that the vendor's bottom is alot more sore than it was before he placed the add on his box

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I could be wrong.

by OldMarine In reply to Vista

But this looks just like that SUN interface from a year or more ago. Looking Glass I still have a demo of it.

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