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Vista, is it really worth it?

By Dave the Computer Guy ·
Ok so I have to say I?ve been reading all the articles on Vista. I see all the visual improvement and hear about all the security enhancements and I have to ask myself is it really worth it?

First off there are these really cool new window effects. Ok I have to say they look very cool. But from what I?ve been reading I?ll need a 256 Meg video card just to use them. Then if this is the case how are my games going to react? If I need a 256 Meg video card for a game I?m trying to play do I then need a 512 card to accommodate both my game and windows? Or am I going to have to drop my windows display into a lower mode every time I want to do something graphical?

Then there are all these comments about how secure Vista will be. I?m sorry it?s a Microsoft operating system and I don?t care how secure they make it some one is going to crack it. Then I read about how the new Windows Defender will help block Spyware and prevent viruses. Well I have a Antivirus / Firewall / Spyware removal software that works just fine for that now.

Finally what version of the new Windows will I buy? There are seven to choose from and the question then becomes how expensive is this venture going to be?

Don?t get me wrong, I?m not going to just ship to Linux (though I thought about it). I like windows; I just wish Microsoft would take the time and produce something original. Even the new Windows effects look just like a combination of the new Mac OS and an OS by Sun called project looking glass.

I guess I?d like to hear other people?s opinions on Vista and see if I'm just a radical or if others agree.

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Only for the resume...

by chas_2 In reply to Vista, is it really worth ...

The only reason I would seriously consider upgrading to Vista would be to be able to state it on my I-T resume. I've been pretty pleased with Windows XP and having a snazzy new interface isn't - at this point - worth it to migrate to a new OS. As with Windows 95 when it came out, I do not plan on being an early adopter.

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Windows 95 introduction

by rgeiken In reply to Only for the resume...

I had windows 3.1 on my computer, and got a chance to be a Window 95 beta tester. The beta had it's share of problems, and sometimes I would get a little discouraged since I was doing the beta test on my only computer. After it was finally released, I was glad that I could participate. Being able to go from a file name that was 8.3 to a 128 character file name was precious to me. I could finally name a file something that I could recognize when I saw it. Unfortunately it was still locked in to the same old external interfaces.

When I upgraded to Windows 98 SE, I got access to both USB and IEEE1394 buses. By the time I bought a new HP computer, it had Windows XP installed, and this was better than Windows 98 SE. Everyone of the Operating Systems that I have had on my computer have had some pesky problems, but each has been better than the former.

I now have Windows XP Pro installed on a "rehabbed" HP computer. With a Hyperthreading 3 gig processor and 2 gig of DDR2 ram, it works great. Disabling the Page file setting really speeds things up. I occasionally have a crash, but it recovers nicely, which is about all that I can ask.

I'm sure that Windows Vista will prove to be an improvement over Windows XP. By using Zone Alarm Firewall, AVG free anti virus, and using an ISP, Cox communication that removes viruses that are contained in e-mail, I have not had any disruptions on my computer due to all the malware that seems to be floating around on the Internet.

Like a lot of other people, I will wait until Vista has been out for 6 to 9 months, and then look for a powerful computer that will be able use it properly.

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I have NO interest in Vista

by opus_two In reply to Vista, is it really worth ...

If forced to Vista It'll be Vista SP2. Just in time for another different M$ release


Failure in Windows is not an option. It comes bundled with the software....

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by Jaqui In reply to Vista, is it really worth ...

this discussion has a link to something that can answer the "is Vista worth it" question.

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I Tested Vista Ultimate

by rodlin In reply to Vista, is it really worth ...

Vista ultimate has some good features and I would like to have the OS. However, Microsoft has gone beserk with its pricing. $400.00 per machine, no way!!! They are simply going the way of the do do bird or the oil companies. If Microsoft allowed you to install Vista Ultimate on 4 machines perhaps that would work. A company would have to be stupid to upgrade considering the cost. I will not recommend the product till MS gets its head out of the dark greed hole and wakes up to reality.
The oil companies are going to get the raw end of the stick when congress convienes so will microsoft. Since the people are supposedly the government and the oil companies as well as microsoft are gouging the people, then the government has the right to take the money back for the poeple.

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What Planet are you from?

by Sowhatsupyouranus In reply to I Tested Vista Ultimate

microshaft and the oil companies are the ones that pay the goverment to stick it to the people,"Called doing Business".Opinion are like a-holes everyone's got one, but I will bet you a coffee and a donut that linux user's can spank the **** out of microshaft user's(they been down more then once,wonder why). So if your **** with the bong pass it on and fly back to dream land. Your goverment looks out for themselfs.

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