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By ebquins ·
I purchased a Visata Ultimate DVD from a reputable computer Chain store and scince then I have recieved a notification from microsoft saying that my Vista Ultimate DVD is invalid due to hardware changes, the only thing I have changed is the hard drive.I have three days to purchase a new ser # or they will stop the log on of my copy of Vista Ultimate!!!.Could someone please advise me what I Should do.

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by 1bn0 In reply to Vista Ultimate

If you have a legally aquired copy of Vista you can re-activate it after a hardware change. The FAQ says you can re-activate 5 time over the internet. Afte that you have to do it by phone.

A HDD does require a re-qctivation.

Vista Activation FAQ

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by Roy Humphreys In reply to Reactivate

1bn0, I'm not totally sure that this is the correct answer. My understanding of the matter, and it is also noted in the faq you linked to, is that an OEM version will require re-activation if the HDD AND Ram are changed at the same time. So in effect, changing just the HDD shouldn't have caused Vista to prompt to reactivate.

That is of course unless a full re-install wasn't performed first but even then, validation should have checked the activation status and found all other components present and correct.

That said, I suppose it's quite possible (probable) that this is what has triggered the re-activation status in Vista.

Oh well, better stop rambling now and get on with some work.

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by Dennis.Keeling In reply to Reactivation

thank god I'm buying an IMac next week

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by Northlite In reply to Vista

I would imagine that if Macs gain the popularity and customization of regular PC's Apple may eventually find the need to preform some sort of activation to verify that the OS on their systems is a purchased one.

For now though a boot legged copy of a Mac OS doesn't seem as popular to want over a Microsoft one.

I do find the activation quite silly as the real thieves are not going to call in for activation they are just going to crack code and go on, it seems it mainly catches innocent people who didn't know they purchased a bad copy of Windows.

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Innocent people

by Fil0403 In reply to Activations

Maybe the poor old innocent people who didn't know they purchased a bad copy of Windows should just be more careful about what they buy; if it's not their fault it's much less Microsoft's fault which is the only one that loses with this; either way, it doesn't catch the innocent people who didn't know they purchased a bad copy of Windows because, if that happens, you just have to send a proof of purchase to Microsoft and you'll be able to buy a genuine copy of Vista for a big discount and the bad guys who sold them the bad copies of Vista will get caught if you denounce them.

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bit harsh

by Paul R.A. In reply to Innocent people

most people bought from sound establshments that used volume licenses in the states- then MS changed the rules. Some had the CDs some and some lost the Certs of Auth.

Others did buy unwittingly. But as for Microsoft- the USA market is paying for the Developing countries- when China can purchase a legal Windows/Office combo for about 3 bucks US - and Vista is going for about half the cost in Japan- who is paying for the inroads in other markets? Us.

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No more activation for me.

by FXEF In reply to Vista

Yeah, I thank my lucky stars that XP quit booting. Installed Ubuntu and never looked back.

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No, just manuals-reading and good-drivers Internet hunting.

by Fil0403 In reply to No more activation for me ...

Yeah, you have a lot to thank them. I bet you never look back, where you look at is to the manual looking for instructions on how to uninstall a program or calibrate your microphone for Skype and on the Internet looking for compatible software and good drivers for your hardware, LOL.

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by Fil0403 In reply to Vista

So what are you going to do with all the software and hardware that will be rendered useless after that ingenious decision? Might as well give to someone who knows how to work with computers. :)

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Had a similar experience

by Gromit In reply to Reactivation

I was building a new PC back in February right after Vista came out. I bought a full version of Vista Ultimate, not the OEM version.

I changed a DVD reader/writer and Vista deactivated itself. I tried to reactivate online, but got a message to call Microsoft instead. Got an Indian guy on the phone who questioned me like I was a criminal before finally agreeing to reactivate. He told me that if I changed any hardware, this would happen again - no apologies. To this guy, I was a potential software pirate and that's the way I was treated.

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