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Vista, What Ever Happened to XP Pro ??????

By Aaron A Baker ·
Dear Friends;
At the risk of seeming ungracious, I must ask.
What ever happened to XPPro and Home?
All we hear about now from you people is Vista, Vista, Vista this and Vista That.
Vista is the new kid on the block and as a Beta tester I'm not at all impressed.
I'm even Less impressed with the fact that we seem to have our nose right up the Vista butt to the point that we forgot the millions including me who use XPPro and will continue for many years to come.
Please try to share equal time.
Then it would be worthwhile all over again.
I don't need to be informed on what I already know.
Thank you.
No Offense Meant.

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Me too

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Personally I just love al ...

By the time I ready to use it, hopefully there will be a solid library of postings answering my questions.

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I wouldn't mind BUT

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Personally I just love al ...

I too enjoy the questions and answers about Vista as I too am a Beta Tester, but somewhere in all this, the people that are supposed to know better have all but abandoned XPPro.
The very same program that we ALL use.
I'm not asking the we stop talking Vista, as I too have learned a few things.
But I would like to be a little more evenly balanced as I still have many quest ions regarding XPPro.
This is not a put down, it's a simple request and I should think that Tech Rep would be savvy enough to do so without us having to point it out.
By all means, lets talk Vista, but at the same time let's not forget what we all use
WINDOWS XPPRO, Let's talk about that too.
Right Now I'm VISTA SICK !!
The best to you Col;
Warmest Regards

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You say "I don't need to be informed on what I already know!!"

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Vista, What Ever Happen ...

I know, you know & we know XP - so the point is???

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So you know it all do you

by Aaron A Baker In reply to You say "I don't need to ...

And just how much do you think you know about XPPro or Home Ed?
Did you ever study it carefully?
Do you know what Administrative tools are and what each Individual Tool serves.
Do you know how XP works aside from the obvious menu?
Do you know what Disk Management is?
Do you know what Component services are?
Or are you just one of those who runs it and when it crashes is left wondering what to do?
Before you question my integrity and resolve, I strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself "Thoughroughly"
with the XP Pro, then talk.
As a Beta tester who is using Vista, I am constantly making discoveries.
Any one who say that they have learned in no time at all is either lying through his teeth or has no clue as to what makes Vista work.
Are you aware of the coming traps in vista?
Are you aware that the copy that you get with your Dell is only a bottom line version and that someday Microsoft will expect to be paid for the add-ons?
The real question then is;
Just how much do you think you know and how long have you been add it.
I've been at it for over twenty five years and I'm still learning.
If you want to flame, go elsewhere.
Above all, head back to the drawing board and learn .
Your ignorance and arrogance are so obvious as to be blinding.
I would suggest you read Greg Shultz or John McCormick and if you want to learn about life, read the Geek.
You never know, you might fall of the horse long enough to actually learn something, instead of making stupid and inane statement.
Go learn and above Learn about XP, then talk, Vista.

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Excuse me but I KNOW....

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to So you know it all do you

Your questions - basic schoolboy XP. If I did not know that then I would have no right to be even on TR as an IT Manager,

DELL - yes but don't care.

My 20,000 XP desktop distributions across 5 sites says otherwise.

My years as a System Admin before management says otherwise.

My working with MSUK directly on the pilot for XP (20,000 distribution) again says otherwise.

I know XP, it's environment and supporting apps enough to do all this and much, MUCH more. Now I would like to find out similar for Vista.

Problem <b>gsaravin</b> (yes...<b>you</b> have been rumbled)?

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Well lets see about that one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Excuse me but I KNOW....

gsaravin comes from Sydney Australia and Aaron Baker comes from the US and has been a long time member.

So I think that you're jumping to unfounded conclusions here but even then gsaravin did have a point Vista Is Crap and that is something that by now we all know.


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Was Just...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Well lets see about that ...

the similar style and formatting of his posts reminded me of gsaravin. Who knows - well somebody does I guess.

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IT Manager my ***! If you're an IT Manager, then I'm the pope

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Excuse me but I KNOW....

and if you are an IT manager, take my comment as a sign that your sobordinates don't like you because I see the way you talk to people and have the typical "I am an IT God" complex.

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Better find a White Robe & Hat

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to IT Manager my ass! If yo ...

because...I am an IT manager!

I get on fine - just hate people who post a comment in 1 forum then contradict the posted viewpoint in another. Reeks of clueless to me.

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same here

by Norehca In reply to So you know it all do you

although ive become familiar with the new menues i too am discovering new things everyday! Heck im still learning ne things about xp!

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