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Vista, What Ever Happened to XP Pro ??????

By Aaron A Baker ·
Dear Friends;
At the risk of seeming ungracious, I must ask.
What ever happened to XPPro and Home?
All we hear about now from you people is Vista, Vista, Vista this and Vista That.
Vista is the new kid on the block and as a Beta tester I'm not at all impressed.
I'm even Less impressed with the fact that we seem to have our nose right up the Vista butt to the point that we forgot the millions including me who use XPPro and will continue for many years to come.
Please try to share equal time.
Then it would be worthwhile all over again.
I don't need to be informed on what I already know.
Thank you.
No Offense Meant.

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FAO A.Baker

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to So you know it all do you

You cry 'Troll' after one post against you view yet bang on about Class. How on earth can one post be classed as Trolling??

What you have (or fail) to realise is that the world of IT is far, far larger than the tight boundaries of TR. I use technology every day to solve problems and have it on good authority that I'm quite good at this 'game'. I do not need nor want your opinion on my level of XP knowledge.

When was the last time you rolled out an enterprise application or a new OS to thousands of users? You seem to lack the belief that somebody could actually know more about XP than you, citing some rudimentary XP functions!

I configure servers RAID arrays, enterprise level storage arrays, clusters, NAS & SAN's. XP's disk management is nothing compared to this.

I write scripts in VB and MS Script to get things done on XP deployments.

I deploy COM+ enabled applications and configure their security settings for Intranets and applications.

If my XP crashed beyond repair I just reboot and call the image from the RIS servers - no time to mess around for a day to work out a problem.

Patching - deployed WSUS and let that worry about it. All updates are tested on VMWARE machines before being approved for mass deployment.


I DO NOT need to know more about XP to get my job done. I DO however need to know more about Vista and its deployment as it no doubt will be the standard desktop in the near future.

IT is partly about looking forward. This SITE is specifically geared towards 'new technology' as its primary focus.

"TechRepublic provides real world advice on how to make technology work in business." -


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Basking in the Glory!

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to FAO A.Baker

Bask, Bask, Bask....

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beta beta

by Norehca In reply to Vista, What Ever Happen ...

has anyone tried out the final version of vista? it seems everyone who hats vista has only tried the beta version. beta sucked in my opinion! really hard! although vista final is a HUGE improvement over the beta release.

Vista is as you say the new kid on the block. But this kid is getting his *** whooped. No one seems to like him. Im starting to get sick of him myself. Windows ME on steroids!

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Well I've had a Volume License copy since it was released

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to beta beta

And it still sucks big time. Perhaps the Retail versions are better but yesterday I tried the M$ supplied Partner Demo Readiness Toolkit which was supposed to be available on November 8 20006 and arrived after Vista was released to the public. Sure it's RC2 and is only a demo copy with 5 or 6 accounts which show you different things.

Firstly the Read Me files are unable to be read in XP like they are supposed to be according to the accompanying paperwork, though if you stick in in a Debian Box you can quite easily read them in Open Office. But the real killer was the constant hanging of the NB that runs the RTM version fine but couldn't keep this version running.

When I have a week to spare one day I'll try it on another machine to see if it works any better but I'm not holding my breath waiting. Better still I've noticed that the Wholesalers that I deal with are not selling many copies of Vista and of the ones that they are the customers apparently want XP loaded onto the machines because Vista isn't supported by any of the major AU ISP's so unless you are happy to use a Dial Up connection you can not access the Internet in any reliable form.


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