Vista/XP Dual Boot Disaster - HELP!

By figmentmitty68 ·
I recently purchased an HP laptop computer with Vista pre-installed. Immediately, I proceeded to install a dual boot for XP, as I still need programs that don't co-habitate with Vista. Partitioning went fine, so did the initial XP installation. I used VistaBootPro to fix the bootloader, and now everything has gone south.

Vista won't load at all, and VistaBootPro tells me it can't open without an admin account and it's not recognizing mine as one (I only have one, so-far-un-passworded account set up).

I made the computer-restore disks for Vista, but they won't boot up, and I can't get to the emergency-restore partition that came with the computer. Since I can't get into Vista, I can't use Vista's tools to undo this whole mess. I feel like a noob, but I just did this (successfully and without hassle) just a few months ago on a nearly-identical laptop.

I don't really care what happened, but how do I fix this corrupt bootloader? HELP!

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by Dogcatcher In reply to Vista/XP Dual Boot Disast ...

For many years, I have used BootMagic (part of PowerQuest's PartitionMagic) to boot everything. It goes in a small DOS partition, along with some DOS utilities.

Put XP, Vista, etc. in separate partitions. Do a floppy or CD boot and make sure DOS sees the partition you will install to as C. This way the OS will put all the boot files in the partition. If given a choice, have the installer put boot files in the partition rather than the boot sector of the drive. Only one boot loader's files can go there.

When you are done setting up the OSs, go back to DOS and add the OSs to the BootMagic menu.

Sidebar: For reasons not yet clear, BootMagic doesn't work on my newest computer. Maybe there's something about the dual-core, 64-bit architecture it can't handle.

So, on the new machine, I install a copy of SuSE in an extended partition and let it install GRUB into the boot sector. During the installation you can modify the GRUB menu to your liking, i.e. "Vista" instead of Windows2. GRUB finds and boots everything I've tossed at it, from DOS 6.22 to x64 XP.

Btw, GRUB in Fedora works just as well.

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GRUB standalone

by bkrateku In reply to Alternatives

I'm not versed in Linux much yet, although learning as I can, but it's my understanding that you could also install GRUB without installing a Linux installation. I haven't tried it, but heard it was possible. That kinda gives me an idea on what to do with mine...

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Things to watch for

by Dogcatcher In reply to GRUB standalone

As you review articles on standalone GRUB, be sure to differentiate between those that discuss GRUB as the primary bootloader and those that expect GRUB to be loaded by, say, ntldr.

If, when you install Linux, you mount /boot in a small primary partition, then GRUB (in /boot/grub) becomes somewhat independent of the distro that installed it. Fedora's version makes it relatively easy to edit GRUB's menu file from the boot menu screen. With GRUB in its own partition, you can delete the distro that installed it and still have a functioning bootloader.

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install disks

by lmiller222 In reply to Vista/XP Dual Boot Disast ...

If you can't get the other options to work, you can contact HP and order the install disks for your Laptop. They will charge you $10 for your problems, but it will get you back up and going....


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Try this

by jamesmondtan In reply to Vista/XP Dual Boot Disast ...

I have read a article someway before. whereby winxp must install 1st before install vista. It make me feel like w2k multiboot.

I have 2 hardisk 3 partition in my pc. I got one disk with xp. i install second hardisk with vista. everything fine, only driver causing problem. ( but i manage to settle )
Currently my only problem is asus wireless port. i realise if the 1st time i on pc into vista then the wireless working without problem. if i 1st on into xp. after restart my vista have no wireless connect. few time try also the same. but haven send sit6uation to asus.

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