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vista...whats all the hate for?

By Norehca ·
Its starting to get to me a bit. I respect your opinions, but im seeing alot of hate towards windows vista. I see nothing wrong with it. It works perfectly fine on my computer. It only took me a couple days to totally learn vista, so why are people talking about relearning vista. Yes it doesnt support certian programs and drivers. I expected so. What about the manufacturers of your hardware? I think they should be making drivers for vista. I think they are to blame as well. They knew it was coming, video card companies like ati and nvidia were ready. they even had drivers for the beta versions of vista! ANd i also dont think windows Vista is like mac osx. I have used it quite a bit before and i dont see like any similarites. It seems to me Microsoft is adding features that people like that are in other OS's.

Ive used Windows VIsta and i love it. Ive only had minor problems wih sound card drivers amd a few apps. I expected this and so i simply dual booted my system with xp and vista. ANd eventually Vista will take out XP and become the standard, just like xp took over 2000. Why do you hate vista? im not sure i get it.

For the sake of discussion why do you like or dislike vista?

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by Shaun.G In reply to YOU'RE LATE!!!!!!!!!!

They certainly got it right... the took the world by storm... and now we the clean up job to do... Hurricane Microsoft.

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by HomusOnline In reply to YOU'RE LATE!!!!!!!!!!

It didn't have drivers for my M$ B$ Detector either, other wise I would have steered clear of Vista. Darn drivers. I wonder if the ones I used for XP will work.

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No they don't

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Drivers
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I like the Avatar

by w2ktechman In reply to No they don't

is that in response to installing Vista???

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Which One?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No they don't

The one with the Hello or the one throwing the PC out a window?

Steffi got very upset with the Hello so I had to change it of face her wrath and being the coward that I am I went with the Throwing the PC out the Window. Kind of reminds me of when I was working at IBM on the Main Frames how I was called into the PC side of the business a couple of times as the manager there was never in the office and as I was the most Senior Tech around I got all the fun jobs. One time I was faced with a IBM shot twice with a 12 Gauge and the owner insisted that it be replaced UG because the software failed to work properly. Another time I was faced with one thrown out a window for the same reason the only trouble was that the owner lived on the twelfth floor.

Apparently because it broke and didn't bounce the woman demanded that it be replaced UG as well because of the crappy software installed upon it. But back in those days I used to carry one of those Water Cooler Bottles with me full of sea water so when I got a really nasty one I could pour the seawater through it while it was running and then know exactly where the problem was. When it was realised that this was my intention everyone left me alone and allowed me to do my work instead of hanging over my shoulder demanding that the thing be fixed an hour before I arrived On Site. :^0

But I do like the one throwing the PC out the window as it appeals to my warped sense of humour.

Col ]:)

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Definately throwing out the Window

by w2ktechman In reply to No they don't

I thought it was a subtle hint about first dealings with Vista...

But none-the-less. I like it.

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Thought throwing it out the window

by HomusOnline In reply to No they don't

was a valid troubleshooting technique.

I did depot repair of laptops, and I loved the ones that were dropped and sent in for warranty repair. I would get a one line problem description, usually "just stopped working." The bezels, palmrest, LCD and bottom case would have huge cracks coming from one corner, so it was obviously dropped. It "just stopped working" after it fell out of the case and down the stairs.

Many users attempted experiments using coke, coffee, water and tea to cool an overheating laptop. It does not help as much as it may first seem.

The avatar is definately cool.

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I have a person who travels often

by w2ktechman In reply to No they don't

and about every 6 months, when we get new model notebooks in, she comes in with a screwed up (obviously dropped) unit and demands a new one.
I think she got this way because we wouldnt upgrade her that often, she was on the standard rotation.
Anyway, her excuse is always that "It went through the inspection at the airport, and it fell off the conveyer belt"

so, until the next model releases (soon) I am safe for a while....

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by Shaun.G In reply to vista...whats all the hat ...

I think that I detect a distinct lack of Micro$oft and their products... They alwas release them before they work properly.

I wont go to Vista for a little while. I run Win Xp, only because it came with the PC...I have grown used to it and almost always make it look windows (I am a die hard on this one) I just find its easier to navigate for me. But I wont go to Vista for a long while. least not till I see its working fine.

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by Norehca In reply to Hmmmm...

well, it believe microsoft was pressured in getting this OS out. Im sure they would have liked ot keep working on it.

it is probably best to wait as you said. Ive told my friends to wait a while. but i got lucky and am able to run it quite well.

my main focus was not about the fact that vista doesnt work well on alot of computers. it is more about the features and such about windows vista. i wanted to know about what people thought about it, given that it worked haha.

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