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Visual Basic or Visual C++ ?????

By jackd ·
I would be interested in getting some expert opinion about programming.

What are the strengths/weaknesses of these respective languages?? Learning curves??

In light of Microsoft .Net platform, which would be the better choice to learn now??
(beginner in programming)

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VB or C languages

by jims In reply to Some help


My Preference is VB.

Down the programming freeway you would want to learn C (of any flavor).
Many a web site uses variations of that language and a good back ground in C helps greatly.

For a site that carries frames and javascripting may I suggest looking at
I know, I am plugging a site!
Many a main frame (like in Banks) use Unix machines. These Unix machines use C or variations of C. So if your goal is to
be a system administrator at US Bank, C is the best bet.

May God bless you as you study.

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visual basic or visual c++

by jepoyski_99 In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

well in my opinion it is better to study vb first before vc++ coz as the language implies, you need to have ur basic first n vb is a very easy to learn language.

in vb u will not have a hard time studying the syntax of it. while in c++ u must start studying the concept behind classes before u can get a full grasp of the languge.

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Life is full of little tradeoffs

by jcmarin In reply to visual basic or visual c+ ...

Both applications have different purposes, merits and drawbacks; regardless of the name VB is not "basic" or easy it is just stuck with the name. I program in both and "need" them both. I believe this to be more of a Microsoft marketing strategythan an intrinsic limitation. If you are looking for internet development or database access VB is the hands-down best (it is marketed this way). If you are in need of developing ActiveX component development then VC++ is your best bet. You will loose the ease of doing something by choosing only one (that's the tradeoff). If after this you still do not know, learn both! If the C in C++ meant "Coolest" then people would prefer it over VB, it would be the most popular of the RAD (it is not and its almost twice as expensive).
Believe me, no one can hurt you by making you learn something and unchallenging goals never inspired greatness. You are almost there, this site is not for the common thinker.Good luck!

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Vb is easy to get on hands

by ziggyliu In reply to Life is full of little tr ...

C++ needs more foundation of software knowledge.

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by dinesh_shetty682 In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

I think Visual Basic should be learnt before visuall C++ since VB makes the concepts more clear especially for people who are afraid of C++, VB colud act as a startup

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by frougier In reply to VB

The answer is pretty straighforward: VB. Because of the complicated concept behind windows itself along with its semantics and abstractions notwithstanding the fact that you need a full grasp of the c++ object oriented methodology before using, youshould stick with vb. Even in the future, vb should remain your tools of choice unless you need extremely hi perf. in a very small code, then you'd learn vc++...

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by Lju In reply to

Your reasoning isn't straightforward at all. I don't know where you heard that you need a "full grasp of the c++ object oriented methodology before using [Visual C++]" This is totally and utterly wrong! You can write straight C code using the win32 API functions in the VC++ environment and it works great. Now, MFC requires knowlege (but not complete knowledge, since the compiler helps you with little details, and sets everything up for you if you want it to.) "Visual C++" is only a tool, the actual language that most people I know (Computer Science students) is a hybrid mix of C/C++, more heavily C. Also, the assumption that starting with VB is the right thing to do because it helps you understand this or that is totally bogus. I honestly have never learned VB, or any type of BASIC. The language that you start with makes no difference in the scheme of things, its the understanding of the underlying processes of a given language and good programming practices (freeing allocated memory, making sure not to dereference a null pointer, knowledge of algoritms and knowing when to use certain ones, etc) are the keys to success. Many bad programmers learn a language, instead of how to program and wind up producing crappy programs. Good programmers are problem solvers, using languages and features as tools.

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Horses for courses

by alanplayford In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

VB is a simpler and quicker language to learn, and introduces the essentials of programming, especially the visual side of it. C/C++ are more of starters towards Java, and are more complicated to learn and understand for a beginner.
For solid grounding, learn VB.
For strategic future-proof programming, C/C++!

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VB or VC++

by shalu38 In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

I think that for starters, VB is the perfect language to start with

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Don't forget the Soft Skills

by Trish_Sutter In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

What do you want to develop? VB will work for a beginner and will get you started. The skill will transfer to web development if you want to go in that direction. Because coding ASP (Active Server Pages) is very similar in syntax to VB. Go to C++when you find VB limiting. C++ will allow you to write your own functions at a lower level or optimize existing functions.

As a hiring manager, I look for technical proficiency but I value more determination, creativity, organization, communication and problem solving skills. Once you've learned a couple of programming languages, learning the syntax for a new language is a piece of cake. It's those other soft-skills that will ultimately make or break your career.

Good Luck in your Computing Career!

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