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Visual Basic or Visual C++ ?????

By jackd ·
I would be interested in getting some expert opinion about programming.

What are the strengths/weaknesses of these respective languages?? Learning curves??

In light of Microsoft .Net platform, which would be the better choice to learn now??
(beginner in programming)

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Which Language to Learn

by Paul Hayes In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...


AS a VB programmer for the last 3 years and experience of C, Java, ASP, COM etc. I have researched which language I should learn for the future. One of the area's I am looking into is C# and VB.NET.

I have created a technical document on the two languages from white papers and research, if you would like a copy then please email me to request it.

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Tech. document request

by dprojans In reply to Which Language to Learn

Hi,I've been following this discussion with a lot of interest, I too am interested in learning programming simply to improve my skill set, so any advice on which to learn first is greatly appreciated. I would like a copy of the technical document that Paul Hayes wrote, since there wasn't an email address listed I thought I could request it through the the discussion.

Thanks for your time!

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VB vs. C++

by barrys In reply to Tech. document request

I tend to go the other way thna most of the replys in this group. I learned C (not C++) 2 years before I ever picked up VB.

Since the major concepts behind most languages remain the same, picking up VB afterwards was a snap. Learn the hard one first, the easy one will follow very quickly.
I had VB mostly figured out within a week with my C base knowledge. Now I haven't used C/C++ in 2 years (been programming in VB for 4), but I can still go back to it if I had to.

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Request for copy of tecnical papers

by kbirdi In reply to Which Language to Learn

Hi Paul,
I too need help making a decision as to how and why to jump to from vb6. Please email a copy of your technical papers on VB6 and

Thankyou in appreciation.

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White Papers

by mseals In reply to Request for copy of tecni ...

Paul, I would also like a copy of those white
papers. I an torn between Microsoft and Sun Java. I am a Oracle developer but I like to use VB IDE when possible. But it seems Oracle
is really teaming up with SUN.

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Pls forward the technical details

by pr_raviraj In reply to Which Language to Learn

Hi Paul Hayes,
Gone thru ur letter.I'm also a VB programmer looking for VB.NET details.Could u pls forward the technical details to my mail id

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C++ or Basic? Visual or Not Visual?

by avv In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

I'm sure that it's really two question.

First: C++ or Basic?
Historically C++ more modern language than Basic. Of course Basic and Visual Basic are not the same things.
C++ has a lot of advantage before Basic (and VB). And a lot of literature about it.
I recommend Bjarne Stroustrup's (designer and original implementor C++) site -
You can find there some interesting articles - "Why C++ is not just an Object?Oriented Programming Language", "Learning Standard C++ as a New Language".

Another question: Visual or Not Visual?
Microsoft design and implement a lot of new technology. But some of these differ and compete with other technology (from international standard organizations).
Example: DCOM and CORBA. Another example: Windows and Unix.
So Visual may be not the best choice. I prefer C++ Builder.
Vladimir Afanasyev.

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VB or VC

by sanatg In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

Visual Basic is easire on the beginner and can accomplish most tasks. C++ is messier but more powerful and faster. In the light of the coming dot net platform, you could learn Visual Basic first and then also pick up C#, the Sharp New Language. Learning C++ doesn't make sense if you're going to do only Application programming.

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Some Advice

by BOUND4DOOM In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

I would start with Visual Basic, The main reason is once you become used to visual basic then C++ is easier to learn.

The reason I say Visual basic to start with is, it is a little more of what I would call a sloppy language. You can get by withdoing not so perfect coding. Which for a beginner well that is perfect. I mean you will still have to have all your variables declaired and things of that nature, but it is not as picky as C++, you can get away with not Optimizing code to run as fast as possable, where in C++ you need to or will at least want to optimize it as performance can really degrade.

Another thing I noticed no one mentioned before, is Active Server Pages, another core Microsoft web technology. ASP is simply web pages with Visual Basic Code in them. You can get really cool interactive and dynamic web pages and web applications going with VB.

C++ you will find is harder and much more of a perfectionist language. With a strong VB back ground you can easily pickup C++. Your first VB programs or scripts will be far from perfect but the good new is that is OK in VB. After a few programs you will start to see how to optimize the code, to get one line of code to do what took you 4 lines before. All this will make you program smaller and run faster, which I would say is a must in C++.

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Just my two cents

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

I will probably say the same thing the others have said, but since my graduate research thesis in Computer Science was in how people learn programming languages, I'll put in my two cents.

Visual C++ is a more flexible language than Visual Basic, but difficult to use and learn (steep learning curve). Even I had trouble with it and I knew C and a precursor of C++ and I had the compiler and development kit.

Visual Basic, on the other hand, I found easier to write. I sometimes write Excel VB macros and I never really gave learning Visual Basic a fair shake, but I had little problem writing short VB macros in Excel.

With the age of Java and the upcoming C#, I question the wisdom of learning Visual C++ unless you have no chice but to learn and use it. Java is much easier to learn and Javascript is trivial to learn if you already know C and a little HTML.

Also, in my local market, learning Visual Basic is really nice, but I would concentrate on Java servlets, Java applets, Javascript, and HTML. These are becoming essential for all businesses wishing to do e-commerce. Its not just for the dot-coms anymore.

Also, remember that Java applications are portable to other platforms, for those of us that do not work exclusively in a Microsoft world (all 13 of us, it seems like). Visual Basic and Visual C++ are not for they are only for Windows 16/32/64?? platforms.

Rob Steinbach, BS/MS in CS, CLP AD & SA

For inquiries contact:
Web site: (Pending)

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