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Visual Basic or Visual C++ ?????

By jackd ·
I would be interested in getting some expert opinion about programming.

What are the strengths/weaknesses of these respective languages?? Learning curves??

In light of Microsoft .Net platform, which would be the better choice to learn now??
(beginner in programming)

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go for C++

by it-manager In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

C/C++ are the standard languages for just about any heavy duty programming. Java was in fact based on C++. Visual Basic is nice, but it's not in the C family's league. Go to this page to download a free compiler, and you can try it out yourself to see if you like it. This compiler is called the Bloodshed Dev C++ compiler, and you can write programs in DOS format for easy learning, and then in Windows format for practical programs. Easy to use, too.

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Why not using delphi?

by daniel.fortin In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

Why not use rad environments like DELPHI instead of VB or C++. It way of programming is much like PASCAL so much intuitive and more powerfull than VB. It'S also support local and/or web apps developments. It'S easier to distribute and upgrade.

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Pascal is perfect for beginners

by 5razus In reply to Why not using delphi?

I agree. Borland Delphi is easy to learn and develop applications. It uses object Pascal language which is considered as best for beginners. You can write units in Pascal also in C++ Builder later. Personaly, I lerned Pascal as one of my first programming languages and I am satisfied. I prefer Pascal even today.

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Consider also OS

by nevsco In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

Having programmed in both languages I would defintely concur that VB is easier to pick up. But also consider what OS you will be programming for. VB is great for a Windows enviroment but it will not help you much in a Linux one whereby a strong background in C will help you in most enviroments.

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Try VB first

by mattgch In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

Visual Basic is a great first language - you get a lot of functionality in proportion to the amount of learning you have to do. The language is also present in many forms all around you: i.e. VBScript in IE & Active Server Pages, and VBA in MS Office and other apps. This means you can learn one language and do a lot of powerfull stuff with it in combination with programs that already exist.
Later, if you you need a programming language that is more customizable (but much more difficult to learn), try C++.

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Been There, Done That

by JPG In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

Having very little programming experience myself, I have taken both VB and Java classes. I have to say VB came VERY easy to me and Java has definitely not. Java is so hot right now that my company is planning to setup a training program for entry level programmers so if you are up for a challenge and not easily scared off that is where I would start. (PS - Also check out the program you're enrolling in some require Basic or VB to start.)

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Other thoughts

by Kbarry In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

Having the experience of going from one career field to another (more than once!), I have learned one thing that is crucial. Ask yourself if you are going to be a generalist or a specialist.

A Generalist would tackle the area of programming frommachine code up.

Pros: diversity, more able to see the forest.
Cons: long term commitment, study never stops

A Specialist would view the existing and upcoming trends. ie. existing trend = object oriented programming; future trend (just a thought!) = multi-platforms, multi-dimensional.

Pros: in demand, quick money
Cons: flash in the pants, less long term job security

Both have worked for me in the past. Both have helped more than hurt. Having made a commitment to a attack allowedme to perform well as a Generalist and as a Specialist.

I wish you luck.

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What do you want to develop?

by AniruddhaJoshi In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

I have been through almost all the discussion here. Quite interesting discussion on whether go to Java (which I considered has evolved for C++, to some extent).

I feel that you should decide the type of application that you are going to develop. My decision tree would be very simple.

1. If you want to develope a business related software and of course in the least amount of time then Learn VB.

2. If you have a scientific / enginering / specilized products in mind then go for VC++. Remember your learning curve is going to be high here.

3. If you want to build cross platform applications, which are accessible on the net (and..... you want to make quick money) then learn Java.

Good Luck

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Depends on you

by Moki In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

Do you want a language that is easy to learn and use. Visual Basic is hard to beat for beginners who what to see some results fast.

Is your main concern your own marketability? If so Java might be your best choice. It really is a fine programminglanguage in spite of all the people who say it's a fine programming language.

Do you want to be able to do things very quickly? Perl rules the quick-and-dirty arena. It's free and there are tons of books and free online tutorials.

Do you want to be able to build interactive web pages? This is JavaScript's niche. It is also free and has lots of books and free tutorials available. All you need is a web browser and a text editor like notepad. JavaScript's two disadvantages: it is limited only to web pages and you have to know HTML first.

My overall best pick: Java

Hope this helps

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Start Easy

by dsmacwal In reply to Visual Basic or Visual C+ ...

If you have never programmed before start with VB is quite easy language to learn. This will teach you some components of programming then, as you get more experienced and knowledgeable then tackle C++ just because C++ has a lot to offer.

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