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Visual FoxPro as a front end tool

By sasif ·
We are in negotiation with a consultant who intends to use Microsoft's SQL Server as the back end and Visual FoxPro as the front end for developing a customized application on our NT 4.0 LAN for our organization. I would like to get a feedback aboutthe usage of Visual FoxPro as a development tool. Some of my peers have expressed their fears that by using Visual FoxPro we would be embarking upon an "outdated" technology track. Please advise.

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If it's not too late . . .

by walkabout In reply to Visual FoxPro as a front ...

Your question is months old. If the issue is not moot, I urge you to review the information available to you on Microsoft's MSDN web site re: Visual FoxPro. It is not an outdated technology by any means. It is a 32 bit Windows application. In fact, it is the first of Microsoft's developer products that is object oriented.
It is a data centric language and database engine with tons of capabilities built in.
it makes an excellent front end for SQL Server, or Oracle. It integrates well with and is an excellent automation tool for MS Office products. It runs well on NT and other flavors of Windows. It is used by government and industry world wide.

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Visual FoxPro 7.0

by johnbaerg In reply to Visual FoxPro as a front ...

VFP 7 will be released in a week or two; it has superior XML capabilities, better Intellisense than VB or C++, and is picking up speed. VFP 8.0 is already on the drawing board.

VB is dying. In 1 year, its usage has gone from 27.8% to 20.8%. Read this:

My organization has >20 client-server apps running on LAN/WAN, using 21 class libraries, and 1000 users. The best combination is VFP on the front-end, and SQL Server on the back-end.

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Visual FoxPro is a winner

by IgorL In reply to Visual FoxPro 7.0

We are using VFP as front-end and also to build middle-tier COM objects. We also use VFP to build HTML pages on the fly. The database is SQL Server. This is the best tool on the market for this job: extremely fast local data processing language, very fast string pocessing language (to generate HTML and XML), true object orineted implementation, etc. We implemented many projects for clients, and are about to release several Web-based products: Arnica WebReport, Arnica UnifiedLogon, Arnica EmailServer. Arnica EnterpriseCalendar, Arnica WebPortal, and others. They all have 100% web interface, all implemented by using VFP on the middle tie and SQL Server database on a backend. Visit our web site if you would like to get more information:


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Visual Fox pro or Visual Basic

by marksisco In reply to Visual FoxPro is a winner

I have been using VB to produce small, medium, and corporate apps for 6 years. We are being forced to use VFP because a consultant is more comfortable with it then VB. The VPF 8 interface is really awkward, no inteli-sense built in like VB. Also when ever you load a project in VFP you have to type in commands in order for it to run, for example SET DEFAULT TO c:\whatever. That is just silly. When you load a VB project it runs right from the get go. Also a really silly thing about VFP it has a prompt function like VB. Nice for prompting for user input like email address or client number, etc. The VFP version does not allow you to copy and paste into the input box, as does VB. My first instinct was what a loser VFP is, windows has supported copy and paste since the beginning of time (windows 2.0), yet VFP does not support copy and paste. Also it seems the the VFP apps are slower in execution then VB apps. VB deals directly with MDAC, while VFP goes thru its data base functions then talks to MDAC. I think that time wise 1 hour VB time produces more real work then 10 hours of VFP time. Also on the question as to finding talent to help in support, there may be 1 VFP for every 100 VB programmers. Another note about VFP, if you have an exe that talks to database and you add a field to the SQL table for some reason the VFP app will break, where as the VB app will not. It seems that every time a field or table change is made, even if the field may not be relevant to the app, you must recompile the VFP app. The VB app will still work.

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FoxPro much better than VB...

by schavlytko In reply to Visual FoxPro as a front ...

FoxPro much better than VB... Even in the new release of the VB.NET MS is trying to copy some functionality from it's the best product MS Visual FoxPro... It sounds strange, isn't it?

The best choice - Visual FoxPro...

Good luck!

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