I need to connect to subnets together via two switches. One is on a 3com 3870 and the other on Cisco Catalyst 2950xl. It appears the switches use different terminology. I have read thru lots of documentation regarding Vlan, Bridging, Vtp, etc? I think the more I read the more I get confused.

What I want to do is join two switches which are on two different subnets. I want switch A to access Switch B and visa versa.

How do I go about doing this? What settings do I need? Do I need ACL?

Switch a = 3com 3870
Switch b = Cisco 2950xl

I would appreciate anyone?s input on this.

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Router to route traffic

by CG IT In reply to VLAN 3COM AND CISCO SWITC ...

google "router on a stick" . There are many different articles which explain this concept and how to set it up

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Still confused

by WAYNEP In reply to Router to route traffic

I looked at your reply and queryed "router on a stick". I'm not using a router. Would the same apply to the 3com 3870 switch?

Let me describe my situation in more detail:

We have two Locations with are connect via a service installed by ISP.

One side has subnet mask gateway the other gateway

What I want to do is plug a cable in to the existing switches and communicate back and forth.

Q. Do I need to assign all ports to one vlan to enable them to communicate or do I just set the one port as the vlan?

Q.,How do I set the port to recognize the subnet ip address?

I?m confident I can setup the 3com side but I?m a beginner on the Cisco side.

I would appreciate any additional feed back from anyone.

The more detail the better.

Thanks for your reply

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you have to have a layer 3 device

by CG IT In reply to Still confused

which will route traffic between vlans.

trunking is between same vlans on different switches.

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connecting 2 subnet through layer 3 switch

by n_nasereddin In reply to VLAN 3COM AND CISCO SWITC ...

you have to configure your 3COM switch as a layer 3 switch. your cisco is only layer 2-not support layer 3-.
then make your uplinks Trunk ports.

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