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Voicemail Delivery & Archiving Ideas or Recommendations?

By addicted2speed ·
Before reading on, I must note that I did not participate in the initiative described below, but I am now requested to render an opinion on its cost-effectiveness as well as its overall value.

So we (organization with 2000+ users) have recently taken a step towards unified messaging, where our voicemail systems now deliver your messages as a WAV attachment to your eMail inbox. Nothing new there. The problem is that simultaneously, our Outlook/Exchange accounts have been restricted to 2GB and for some reason unknown to me, AutoArchive is disabled.

Since then, many people who have high transaction volume have had their eMail lock up when it hits the threshold, forcing them to delete potentially important items, including e-mails, attachments, and the offending large WAV files. These voicemails may prove important in legal actions, reference, or other business compliance, so I would prefer to hold onto them. Some users who do not have extraordinary volume, but have been with the organization for a long time, also have large mailboxes which are now going through forced deletions.

I believe this system has created a digital black hole where important things are being destroyed in the interest of saving some cheap optical drivespace.

I understand the need to control Exchange Mailbox sizes, but I wanted to poll "The Republic" and hear about others' experiences with similar systems that send a voice file to your eMail. Unfortunately, drastically changing the architecture is not feasible in the current environment... but maybe a tweak to the system can solve our challenges? I'm inclined to turn on AutoArchive from the server.

What has been your experience with similar systems?

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Process Issue or application Issue? or both?

by col1jgh In reply to Voicemail Delivery & Arch ...

One thing I always do in my 20 plus years in IT is the first thing I do when asked a question is resolve in my mind is it a "Process" issue or a "Application" issue.
I think you may fall under both in this case, but without a clearer picture I can only guess.
I can only guess that maybe you or your users truly don't understand the scope of why things go into play as a "IT" policy.
The email file is really irrelevant. "Any attachment" is going to cause an issue if you and your users are not following the procedures that anyone under a restrictive exchange server should follow.
(2 GB Is actually not very restrictive, and I find to be somewhat large)
I think maybe the process you should ask your local IT or IT manager is this.
Can your email(s) be setup to deliver locally to a local .pst file. This would automatically empty the exchange server files to "THEIR" local Hard Drive as they receive your email,
Keep in mind the files will no longer be available on the exchange server. (If set)
**If this is not a option for you then I would really have to question a few things that you may be omitting. Is the Exchange server handled by a in house IT department
or do you outsource a IT department. Which in this case I would suggest you look at alternative email or voice mail system or you have your users manually save each file as they receive them.
(Not really a good idea but a idea) Lastly, may I suggest if you do outsource that you stop and hire a real IT person.

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