VoIP WLAN - Capacity planning of voice networks + traffic planning

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I'm learning about the topic of Capacity planning of voice networks & traffic planning (home applications & network demands) and hence I?m looking so some good, easy to understand information on the topic and even better if any one can give me an overview of what the topic is really ?about?? I was hoping to find some experts in the field?

For example what sorts of things are involved in planning for VoIP for WLAN, for a small business or home network..?

Also are there any apps out there that can assist with this planning process???

Also what is the difference between traffic and capacity planning?

Any help would be much appreciated!



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Same info

by Prakashjain In reply to VoIP WLAN - Capacity plan ...


have you received any information on your question please let me know


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Homework again

by oldbaritone In reply to VoIP WLAN - Capacity plan ...

(but I'm in a generous mood today)

First, VOIP bandwidth per-call can vary greatly, so you need to know something about the VOIP codec in use:

For VOIP capacity planning, multiply the number of VOIP connections times the bandwidth they will use. Remember that if "3-way calling" is enabled, the connection may use up to twice the bandwidth because it's actually handling two calls at once, per user.

Rarely will the in-house WLAN or cable be the limiting factor. Most times, the internet connection is the bottleneck. Since many residential and SOHO connections will have an outbound limit of 64Kb/s or 128Kb/s, it's easy to see why VOIP starts to degrade if multiple calls are in progress.

QoS can be used to allocate priority to VOIP, but of course that will cause data throughput to suffer. If the customer is running a teleconference with RDP, real-time display updates to participants, and several simultaneous VOIP calls, they may need to go to a higher bandwidth for the internet connection.

Network planning is complicated, but there are tools to help. Here's a good wiki on the topic:

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