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W2K Schedualed Task problem

By toreador ·
Hi All,
I have a problem I need some help with. I have a test lab of approximately 20 servers that are experiencing a strange problem that is wearing me out. All of the servers have scheduled tasks that frequently run. The problem is that suddenly, ever time they run, the CPU will peg at 100%, all connections will drop and the server is useless until the CPU is released. When I check task manager it shows one of three possible combinations of processes that are using up the CPU. Either mstask is 99%, explorer is 99% or one will be 50% and the other will be 49%. All servers are Windows 2000, SP4 and fully patched. The all have Symantec Corp. version 9 with up-to-date definitions. I have run Spybot-Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware to make sure there are no nasties lurking about. Netstat shows no unusual ports open. There is no strange traffic from any of the servers. Half of the servers are in the DMZ and half are not so it is not related to the firewall. I even created a task that does nothing to eliminate the SQL server, network, etc and even this task hangs the processor. I installed the latest version mstask.dll from Microsoft in the form of a hot fix (88402 to no avail. I do not want to open an incident with MS if I can help it but I am getting desperate. HELP!!!

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to W2K Schedualed Task probl ...

What sort of programs are you scheduling to run?
EXE files (written by yourself or someone else), BAT files?
More info please.

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by toreador In reply to

It doesn't matter what I schedule. I created a task that opens solitaire and another that opens Notepad and they cause the processor to peak for approximately 1 minute when they run. There is a custom app that copies the event logs to a central server and it locks the servers for about 1.5 minutes. There is a vb script that looks for web errors and copies them to a sequal server and it chokes the server for about 2 minutes.

To disclose more info I inspected all of the servers myself and discovered that only 6 of the 20 are experiencing this phenomenon. I was going on the word of the web guy that all of them were experiencing this problem and concentrated on a coupe of servers that I had pulled out from behind the local director to allow me to work on without a maintenance window. I should?ve known I couldn?t trust my web developer to tell the truth

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by voldar In reply to W2K Schedualed Task probl ...

Disable the Symantec Norton Antivirus "live scan", this should do the trick.

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by toreador In reply to

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by toreador In reply to W2K Schedualed Task probl ...

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