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Walking the 3 Day and boy, do I need help!!!

By Tig2 ·
So it turns out that I WILL be walking the 3 Day again- or trying to. Once again, I am looking to my TR peers in the hope that you will continue to support my effort in raising funds and awareness about breast cancer. Join me and get pink! (Yes, JD. Real men DO get pink!)

Long timers know this, new friends may not. The 3 Day is a walk- 60 miles over three consecutive days, with the goal of raising money and awareness about breast cancer. This will be the fourth time I have made this trip.

Every year, approximately 175.000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Every year, approximately 40.000 die. What we know is that the earlier it is caught and treated, the greater chance to survive. What isn't generally known is that 4,000 men die every year too. This is not a disease linked to gender, it is an equal opportunity killer. I think that it is time to stop it in it's tracks. Long since time.

I am a survivor since 2003. I believe that there is a cure out there somewhere. I walk in order to provide the monetary resources to find that cure and to spread awareness. But I also walk to celebrate the lives of the women and men who have lost their fight. You can help in that effort too. PM me the name of a person you would like to have honored over the three days of the walk. I will carry that person on a ribbon with me for all 60 miles. I'll even send you their ribbon at the end of the walk.

I am also offering the hottest thing since the TR mug- which we can all agree has become a tad ho-hum since Soni has been so efficient at getting them out. I am offering to hand paint the glass adult beverage container of your choice with a pink ribbon and anything else you specify. Alternatively, I will send you a pendant filled with hopes and dreams. You will need to send me an address but that really is the easy part.

Nick- your glass is already in the works. But more money might get you two! Be the very first to own two!!!

Need more information on how to donate? Go to to find my page and donate securely online.

Breast cancer is a disease that has over-stayed its welcome. Join me in stomping it out.

Thank you all. Thank you so very much.

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I usually try to avoid your psycho-babble

by The Scummy One In reply to Yes I do know but I also ...

but you were addressing me so I looked.

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Just the same as always I see. OEM

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I usually try to avoid yo ...
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Sounds like maintenance is needed

by The Scummy One In reply to Yep sounds reasonable to ...

or I just needed to bump the thread

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RE: Sounds like maintenance is needed

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sounds like maintenance i ...

No not really after observing what happened to Boxy I think that any form of Maintenance would be very much Counter productive.

I didn't believe it possible but Boxy's typing has got even worse since she attended the TR 10 th Birthday Party where she was Well Serviced. :0

But it makes it so much better than just saying Bump.


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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to RE: [i]Sounds like mainte ...

You really do need to get in for maintenance and diagnostics, HAL. It's amazing what service departments can do these days. ]:)

etu (because the HAL unit expects it and I'd rather not fry his circuits)

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Yes I see that you are not kidding Davette

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Typing?

I was amazed that any place could get Boxy to insert more Typo's that she did previously. I didn't believe that it was possible to mess up Boxxy any more than she was already.

But I was proved wrong so I'm avoiding those places that make things even worse than what they where before attending. I always thought that Maintenance was supposed to Improve not make things worse.

Anyway I don't subscribe to the currently accepted idea that Near Enough is Good Enough when it comes to Computer Operation so I Respectively Decline Boxxy's kind invitation.

Col 0:-)

Edited to add Bump. Cus Boxy expects it. I don't want to see Davette melt down and fail completelly. :^0

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I see that you

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Typing?

have me confused with Boxxy. This explains a lot. It should also be a clear signal that your circuits are failing. :0 :^0 :^0

< rolls eyes >

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Now that took me places that I

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Typing?

Really didn't want to go. Scary. :0

So I take that is what you'll be doing when you grow up and get the extra x in your name?

Besides I have some news for you if the Circuits where failing the system would fall over what you have been describing are Software Issues from leaving a system running too long so it's obvious that you have no experience with a real OS which can be left running for decades at a time.

You must be using that Other Second Rate Failed OS Windows which needs to be shut down almost daily to allow it to sort of work right.

edited to add Your above post looks as if it was done from a Windows Vista System so in that case you have my Sincerest Condolences after all you'll need them to get through this day and then tomorrow and the day after that. The remainder of us who use real Operating Systems just get on with our jobs.

Col 0:-)

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I've no intention

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Typing?

of adding an x to my moniker. Or growing up. So there, nyah.

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Sorry Tig I've been a bit busy lately and haven't been around

by OH Smeg In reply to Walking the 3 Day and boy ...

As much as I would like.


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