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Want To Learn VB6

By alpharay3 ·
I'm currently interested in learning but I've been avised to learn Vb6 first. I'd like to receive information on which websites may come in handy.
Pesonal advice from all programmers are also welcome.

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Why learn VB6?

by M_a_r_k In reply to Want To Learn VB6

VB6 is dead, or at least dying. It is no longer supported by Microsoft. You can find very few books on it in a bookstore. It won't do your carerer much good to be a VB6 expert but know nothing about .NET. Take a look at job postings and compare the number of jobs requiring VB6 experience as opposed to VB.NET or C#.NET. If you're brand new to programming, VB.NET would probably be easier to start with. If you know any language, especially C, C++ or Java, then go with C#. It will drive you crazy to go from C++ or Java to VB, especially because C# syntax and many keywords are the same as C, C++ and Java. Another thing, if you've done C or C++, you can't use pointers in VB. Using pointers in C# is not recommended but occasionally you have a need to get down and dirty with better access to some of your data. (And use of pointers can improve code performance.) Another thing, I don't think you can do operator overloading in VB. That's not a necessity, but it's a nice thing to have. If you want to crank out small programs, then VB might be OK. For large, industrial-grade apps, use C#.

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