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WARNING: TR site weirdness planned for Wed. June 28

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Just a heads up to all the hardcore TechRepublic fanatics out there. We're going to briefly shut down our global user authentication system for maintenance on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm Pacific Time.

This shutdown may or may not affect any TR feature that requires a member to log in (posting, editing, visiting restricted forums, viewing customized feeds such as Posts From My Contacts, updating profiles, saving items, subscribing to alerts, or modifying newsletter subscriptions). It may also cause unanticipated weirdness, so expect the unexpected.

If stuff is still screwy on Thursday morning, send up a flare.


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Yes it will, Yes it will, oh Yes it will

by j.lupo In reply to What!!!

We will just get to find new weirdness for them and new enhancements and so on.

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It was very nice of you

by Old Guy In reply to WARNING: TR site weirdnes ...

to choose to do this while I'm in New Mexico on a mission trip next week. Actually, I probably won't even have an internet connection the whole week next week. Do you think I can make it a whole week without the Internet--much less without TR?!? :0

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Appreciate the warning!

by IT cowgirl In reply to WARNING: TR site weirdnes ...

Thanks! Great to know.

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Maybe it's my age showing...

... but where I come from, maintenance happens after hours. If there is no true "after hours" (such as with a web site), maintenance happens during the times of lowest use. This means that us IT people get to come into the office at 9 PM on Friday to do maintenance, so if something goes wrong (like we goofed, it takes longer than expected, etc.), we have all weekend to fix it.


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nope, not that way for poor TR

by j.lupo In reply to Maybe it's my age showing ...

There is no such thing as a slow time. After all my Friday is someone elses Saturday and so on. No matter how hard they try, they have a lot of people participating every single day at all hours. Wed might be the best time based on their slow time analysis --- it could be.


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Let the weirdness begin already?

by jdclyde In reply to WARNING: TR site weirdnes ...

EVERY discussion page is experiencing technical difficulty?

This is the first I have gotten to load in a half hour. Thought this would be tonight?

Weird, didn't know that would mean "total outage"?

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Mere coincidence--Blame Google!

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Let the weirdness begin a ...

Something about our infrastructure changes must have set off the universal Web spider alert, because Google, Yahoo, and every major search indexer just tag-teamed our site and pegged the meter on all three of our app servers.

Team Engineering claims to have fought back the spider-hordes, but I wouldn't be surprised if another skirmish brings us down for bits and pieces throughout the day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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The evil looking smirk of your avatar leads me to believe..................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Mere coincidence--Blame G ...

you are enjoying all our stress and discomfort.

Just for that I am again putting in my request for a spell checker. Should be easy what with you ripping the heart of TR apart. Let that be a lesson for you O Mighty Trivia Geek.

LOL, sorry Jay couldn't resist and I hope you encointer fewer problems than what you seem to be getting so far.

Dawg ]:)

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by Tig2 In reply to Let the weirdness begin a ...

Since about 7:30 CDT. Was fine when I checked at around 6:15 but started going around 7:00 and has steadily gotten worse. I am getting the half page thing along with the 404 errors since.

Don't you love us anymore???

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I am hoping this gets through

by j.lupo In reply to ME TOO!

I can read posts, they just take a long time to load. However when I want to post a reply I get Page not found errors over and over. And then when I finally can post it comes back from my submit with page not found errors and 3 or 4 postings later into the discussion cause it really did post. whew. Sorry Jay, and everyone, just had to get that out.

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