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Watercooler - Saw a concert

By DMambo ·
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On Friday night, a friend and I took a bit of a road trip to see a band. We saw a Grateful Dead tribute band called Dark Star Orchestra. Now these guys did a real nice job. They were technically very good, and while they didn't try to look like the Dead, and they jammed really well, it struck me as kind of sad.

There were about 2,000 people in the bar, many were jammed up front near the stage dancing around and singing just like it used to be at Dead shows. There were even a lot of young people. It just seemed to me that most of them were trying to fake it. That they were trying to force some vibe that really wasn't there, at least not for me. I was in a balcony above and had a next bird's eye view of the stage.

Before the show, we were in a pub next door and my friend recognized a couple of members of the band. As we were leaving, I found myself standing next to one and I asked how many shows they do a year. She told me that they were on number 187 this year. So obviously these folks can make a decent living doing this.

Well, pointless ramble, but I still had a good time and the beer was good. I had a few Magic Hats - a Vermont local brew.

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A Great Tribute Band is. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Watercooler - Saw a conce ...

...Australian Pink Floyd. I saw them not too long ago, and they even use some of the props from the original band.

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more Watercoolers

by Tink! In reply to Watercooler - Saw a conce ...

We should have more watercooler discussions on Mondays. With the friendly banter that usually ensues between the regulars, you can almost picture the watercooler.

Gets the week off to a nicer start anyway.

Tink :)

On topic: that's cool you went to a concert and had a good time...that's what it's all about. The last concert my hubby and I went to (and it was the first in several years) was Alison Krause. A nice sit-down and listen dealie. (More my style than his...he grew up attending the outdoor Rock/bash concerts, and I grew up attending Broadway shows and orchestra concerts) But since he likes Alison, he dealt with it. :)

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It's like a Friday afternoon around here today

by DMambo In reply to more Watercoolers

No new posts in any of the discussions that I've poked my nose into since this morning.

Where is everyone???

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Krappy weather...

by dawgit In reply to It's like a Friday aftern ...

Could some-one wake me up come 'Spring'?

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I'm with you

by maecuff In reply to Krappy weather...

it's dreary outside. I can't get warm. All I want to do is go home and curl up in my nice, soft cozy blanket and read a book. 4 1/2 hours to go.

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time zone

by dawgit In reply to I'm with you

...'doing that now. (ok, after I get my TR fix.) New Book is: "Constantinople- The Last Great Siege, 1453" by Roger Crowley. (I still have to finish a bit of: "Inside Hitler's Germany" by M.Huges & C.Mann, on orders from from my Father, who claims that the times errialy simular, He remembers) And out of Necessity: "Iran-Iraq, Ursachen und Dimensionen Eines Konflikts" by B?hlau vom ?sterreichischen Inst. f?r Internationale Politik. -No comment.
Good reading material. (good thing I also like to read. )
You're just in the wrong time zone. ;-)

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Monday "blahs"

by jdclyde In reply to It's like a Friday aftern ...

Which is really unusual for me, as mondays are rarely a problem for me.

Projects are all tied up waiting for other people to finish their parts up or for parts in the mail, so it is hard to keep from going insane while I wait.

Wish I had my laptop here so I could play D2 or something. Solitare ne1?

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It must be Monday

by dawgit In reply to Watercooler - Saw a conce ...

I thought I read Water'Colours', and I was thinking now gee, that's strange. Only afer JD's romping through his youthful ways, did I realize it was the Water'Cooler'. (for some reason we just don't have many of those things over here. Here we have real Bier)
Anyway DM, I've also noticed that trend. And came to the conclusion; 'They just don't get it'. (the younger ones) They want to get 'it', but they would have had to have been there.
"The Times, They are a Changing".

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Need better coffee, it sounds like!

by jdclyde In reply to It must be Monday

Although MOST people DO say "that's strange" after reading most of DM's posts.....

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Thanks, but...

by dawgit In reply to Need better coffee, it so ...

Over here, we have real good coffee.
I just need more of it.
Care for a cup JD? or would rather have a good Bier? (sorry, Beer to you folks there)
& Oh, JD, don't think I was upset with you in the other discussion, Max just got me all upset. Let me know if you want to know just what I got off about.

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