Way to stop receiving continuous duplicate emails in Outlook 2007?

By jfuller05 ·
I have a very interesting situation.
First off:
-Windows XP SP2
-Outlook 2007/POP3/Integrated with Bellsouth webmail

The user is receiving multiple upon multiple duplicate emails from two or three different senders (not spam either). Once the emails are deleted, the user keeps receiving the same emails. Outlook is stuck in an infinite loop. The receive process cannot end because once Outlook starts to receive the third email,it freezes and then the "Send Error Report" window pop ups, closes, and then Outlook starts, and the process starts again.

I checked for AV synchronization-there is none

User does not have the option checked to leave a copy of msg on the server

the incoming/outgoing server options are correct

outlook is not synchronized with a pda

there is nothing wrong with the firewall

there aren't any arbitrary rules checked

I ran Outlook in safe mode and the process still happens

I don't know what else to check. Like I stated, I believe Outlook is stuck in an infinite message loop. I watched the receiving details and once it starts to receiving msg 3 of 14, it hangs,then the "Send Error Report" from Microsoft pops up, like Outlook is trying to receive a msg that it can't.

I'm puzzled and don't know what else to check and/or do.


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I just created a new account for the user

by jfuller05 In reply to Way to stop receiving con ...

That didn't solve the problem, but I couldn't think of a way to solve the problem.

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sounds like a Outlook problem

by CG IT In reply to Way to stop receiving con ...

the server doesn't know you already received the email thus provides it again.

typically, once you log in to the pop server, it provides you with the emails [send/receive]. The send/receive action alerts the pop3 server you have the emails.

So it sounds like the send/receive action isn't telling the pop server you got the emails.

I'd verify your pop3 settings and verify the send/receive actions in outlook. I believe you can configure Outlook to only receive new emails. I'd also do a deep scan for malware.

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Thanks for the help.

by jfuller05 In reply to sounds like a Outlook pr ...

Apparantly, there was malware.

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Did you try

by Kenone In reply to Way to stop receiving con ...

going in through web mail and deleting the e-mails that way?

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by jfuller05 In reply to Way to stop receiving con ...

All is well now. I changd the send/receive settings for the user to download Inbox headers, which allowed the "bad" email to be bypassed.
Did a scan with Malwarebytes and found two rogue antispyware agents (don't know if that caused the problem), rebooted and then scanned the .pst files with the Outlook utility which came back with errors, repaired the errors, and now everything is fine. The user doesn't have to use the new porfile I made.
All is well. That was one of the weirdest problems I've had with Outlook so far.

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Well as long as it works... I'd be interested if it was malware

by CG IT In reply to SOLVED

the malware, was a guess based on some threat vectors using email that I read about.

the send/receive problem I've seen before with Outlook where send/receive was for all emails not just new emails. so the user was getting dups. the POP3 server is supposed to log the transaction on download and then email is supposed to be gone.

Sometimes that doesn't work. Some POP servers depending on what email system it is, has emails stay around for a period of time. So if the log in to the POP doesn't create a transaction the email looks like it hasn't been downloaded so it stays on the POP3 server.

That senario was the malware vector I read about. So you always get the bad email in your inbox and can't get rid of it.

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Reponse To Answer

by fab4fan78 In reply to SOLVED


All of sudden, my outlook decides to redownload all 62K of my emails and i cannot get it to stop. I didn't chnage anything in settings or what have you to warrant this sudden redownload. Do you have any suggestions of what i can do? I'm about ready to ditch outlook entirely!!!


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Reponse To Answer

by anasz In reply to SOLVED

Thank you very much,
I had the same issue exactly, and used your method:
1- Did a full antivirus scan for computer.
2- I changed the send/receive settings for the user to download Inbox headers. Which allowed the "bad" email to be bypassed.
3- Then deleted the duplicated emails and bad emails.
4- Restarted outlook.

Thank you so much,

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