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We need some nominations

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Heads up gang, it's time to point fingers and name names. Oh, and Happy New Year.

TR is venturing simultaneously into the uncharted realms of live events and blogging. As part of these efforts, we'd like some involvement from community members, either as featured event speakers and/or featured bloggers.

Our first event will be held in mid February (location TBA) and will be on the subject of "My User: My Problem" (working title), discussing how to implement security policies and technologies that can prevent the end users from knowingly and unknowingly sabotaging a network.

You guys know the TR cliques as well or better than anyone, so we'd like to know who you think is the king-daddy security guru (or gurus, or guru-ess) within the membership. Feel free to nominate yourself, provided you can back it up. The consensus winner/volunteer will very possibly be flown out at our expense to speak as a featured panelist at the event.

Moving right along...anybody want a big fat digital soapbox atop which to shout about IT and tech-related issues? If not yourself, who amongst the membership has insights and opinions so interesting and/or valuable that you'd gladly tune in on at least a weekly basis? The big cheese-types around here are hot to make somebody famous, so cast your blog-Oscar ballots now!

Oh, and both issues have a major ticking deadline attached, so don't feel the need to mull the ideas for a while. Spout off half-cocked ASAP.



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Blog topics

by sMoRTy71 In reply to house, Oz and Colin

I think that we want these early blogs to stay on IT-related topics just to see how users respond to them.

However, when we roll out the ability to blog to all of our members (probably in the next couple of months), we expect that some people will want to talk about things other than IT (like politics). I, for one, am OK with that.

While we, as a company, want people to blog about technology issues, I, personally, think blogs have just as much value in allowing members to get to know each other better.

Most of the features we want to roll out are for facilitating more (and different) interactions between our members.

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Maybe call the off -tech ones GLOBS

by Oz_Media In reply to Blog topics

It would certainly compliment the nature of the personal political comments and such.

General Love Of Bull Sh*t? (Wow, that's enough HTML coding to warrant billing the forum!)

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But Max

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to house, Oz and Colin

You come across so well in the technical discussions.

You obviously know so much more than I do and I'm not attempting to have a go at you on this score you just come across easily and clearly far better than I ever could.


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Digital Soapbox

by maxwell edison In reply to We need some nominations

Okay, I'll bite.

I've always indicated that I'd love to write an article or two, so I'll nominate myself for such a project.

Some possible subjects of (my) interest:

- IT is a means to an end, not the end itself.
- A career in IT demands flexibility.
- Management type issues
- Positive thinking type issues
- Build your own PCs issues
- User support type issues (but not "help-desk", per se)
- Training issues

My real "expertise" is probably different than the majority of the people who lurk around Techrepublic. I'm pretty much a "jack-of-all-trades" when it comes to implementing IT issues, as I'm a one-man IT department; but it's limited to our specific requirements, and I often have to scramble to find the answers to questions -- or sometimes even find the right questions. But my real expertise is in implementing and maintaining an AutoCAD environment in a small network setting, programming and customizing AutoCAD, and so on. We are a building design firm, creating architectural-engineering type documents (building blueprints of all disciplines). Moreover, In addition to my "one-man IT department" position, I'm the trainer for whatever IT or IT-related design issues might arise, and I manage a small staff of people who implement this technology to help create our product. It's not exactly indicative of the typical IT position that seems common among most Techrepublic members. My first subject suggestion, IT is a means to an end, not the end itself, is probably descriptive of how I approach my job and IT in general. Our product is not IT, but we use IT to create our product.

Since much (but not all) of my interest and expertise would probably appeal to only a fraction of TR members, I may not have what you are looking for. Moreover, it would certainly depend on other factors such as time and deadline requirements and so on. But I'd be willing to consider such a challenge.

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Well there you have it!!

by Oz_Media In reply to Digital Soapbox

16 posts (not including this one) and one guy out of all of us loudmouth know-it-all's actually steps up to the plate! Well done, Max.

Yeah I'd vote for Max, especially if it was a video conference and we could scream back and forth about it!

Actually I didn't realize we were talking multiple subjects and really don't know security well enough, especially MS security which would probably be the more interesting topic for most here.

I do think it would be worth watching and I'd definitely tune in, seriously Max, I think you'd write an informative copy.

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re: Max (there's a pun in that)

by apotheon In reply to Digital Soapbox

Alas, I haven't really run across much of what you have to say at TR. I guess we've just been travelling in different circles here. The evident respect for you that I see in this discussion thread, combined with what little I do know about you, inclines me to think I'm missing out.

Considering that I would dearly love to have that blog endorsement here at TR, and think I'd have a lot to offer (without even going into politics), it looks like I'd probably have to fight ya for it. Of course, I have another two or three suggestions:

A. Perhaps TR could give us both what they were talking about giving one person. Yeah! Let us all eat cake!

B. A joint-blog might be interesting. Kick off this whole tech blog thing at TR with two people sharing a blog, providing ample opportunity for well-constructed, well-reasoned, well-informed sniping at each other. I get the distinct impression that maxwell and I would both be able to keep a civil virtual tongue in our respective virtual heads for such an endeavor. I really kinda like this idea.

C. All of the above! Sorta. Maybe a "Devil Went Down to TR" kinda thing would be a better description. Think two blogs, side by side, linked to each other. We'd be the Siskel and Ebert of tech blogging! It could be fun.

Of course, there are always those other options:

D. Just give it to me. I'm better! Well, maybe not. Okay, just give it to max.

E. Give it to someone else. You must know, though, that "someone else" just ain't gonna give you the high quality of material you can get from we two TR Insiders. Yep.

F. Scrap the whole idea. This option completely sucks, of course, but I figured I'd mention it for completeness.

Note: There's nothing wrong with arrogance if it's justified.

personal qualifications: I have four blogs currently, one of which often gets IT-related rants, and another of which I've been treating as sort of a low-volume tech blog. I run three websites for my own enjoyment, one of which is a news analysis and commentary site. When doing a Google search for "apotheon", the entire first page of results is references to me. My superpower is "being right" (for proof, just check out my googlism results at at your convenience). I am also, according to the woman with whom I had dinner last night (dinner usually doesn't last six hours, but the conversation was just that good), a very funny guy.

Are there any hands I should shake, or babies I should kiss? I'll bring lip-balm! Vote apotheon in 2005!

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Here's an idea

by Oz_Media In reply to re: Max (there's a pun in ...

Why don't we ALL share a blog?

Oh...I guess we do don't we? Well it would be an interesting Grouper group anyways!

I see small Grouper groups (as discussed in another TRI post) starting up as tea party's too though, I won't mention where I see that effecting Discussion group conversations/gangs.

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Now THERE'S an idea!

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Here's an idea

The blog idea isn't dead, and the idea of a MUB (multi-user blog) is intriguing. We'll get back on the stick on Tuesday. In the meantime, be thinking of a name (or names). And no, "Bastards on Parade" will not work.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Now THERE'S an idea!

YOu ruined all my fun now! BOP is scratched.

How about PWA-Pricks With Attitude? Or would I be alone in that group!

I always thought the Jets from West Side story were real cool, or even the Thunderbirds from Grease were pretty.....groovy.

Or, the "TR Outsiders" a la the The Outsiders (great book and movie!). 'Insiders' joke there I suppose.

The TR Outsider's Group ("TROG"), would make for a "TROG BLOG" !

LOL! Unfortuately, I got a million of 'em.

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by apotheon In reply to Damn

TROG-Luddites! Whee! I like it. We could even have a trogodyte-looking icon/logo. That'd just be ultra-spiff kewl ninja p0w3rz nifty.

Going with that whole "MUB" thing, I suppose we could call it something entirely campy like "MUB Slingers". Maybe that's not so good, though.

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