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We need some nominations

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Heads up gang, it's time to point fingers and name names. Oh, and Happy New Year.

TR is venturing simultaneously into the uncharted realms of live events and blogging. As part of these efforts, we'd like some involvement from community members, either as featured event speakers and/or featured bloggers.

Our first event will be held in mid February (location TBA) and will be on the subject of "My User: My Problem" (working title), discussing how to implement security policies and technologies that can prevent the end users from knowingly and unknowingly sabotaging a network.

You guys know the TR cliques as well or better than anyone, so we'd like to know who you think is the king-daddy security guru (or gurus, or guru-ess) within the membership. Feel free to nominate yourself, provided you can back it up. The consensus winner/volunteer will very possibly be flown out at our expense to speak as a featured panelist at the event.

Moving right along...anybody want a big fat digital soapbox atop which to shout about IT and tech-related issues? If not yourself, who amongst the membership has insights and opinions so interesting and/or valuable that you'd gladly tune in on at least a weekly basis? The big cheese-types around here are hot to make somebody famous, so cast your blog-Oscar ballots now!

Oh, and both issues have a major ticking deadline attached, so don't feel the need to mull the ideas for a while. Spout off half-cocked ASAP.



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by Oz_Media In reply to Yikes!

Seeing as most of us are a 'little backward' we could the make MUB into BUM.

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That's funny

by house In reply to Here's an idea

There does seem to be teams involved in the discussion wars. There is a lot of independent thought going on as well though... people are straying from their allies in some situations.

It's funny how people join forces to fend off other gangs... we need to get a life. :)

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I see it differently

by Oz_Media In reply to That's funny

People with like opinions on a specific subject will support eash other comments, those same people may differ in an opinion elsewhere and not support each other but a former disagreeing (is that a word? I wouldn't think so) members will take that side as they agree as well.

It is more of a matter that there are generally three types of people in responses. Those who never agree with anything a peer says, those who will agree with everything a peer says and those that will offerindividual opinion and find common eground with other opinions on a thread by thread basis.

When people are new here, they generally fit #1, they are usually alone and looking for conflict of opinion. After a while they become #2, as they have found people they generally agree with and will side with them either way. After people have been here for quite a while they will form individual opinions, side with like minded opinions and understand that friends they have formed here do not ALWAYS need agreement.

I have had personal email wondering why I didn't side with someone when they have become friends of mine. I will always be friends with people even though I don't completely agree with all of their comments. I use a little objectivity for all posts and in most cases do not pay attention/notice who I am replying to even, just the comments I am replying to.

Max and I have fought like there's no tomorrow, often resulting in us both reducing ourselves to petty and childish quarrels. As time has prgressed, I found that we actually see eye to eye on more subjects than I was willing to admit (he was the enemy after all!) but I find that we can both share opinions on the boards whether we agree or not, I think we both have seen some posts from each other we agree on and others we don't, it is an understanding that just like with ANY friends we have, we don't ALWAYS agree, nor do we need to.

In fact Max and I may share a couple of disagreements in a post now and then let it drop, knowing that dragging it out isn't going to sway either of our stubborn opinions.

I respect him for what he offers and hope he does the same, agree or not.

You soon find out who's cool and who isn't. But at first it's just like going to a new high school, a pissing contest, turns into little like minded groups and then by graduation you realize that everyone is cool no matter how you feel. You have put in the time and hung out together too long to have petty arguments stand in the way of meaningful dialogue.

Anyhow, that's my sick and twisted story, take it for what it is. Or just pee off and take THAT for what it is.

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That typo could be a bew BUZZ word, I COINED IT!!!

by Oz_Media In reply to I see it differently

"eground" or E-Ground, meaning the common ground found in forums.

"We argued for a while but ended up finding common 'e-ground'!"


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