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Weekly Meetings

By js7 ·
Each week we have a meeting were each software developer discusses what they did the previous week. It turns into a fairly boring meeting and we would like to find a way to spruce this up a bit. We have both technical and non-technical participants involoved in the meeting. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Meeting for..

by Oldefar In reply to 4 ideas

Just wondering why these meetings are being held.

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Have you ever considered a fancy dress meeting.

by jpurchase In reply to Weekly Meetings

vicars & tarts
TV Characters

the possibilities are endless

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Boring meetings

by RockyTop In reply to Weekly Meetings

I've encountered the same thing as a manager. If this is a staff meeting, I would suggest that the topics be discussed that everyone needs to know and have a separate meeting for the developers. Also, let the the group know on the front-end that after the staff meeting, there will be a separate meeting with the developers and those who are interested may stay, but they aren't obligated to do so. In most cases, you'll find that the only people who remain are the developers, unless you have a BA or PM who happens to have some interest. Hope this helps.

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Why not.......

by whatno.. In reply to Weekly Meetings

....periodically ask a supplier in to give a presentation on a topic of relevance

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Deverloper/ User Interchange

by aldoseri In reply to Weekly Meetings

Technical people always like to show their knowledge & they simply talk with twisted thugs in order to either win them or lose them...

Both the Developer & the user have to lay common grounds in order to communicate... by this both parties shall get the benefit out of the meeting & be able to contribute toward the best of the organization.


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Stand up Meetings

by josir In reply to Weekly Meetings

What we usually do is Stand up Meetings, that is nobody can seat. In that way, people generally become more concise and only important matters are discussed. The practie said that the meeting occurs quicker than a "seated meeting". This is only suitable for small group meetings (max.10 persons)

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No chairs plus an agenda with objectives.

by r.mckenzie In reply to Stand up Meetings

I agree.

Chairs allow people to view meetings as an alternative to work, where they can listen to themselves speak or daydream while others talk. Standing keeps them focussed. And make it just before the lunch break.

I also believe that all meetings deserve an agenda which includes the, "To decide how to handle Jack's work now that he is leaving next week."


Ross McKenzie
Melbourne Australia

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Have a Stand-Up Meeting

by heropin In reply to Weekly Meetings

Have a stand-up meeting more often, maybe even daily. First thing in the morning is best. Set the meeting to last 10 minutes where all participants stand up in the room. Then go around the room and have everyone state their status in a minute or two (or less). Having everyone stand up seems to keep the meeting short and wanting to end the meeting so they can go and sit down!

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Get rid of the meeting

by jimgon In reply to Weekly Meetings

Get rid of the meeting. Have everyone do a weekly status report on the IT side. The manger can then roll those up to a "client" report for the users. It would probably take the IT folks 30 minutes a week to write the report and the manager 1 hour to roll it up. I would expect that your net effect would be that the IT folks will spend more time on IT and less time on meetings. You can also get around the majority of project status meetings this way too.

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Could not agree more!

by futurist In reply to Get rid of the meeting

Definately drop the meeting and do as jimgon suggests. Meetings should be minimal, fast and deal only with set items with an expected outcome. The sort of stuff you are dealing with is newsletter stuff.

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