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Weekly Meetings

By js7 ·
Each week we have a meeting were each software developer discusses what they did the previous week. It turns into a fairly boring meeting and we would like to find a way to spruce this up a bit. We have both technical and non-technical participants involoved in the meeting. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Meetings Bloody Meetings

by halltalk In reply to Weekly Meetings

Get the video! John Cleese - is great!

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Let's have a meeting

by Ian ( Chicago ) In reply to Weekly Meetings

I've heard people come from meetings that were over an hour long and say "what a waste of time".

How do you conduct a meeting that achieves it's objective?

First, the host must determine what they are trying to achieve by scheduling the meeting(s). Is it an exchange of information? Is it to understand a problem? Is it to build a team's morale?

Then have an agenda. Stick to the agenda as best as you can. Put time limits on each subject. If the subject continues for longer than scheduled then take it off line - reschedule a new meeting for that particular subject with those individuals.

If the meeting is a long one, over an hour, have coffee/tea served for an interval. Put the break in the schedule. People will return to the discussion refreshed and willing to continue.

The bottome line is "don't waste people's time". Make sure you come out of the meeting with the objective achieved.

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I see that the thread won't die...

by DC_GUY In reply to Let's have a meeting

...despite my best efforts. ^_^ Hey folks, there are just a ton of resources out there on how to plan and conduct meetings that have the maximum probability of turning out to be worthwhile. Training films, books, articles, even actual *gasp* classes! If you're really having a problem, don't just vent it here, do something about it! I'm pleased to see that someone else echoed my praise of the John Cleese training film "Meetings Bloody Meetings." Just show that at one of your meetings and watch morale improve.

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Meetings need to be well planned and structured

by gbeh In reply to Weekly Meetings

I think it is true to say that most of us techies do not really enjoy all the meetings that we need to attend. Unfortunately, and especially if you work in the corporate world, face-to-face meetings are inevitable. A couple of ideas that I can share are:

1. Try to hold as many of your regular weekly meetings at the beginning of the week. I have my regulars scheduled over a Monday and Tuesday leaving the rest of the the week to [hopefully] focus on the real work.

2. Every meeting MUST be properly planned. Do not go into a meeting without an agenda (even a high level one will do). I make notes in the relevant calendar entry in my diary throughout the week so that come my meeting I have all my points prepared. You should share these at least a couple of hours before the meeting.

3. Encourage interaction by insisting that each team member give an update of key issues. These could be a)what the individual has been working on since the last week b)successes c)issues/problem/fixes encountered. Question those who don't volunteer any real input.

4. I have also tried to rotate the responsibility of leading each week's meeting among the Team so that each individual gets a chance to prepare the Agenda, make room bookings, organise coffee, biscuits, etc, prepare a presentation and to prepare the minutes after the meeting. This works well and can add to the individual's career development. It is a little bit of an admin overhead because as the IT exec or supervisor you need to remind the individuals of what needs to be done and to give them the guidance, especially if they have no experience in hosting a meeting.

5. Do NOT meet for no reason but you will find that with proper planning a weekly meeting will go a long way to opening up the communication channels and strengthening team morale.

Good luck!

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