weird noises

By smiththewrestler ·
my cisnet computer with 512mb ram and sata hdd with win xp pro keeps making this weird noise. ae ae ae ae duda i can sometimes stop it by changing the backround ro selecting lodoff screen then hitting cancle and sometimes i have to exit every program like limewire ie expolorer aol ect. i think its the hard hdd when it over loads or something. please help me

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by smiththewrestler In reply to Don't you just love helpi ...

sorry but i just finished fixing this computer like 2 months ago and i do appreciate the help and have tried what they sigjested and none worked i havent bought a new hdd or run a disk scan yet but i will run the disk scan when i get home because i am in school right now. and i thank you all who posted and all i wanted was a lil more onfo to be sure that my hdd is going because my computer takes a sata hdd and my 2 spare hdd's are not sata hdd's. i wanted to know if my 2 backups that are non sata hdd's would run if i formated it and reinstalled it using that tower so it installs the right drivers needed for the tower. and again.. i that all who posted or posts on this because i want to make sure to backup my hdd and get another 1 ready if needed. thank you all...

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getting more assistance

by Absolutely In reply to sorry

Specific information is needed to troubleshoot, and if you try a test suggested by one of us, it's easier for us if you reply to that specific post with the results.

Never mind ManiacMan, he's just in a bad mood today. And every other day that he posts, AFAIK.

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by smiththewrestler In reply to weird noises

ok ty i will tell u later how it is going

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Back to the beginning

by TheChas In reply to ok

Let's go back to the beginning and make sure we have the facts straight.

Your PC is making a strange noise.

The noise does come from your SATA hard drive.

Your motherboard only supports SATA drive connections. There are no 40 pin PATA (standard IDE) connectors.

You have backups. But, they are on standard IDE drives.


Now, if you do not have a standard 40 pin IDE connector, you cannot use your old drives with this motherboard. If you desire to use your old drives, you will need to install a standard IDE interface card.

If you do have a 40 pin IDE connector, but your system will not boot off of the IDE drive, what you need to do is change the boot order in BIOS setup to include the standard IDE hard drives as an option.

One "BIG" caveat. If you back up drive has Windows XP and it was installed while the drive was connected to a different motherboard, it may not boot up into Windows. You may need to install XP clean onto one of your hard drives.

Does that cover the situation?


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