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Weird Technical Question

By BFilmFan ·
This reads like some of the worst written dialogue from your favorite 1950's low budget science fiction movie:

Either that or some serious drugs were involved in the creation...

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But he misspelled "malarkey"

by DC Guy In reply to He got all miffed with me ...

And you politely demonstrated that no one is perfect.

"Borogoves," not "borogroves."
"Foe," not "fow."
"Came wuffling," not "and whiffling."
"Frabjous," not "frabious."

Okay, so "fow" was surely a typo. But surely some of his were as well. He could have saved us a lot of "wading" if he'd taken a few minutes to edit his post using today's online resources. It wouldn't have made him look like a native speaker but it would have made it less time-consuming to read and more understandable.

Everyone should edit their own posts. If we each spent the few minutes a day that would take, we would each save far more time on all the posts we read. It's just simple collective economics.

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I agree with you and I do edit them here

by neilb@uk In reply to But he misspelled "malark ...

because I care about the readership. What I bestowed on our good friend Entawanabi was around fifteen seconds of Google, cut and the eventual paste of the first copy I found. Proof-read it? No, I didn't even read it as I've known the poem since I was eight.

Why do it? Not at all because of his execrable Engrish(sic) as my Spanish, for example, is crap. Because, even allowing for mis-translation or even Max's multiple serial re-translations, the content was, technically speaking, incomprehensible bollocks.

As for malark(e)y, both spellings are acceptable in any US dictionary that I've checked but the 'e' version is, I admit, more common. I haven't found the 'malarky' version in the OED so I sit corrected.

Neil :)

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by Montgomery Gator In reply to He got all miffed with me ...

Your reply was first rate!! ROFLMAO!!

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Is that english????

by faradhi In reply to Weird Technical Question

After reading the post. I need and Asprin.

I hate to be the skeptic but I wonder if it is not just someone trying to be cute.

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Well actually

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is that english????

Last time I was in the Philippines I visited a computer school where something like the above question would have been thought of as a good example of the smarts of the students.

But at the same time it was a church school that was charging the parents a small fortune to teach the kids and they didn't have one computer in the place just obsolete books.

Of course not having any electricity might have been a hindering factor but those kids would never know anything about using computers let alone how to use or program one most wouldn't be able to turn one on as that wasn't in the books.

Sad but true.

Col ]:)

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Double Post Ignore

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is that english????

TR was supposed to fix this up.

Col ]:)

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In fact..

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Is that english???? appears to have been generated by the same routines that create subjects for spam e-mail that consist of random words linked together.

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My guess is this

by maxwell edison In reply to Weird Technical Question

I would guess that English is not his first language, and he's using a combination of some words he does know (or thinks he knows) and some sort of translation program, both for reading the message and to post his reply.

My message converted to French:

Je devinerais cet anglais n'est pas le sien la premi?re langue, et il utilise une combinaison de quelques mots qu'il sait (ou pense qu'il sait) et une esp?ce du programme de traduction, les deux pour lire le message et poster sa r?ponse.

And back to English:

I would guess this English is not his the first language, and it uses a combination of some words that it knows (or thinks that it knows) and a type of the translation program, the two to read the message and post his response.

Converted to Portuguese:

Adivinharia este ingl?s n?o ? seua a primeira linguagem, e usa uma combina??o de algumas palavras que sabe (nem pensa que sabe) e um tipo do programa de tradu??o, os dois ler a mensagem e coloca seua resposta.

And back to English:

It would guess this English is not his to first language, and uses a combination of some words that knows (neither thinks that knows) and a kind of the program of translation, the two read the message and puts its answer.

Imagine translating a longer, more complicated technical message.

Personally, I'd give the guy a break and assume that things are simply getting lost in the translation.

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party pooper

by Jaqui In reply to My guess is this

We know that english isn't his first language.
but it's so much fun reaming someone out for badly worded questions.

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by maxwell edison In reply to party pooper
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