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There is an external drive used here. At one time something like what you said happened. It turned out it was the file system. the file system of the connected computer was one file system and the external file system was different. For some drives, the file systems must be the same for everything to be seen properly.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to and now... a thread in se ...
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:^0 -- Ok, tis now the Thursday Yuk

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maybe the best jokes will get T-Up's?

Dear HP,

I recently purchased an HP Printer, and as long as I am in the room, it works like a dream. Nearly every time I leave it unattended, however, the papers come out wrinkled, sometimes even shredded, and with blurred ink. If I re-start the same print job and babysit it, once again it operates without any problem. You can imagine my frustration with this situation. I would appreciate one of your technicians coming out to have a look.

Thank you,
Dave Larson

Dear Dave,

Thank you for contacting HP repair and technical support. As you know, one of our technicians was dispatched to investigate the unusual problem you have been having with your printer. He found the printer to be in perfect working order. He then set up a camera in the room with a direct relay to our office to document anything unusual that might be happening when you are out of the room. I trust the attached digital video file will clarify things. In the future, we advise keeping a careful watch on all of your printing jobs.

We appreciate your business.

Mark Donaldson
The Geek Squad

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:^0 :^0 -- News I'd Like To F*** :^0 :^0 <NT>

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Ya Know

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that turned out differently than I thought.. The way she was looking at the bottle and all, I thought :0 :0 (Scummy Thoughts) :^0

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Follow those thoughts

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Mini Skirt Blooper

by The Scummy One In reply to Ya Know

Dont open at work -- Unless you can get away with it!

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smile for the camera? Clean them windows!

by jdclyde In reply to Ya Know

And of course, following the scummy trend, not for work!

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