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The sticker is mighter than the report.

by JJFitz In reply to I'm looking at a "Vista C ...

Before you could upgrade, Microsoft generated a report for the consumer to review on what will not work (missing drivers, not enough memory, sub-optimal processor, etc.). You could run the report even before you purchased Vista. So all I can surmise is that most people believed "Vista Capable" more than a report that said "This will not work."???
I am not trying to defend Microsoft. What I am trying to say is the consumer should pay attention and do a little homework before jumping in. Call someone who knows more about computers.
It reminds me of the time I was having trouble starting my car. After I tried to turn the engine over 6 times, the dashboard display said, "STOP! Do not attempt to start the car again!" That is what is known as a "hint and a half".
Take some responsibility. Read the report and act accordingly.

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You have to realize that the average consumer...

by Vulpinemac In reply to I'm looking at a "Vista C ...

... doesn't want to do research. If they see a label that says "Vista Ready" or something of the sort, then they're going to take that label at its word. They just want it to work, work right and work NOW. This has probably been Microsoft's biggest issue ever since Dos itself; they expect the user to be computer savvy when so many of their users--enterprise and at home--are users only, not technicians. Steve Jobs realized that the real customer was the user, not the support staff; that's why the MacOS and OS X have been so much more user-friendly even if they did do things differently from Windows.

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JJFitz, how WELL did Microsoft marekt the location of the report?

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I'm looking at a "Vista C ...

I now I NEVER saw ANY advertising by Microsoft down here that you COULD get such a report, and there was none at the Microsoft stands of their software in any of the retail shops about getting such a report, and I didn't see it mentioned on the side of the few retail packets of Vista I checked. Also, the few times I went to the official Vista website I saw no obvious mention of such an option. Thus I wonder how people were supposed to be able to do that.

Mind you, IF Microsoft did publicise such a service, they would've had a lot lower level of sales of Vista as all the people who found out the hard way would not have bought a copy.

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@Deadly The report is built in to the upgrade process

by JJFitz In reply to I'm looking at a "Vista C ...

It showed up in several places.
1. You could go to Microsoft's Vista site and run the report before purchasing the OS.
2. When you tried to upgrade Vista from an install disc, the report ran before you could proceed with the installation.
3. If you purchased a "Vista Capable" computer from Dell, (as I did) there was a link to the run the report on your desktop.
A similar report ran automatically if you upgraded Vista to Win 7.
& a similar report shows up before you install Windows 8 CP and RP.

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@ Vulpine, You have to realize that

by JJFitz In reply to I'm looking at a "Vista C ...

the compatibility report ran automatically when you attempted to upgrade from XP to Vista.
I guess as the old saying goes, you can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink. You can also present the average consumer with a report but you can't make him read before clicking OK.

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Minimum versus recommended system requirements

by JJFitz In reply to I'll acknowledge that Vis ...

Microsoft has always posted both minimum and recommended system requirements.
You can still see them on Microsoft's site.
The minimum requirements come with a caveat; "Product functionality and graphics may vary based on your system configuration. Some features may require advanced or additional hardware."
Maybe they should have prefaced it with "Cheap is cheap".
I would never purchase anything that barely meets the requirements.
Then again, there are a lot of consumers who buy a $400 laptop and expect miracles.
Maybe Apple has it right. Don't allow anyone else to build a computer for your system because they will inevitably screw it up.

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The only reason new drivers were needed was because

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Vista worked fine if your ...

Microsoft made deliberate changes to stop the old ones from working. Many new peripherals didn't have Vista drivers for several months due to problem of the hardware manufacturers getting the code from Microsoft to make suitable drivers. In many cases the drivers were not made by the manufacturers because they refused to pay the high fees Microsoft was charging for the code at first. It was only after way too many people complained about no hardware drivers that Microsoft cut the charges and the companies got the code to make the drivers that they started to appear.

In short, the troubles were all created by Microsoft in order they could line their pockets more.

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