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Well three weeks to go

By Bob in Calgary ·
On July 10 I go in for brain surgery I'm going for Deep Brain Stimulation surgery (DBS) to hopefully get rid of a condition similar to Parkinsons.

I Hope I'll be back sometime towards the end of August either that or I'll be dead or a veggie.

So in the meantime take care and enjoy life.

Bob in Calgary soon to be Locutus of Borg or whatever Borg sounding name I come up with. Any suggestions anyone?

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Take Care of yourself Bob

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Well three weeks to go

And much more importantly Have Fun chase the nurses around although if your luck is anything like mine you'll be stuck will an All Male Nursing Staff.

And Borg Sounding Names will be totally unnecessary unless of course you insist that they leave the Electrodes In. It's a fairly painless procedure with the only real discomfort being that you have your head and upper Torso strapped into place so you can not move this allows the Surgeons to place the electrodes in the right place to have the Best Effect. ?

Of course if after they insert the Electrodes they get a Jacobs Ladder Effect that will be a totally different story and you'll be able to walk around telling everyone that you really are a Bright Spark.

After it's finished you'll feel like a New Man and be unstoppable so I can't wait for your return we'll all have to duck for cover you'll be so lively. :0

Col ]:)

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Yall be a'reet, marra!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Well three weeks to go

How, lad, hows ye gannin'?

eeh, ah diven't knaa lyek, yees fellas'll de oot te be noticed!

Seriously, Bob, aal the best.

I don't know if you still have my email address, but let me know cos I have an idea. Can you get your new other half to email progress to me, so I can keep the TR peeps updated? You know fine well we're all going to keep tabs on this one.

Keep positive and concentrate on getting yourself better. Have a goal to achieve - like getting back here for a visit!

I'll personally buy you a few bottles of Dog. If you haven't been over it yet, I'll even walk you over the Blinkin' Eye <shudder>


You have it in writing, too.

You know fine well I'm rooting for you, Bob.

Keep in touch - or else.

Cheers, marra.


Edited for the **** of it

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Good Luck Bob

by stargazerr In reply to Well three weeks to go

We will be sure to see you back here in a few weeks, healthy as a horse.


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Hope all goes well!

by neilb@uk In reply to Well three weeks to go

What the ****. Some Borg jokes.

My name is Borg - James Borg - license to assimilate.

I am Porky Pig of Borg. Prepare to be as... assa... assim... I'm taking over.

Ferengi-Borg: Insert Coin for assimilation...

Borg, James Borg. Vodka martini, Gin is irrelevant.

I am McCoy of Borg. He's assimilated, Jim!

I am Microsoft of Borg. Resistance izkx
GPF 0x5654 8820
Application RESIST.EXE has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.

The Borg assimilated my race, and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.

I am Butt-Head of Borg. You will be...uhhhhh... It says ***! This is cool.

I am Sinatra of Borg. Start spreading the news. We're assimilating today. You will be a part of it: the Borg, the Borg.

I am Yoda of Borg. Assimilate or do not assimilate. There is no 'try!'

I am Quark of Borg. You will be assimilated. But with the right amount of gold pressed latinum, I can overlook your resistance.

I am JFK of Borg. Ask not what the collective can do for you, but what you can do for the collective.

I am Elmer Fudd of Borg. Be vewy, vewy quiet... I'm assimiwating wabbits. Heh heh heh heh heh.

I am Heisenborg. You will probably be assimilated.

I am Dirty Harry of Borg. Go ahead, resist us. Make my day.

I am Telecom of Borg. Connection is irrelevant. Modem will be assim +++ NO CARRIER

I am Homer of Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimmm...mmmmmm Donuts.

I am Monty Python of Borg. I wish to complain about this 'ere assimilation you sold me not half an hour ago...

I am Nixon of Borg. We are not assimilating you at this time. Trust me.

I am Ice-T 'o 'da Borg, motherf*cker. Low and behold, your sorry *** is about to become assimilated, man! And if you think you might be able to resist, we'll tell 'ya about futility, you irrelevant sucker!

I am Monty Python of Borg. Nobody expects the Borg assimilation!

I am Mick Jagger of Borg -- I can't get no, (pause) assimilation.

Yoda of Borg I am. Futile is resistance. Assimilate you we will.

I am Tweeti of Borg. I tawt I attimiwated a Puddy Tat!

I am Karol Wojtila of Borg. Pater, et fili, et spiritus assimilationi. Resistancum est futilius. Amen.

I am Bud of Borg. Can I assimilate you, please just once!?

I yam Popeye o'de Borg. Preparez ta be askimiligrated.

We are Gollum of Borg, yes. We will assimilate it, precious. Its resistance will be futile. Yesss, preciousss. Gollum. Gollum.

LuxemBORG: The European Community is irrelevant.

I am Dirty Harry of Borg. This is a Borg ship. The most powerful type of starship in the galaxy. In all the excitment, I can't remember if we already assimilated you yet. So what's it gonna be, are you going to be assimilated or what? Do you feel lucky punk?

I am Hamlet of Borg. To be assimilated or not to be assimilated? That is the question. Whether resistence is futile or not, aye there is the rub. To be assimilated and perchance to have funny things stuck into your head or resist and encounter more superpowerful entities in future episodes.

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Well Done!

by maxwell edison In reply to Hope all goes well!

I love it. I'm sure Bob will as well.

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OK a few more Borg jokes

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Hope all goes well!

I am Ludicrous of Borg - stop laughing while I assimilate you.

I am Bill of Borg - dude, you will have an excellent assimialtion.

I am Borg - when is the rest of ABBA today.

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Come back in a hurry

by rob mekel In reply to Well three weeks to go

Well what is there to be said that is not yet said.
Come back kicking in in a hurry, that will do the trick for me, telling that you're well and doing great.

Best of all luck.


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A suggestion for you

by DMambo In reply to Well three weeks to go

Have good luck, take the time you need for recovery and keep your family close. I'll say a prayer for you whether you want it or not.

One more suggestion, if you're having this done on Stampede Day, reschedule.

Oh, suggestions for a new monniker? Sorry.

Take care, man. (I'm praying already.)

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Chip implant?

by Dr_Zinj In reply to Well three weeks to go

Is that the treatment where they insert a monitor that zaps your brain to prevent epileptic seizures?

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Sort of

by Bob in Calgary In reply to Chip implant?

They insert a thin wire (1.2 mm diameter) into the brain to the thallamus area and connect it to a computer installed in my chest. The computer sends out electrical impulses to stop the tremor cells from firing.

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