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Well three weeks to go

By Bob in Calgary ·
On July 10 I go in for brain surgery I'm going for Deep Brain Stimulation surgery (DBS) to hopefully get rid of a condition similar to Parkinsons.

I Hope I'll be back sometime towards the end of August either that or I'll be dead or a veggie.

So in the meantime take care and enjoy life.

Bob in Calgary soon to be Locutus of Borg or whatever Borg sounding name I come up with. Any suggestions anyone?

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Thanks everyone

by Bob in Calgary In reply to Well three weeks to go

Wow thanks for all the kind words and thoughts. 2 weeks to go.

Sorry the note is short, I'm totally off the meds now so I find typing really difficult.

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808 in Calgary

by mindilator In reply to Well three weeks to go

your name would be something more like 8 of 8. 8 o' 8. 808. BOB. you get it...

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Keep Smiling...

by onbliss In reply to Well three weeks to go will come out smiling. See you in August.

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More prayers (a mushy post)

by vanessaj In reply to Well three weeks to go

...because I know they are all heard. I am adding many of my own to the list! I can't imagine how stressful a time like this can be for both mind and body! Just try to relax as much as is humanly possible, and remember how many folks are keeping you in prayer - it sounds like you are really getting a lot of it. And that's a good thing.

I know how many different beliefs there are about prayer and God and religion and all, it's crazy sometimes. But, if you want to know...(if not then you can always just ignore this post...) I have been walking with God for nearly 30 years now and know that he really does hear and answer prayers. Every one. And that he really DOES love us and want us to know, more than anything, that he really does love us. And, in more than 30 years, has NEVER let me down. Just one person's experience. So wherever you are personally in your relationship with him is fine. No judgement or any crap like that. That's not what love is about. Just know that you're not alone and that the one person really in charge of life - really does love and care about you and all you go through in this crazy messed-up world.

So, blessings and strength to you, Bob! We look forward to hearing from you in July!

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