WEP key viewer

By philchil ·
Looking for a wep key viewer that my company can use to check all the keys on our laptops. Anyone have any suggestions?

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That does not sound like you will get help here

by w2ktechman In reply to WEP key viewer

as it sounds a bit fishy.

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by philchil In reply to That does not sound like ...

Fishy, when I just finished sitting in the conference room with the corporate president, operations manager and supervisor discussing all the problems we have because the idiots before my supervisor and I (he's been here 1 year, me 3 days!)didn't stick to the same standards. My supervisor is the first I.S. guy they've had full time in 25 years.

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yes, Fishy!

by w2ktechman In reply to FISHY?!?

You do not need to scan all of the systems to get encryption keys from everyone.

Send an email to everyone stating how they will need to connect, and where to get a new key from.

what you are asking for is SW that can be used in an improper way, whether you have a valid reason or not. We will not help for this

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by CG IT In reply to yes, Fishy!

you won't just get a single wep key, you'll get all keys that the users have saved which could be their home wireless networks as well.

WEP encryption has been successfully hacked is a short time frame[see George OUs article], so, most in the know now use WPA.

Besides, you ought to know what wireless computers are allowed on the network and have documented them along with taking the necessary security by using MAC address filter list.

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Software "used in an improper way"...

by jim In reply to yes, Fishy!

I agree that the Phil shouldn't waste his time trying to open the network to whatever keys the EU's are already using. The IT dept. sets the security standards and it's up to the user to conform to it! (IMHO)
BUT... if we limit our discussions to SW that CAN'T "be used in an improper way" we'll have very little to talk about!

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You Don't need it.

by IC-IT In reply to WEP key viewer

If the WEP is setup and the laptop can connect it is the right key.
As stated earlier, you really should change them all to WPA if possible.

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Scrap it all and start fresh

by jdclyde In reply to WEP key viewer

There isn't a valid reason to backwards engineer this when it isn't a modern config anyways.

Develop a new strategy using current encryption and scrap the old.

If your request is legit, you will see this as the best route to take. If it isn't, you will continue to try to get a "viewer" to try to crack into someone elses system.

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thanks alot

by philchil In reply to Scrap it all and start fr ...

All these replys just show what kind of world we live in now. Thanks for the help

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I have scrapped a lot

by jdclyde In reply to thanks alot

It is always easier to start fresh than it is to try to figure out what someone did wrong and try to fix it.

I kind of get the feel that you were still more interested in getting your hands on this viewer though.

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Already found it

by philchil In reply to I have scrapped a lot

my boss found a program and we've already got half the compound straightened out. It's easier to start fresh if you are not very good at your job. If you are good at your job, you can take what is thrown at you and come up with apple pie!

Thanks for nothing, "techrepublic"

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