Westell DSL modem and Netmeeting!!

By rjward ·
Some have this info..?? I get no help from Westell or Verizon. There is a way to set the Westell DSL modem to 'IP passthrough/DMZ' so that I can use Netmeeting... Can anyone help???
Thanks.. I know how to get to Westell modem config. page, but what to do next??

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Is your computer in the DMZ?

by TechBro In reply to Westell DSL modem and Net ...

Not quite sure of the question, but make sure that the IP of the computer that will be hosting the NetMeeting is the same IP that you have placed in the DMZ. Remember that this also means that you lose any hardware firewall protection.

You should not need IPSec passthrough, since you will be in the DMZ.

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by rjward In reply to Is your computer in the D ...

I'm sorry, but 'DMZ' I am not familiar with.?? (Not since the Korean War.) Please elaborate...By the way, I suspect the Verizon Westell modem setup, as if I go to a 'dial-up' connection, all works fine with Netmeeting, even with the Windows Firewall turned on..?? I don't think that Westell 6100 is enabled for IP passthrough.?? Verizon and Westell will not help, they continue to refer me to each other.

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DMZ Exposes your computer without interference

by TechBro In reply to DMZ.???

Actually the Korean War is where the phrase comes from.

When you use a DSL modem, typicall all of the computers on the LAN side (your home or office) are protected via various security measures. Anyone from the outside can only see the modem.

However, a computer in the DMZ is connected to the modem, but it is not protected by any of the security measures enacted by the modem (hence the term DMZ).

When you use dial-up, your computer is basically left to fend for itself and use software protection like Windows Firewall, etc. So likewise, a computer in the DMZ would also have to rely on Windows firewall, which just so happens to also know about NetMeeting and will probably let it operate with no fuss.

So what I think you need to do is the following:

1) Check your DSL modem to see if it is handing out IP addresses automatically on your network (called DHCP). If so, it should show what range it is using. For example, the modem may be automatically assigning IP addresses in the range to

2) If this is the case, assign your computer a static address on the same subnet, but outside of the range that the modem is using for automatic addresses. Using my previous example, the last number could be between 2 and 99 (the modem is probably using "1") or between 151 and 255 (255 is the highest number).

3) Now in the modem setup, find the DMZ setting and put in the static number that you gave to your computer (something like

4) Now when your DSL modem connects you to the internet, you are not standing behind any of the modem's security features and everything should work just as if you used dial up. But remember, only Windows firewall stands between you and the cold, cruel world.

Hope this helps.

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by rjward In reply to DMZ Exposes your computer ...

Thanks..I'll have to do some homework on that!! I currently have a 'dynamic' IP address with this Westell 6100 modem. Getting into this thing to make settings is challenging to say the least.. I will search for info on how this is done. There is a web page out there that describes all the possible settings. Wish there was an easier fix.. Thanks..

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