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What About Global Warming?

By FluxIt ·
I read through several Global Warming threads and saw many things that were curious. Then I came across this article:

While I have not made a decision on the human contribution to Global Warming, I have a tendency towards a neglible impact. I believe that Global Warming is a natural process and that the natural has a greater impact on the climate than human influence. Certianly, humans cause an impact but it is usually a whisp in the spanse of time and space.

What do you think about the article?

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A complete waste of your time

by sn53 In reply to CO2 is not a pollutant?

Plants take in carbon dioxide and "exhale" oxygen. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. If plants were as concerned about pollution and limited the amount of their pollutants thy could "exhale" we would be in trouble.

One must look at things in context.

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sn53: Not at nighttime, they don't.

by deepsand In reply to CO2 is not a pollutant?

During daylight hours, plants engage in photosynthesis; at night, respiration, whereby they oxidize a portion of the substrates created by photosynthesis.

Duing respiration plants take in oxygen & expel CO2!

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Pollutants - oxygen and carbon dioxide. Perspective

by sn53 In reply to CO2 is not a pollutant?

deep said, "During daylight hours, plants engage in photosynthesis;"

Yeah. They take in carbon dioxide and water, mix it with a little sunlight and create food for themselves. And out comes that pesky pollutant, oxygen.

"at night, respiration, whereby they oxidize a portion of the substrates created by photosynthesis."

"During respiration plants take in oxygen & respire CO2!"

Quite right. Plants are simply amazing. But then the gasses we exhale also include oxygen. So maybe it isn't all that amazing.

Back to context. Plants use CO2, water and sunlight to create their food. They pollute the atmosphere with oxygen. We are glad they do.

They probably don't care one way or the other.

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Just out of curiosity

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to CO2 is not a pollutant?

What do you think will happen when the bulk of the plants are killed off by the Pollution ts that are pumped into the Atmosphere, where is all the CO2 going to end up then and much more importantly what are you going to be breathing?

Spaceballs Here we come full steam ahead and no stopping for anything no matter what the consequences are.

Even the Planet of the Apes knew just how dangerous the Spaceballs where as when they saw them escaping from the remains of Mega Maid they promptly said Oh Shite Spaceballs Lets get the hell out of here before we get caught and corrupted to their way of thinking.


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by sn53 In reply to Chaos theory

Tony said, "Chaos theory is the study of non linear dynamical systems."

I think the solar system is a non-linear dynamic system.

I did not understand the rest of you post as it pertains to chaos theory.

"I have nothing against profit,"

Great. Nor do I.

"I profited from my reading of James Gleick's Chaos,"

I read it too. Many years ago.

"I haven't profited from risking the entire biosphere and millions of lives though."

How do you know? How do you know there is even a risk? What if a warmer climate is both natural and beneficial to humankind? Would you be willing to take the risk of spoiling that equally likely outcome because of environmental-religious reasons?

I just want you to think about it.

"It's called ethics."

It is called uncertainty. And politics will not change that. There is noting ethical about the UN power grab that is taking place. Ethics makes people freer. It does not enslave them.

"American contribution to potential climate change yes but no you can't claim to have made global warming, unless Al's been waffling again?"

Al Gore just might be the greatest threat to mankind, pound for pound. But then, I am only speculating.

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Al Gore is a Threat - Not Speculation

by FluxIt In reply to Great!

The man is a megalomaniac and a pathological liar. You know he invented the internet and he invented Global Warming. In fact, he was studying the effects of Global Warming in 1959 but never took action until 45 years later. That was when his data began to 'indicate' that it was a problem. By the way, the data that indicated a problem was his paycheck as he was unemployed. Except that the generous US taxpayers grant him a annual stipend just because he was an elected official at one time that many of them do not even make or get just because they worked for someone else.

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So what pray tell me are you doing about

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Al Gore is a Threat - Not ...

Elected Officials Fleecing the system? They are Criminals who grant themselves these perks and will continually continue to do so until the people of the country raise up and demand that this action be stopped immediately.

So when are you going to fill up your vehicle and carry everyone that you can jam into it to Washington to demonstrate to stop the payments to Elected Officials even the ones currently in power?


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Not Talking About Elected Officials

by FluxIt In reply to So what pray tell me are ...

I am talking about Al Gore, the citizen.

I have no comments on elected officials.

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Well in that case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Great!

I take it that you will willingly accept the displaced people of the world as the water rises and accept them as refugees into your Country without any complaints. Some Pacific Islands are only several feet above sea level and even Hawaii isn't safe from rising sea levels.

So what do you propose happens to all the people who are displaced by the rising Ocean Levels?

Much more importantly what do you propose to eat when the Ocean Chemistry has been so dramatically altered that the vast majority of the Fish and like die off as a result?

Look at he Coral Reefs in Floria and see just how healthy they are as they look like a desert and this is so called Progress that brings betterment of life. Sorry but no thanks I'll stick with what was there before and you can have the Brave New World where there will be hardly any soil available and even less fresh water.

You are looking at that movie Water World and not seeing it as a very possible future. The science about what would happen to the ocean levels if the Polar Ice Caps where to melt has been around for several hundred years now so it's hardly anything new to be considered as to what will happen when they do melt.

But as you and I will not be around by then it's not our concern is it? It's perfectly acceptable to wreak the place now and leave it to your grandchildren to clean up your mess right?

I'm betting that wouldn't be acceptable to you for any inheritance that you where to leave them that would cost them millions of $ and thousands of years to put right but somehow it's acceptable to do it to the planet that we live on and currently Can Not Escape From.

Actually instead of All Gore being the greatest threat to mankind I think that you'll find Apathy is and it's people like you who allow the mess to happen and then moan about the cost & time taken to clean up.

Personally I haven't watched the All Gore Movie and I'm not overly interested in it because of the reports that I've seen of it understate the real damage that will be done so it's all nice and fuzzy and not real.


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It is a religion

by sn53 In reply to Well in that case

Hal, it is a religion for you. Praise god.

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