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What About Global Warming?

By FluxIt ·
I read through several Global Warming threads and saw many things that were curious. Then I came across this article:

While I have not made a decision on the human contribution to Global Warming, I have a tendency towards a neglible impact. I believe that Global Warming is a natural process and that the natural has a greater impact on the climate than human influence. Certianly, humans cause an impact but it is usually a whisp in the spanse of time and space.

What do you think about the article?

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As religions are based on "revealed" truths, it seems that your's ...

by deepsand In reply to It is a religion

is the truly religious belief, lacking, as it does, a basis in fact.

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Well it's a religion for someone

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It is a religion

But that's certainly not me as I don't actually believe in what you would like me to believe in on just Faith Alone. When I have solid Science that has been known and talked about for hundreds of years I have something solid to fall back upon instead of the She'll be Right MateAttitude that you seem to want to push and hope for the best when everything is pointing in the other direction.

If erring on the side of caution is being a True Believer without any facts to back me up you are sadly mistaken as you are the one who has Faith not me I'm the one with the facts and knowledge who is worried instead of the one with their head buried in the sand knowing no better.


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I don't care what the politicians think

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Great!

they'll think what we tell them to so they can get our votes and bury their heads in the public trough.

Ethics do not make people freer, they are a constraint. Being ethical means you limit yourself to what you should do, not what you can do.
I am capable of draining my engine into my flower bed, my ethics make me collect it in a suitable container and dispose of it safely, even if doing so incurs a cost.

The big problem in terms of being bio-ethical is those who are against such ideas always look at the cost of disposing the oil, never the flowers, wild life, scenery, public welfare etc. None of those are easily fitted on the balance sheet.

Al Gore is a politician, if he thought pouring crude oil on californian orchards would get him a vote, there would be dead trees across half the state.

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Comingling pollution control and climate change

by sn53 In reply to I don't care what the pol ...

Hi Tony,

I am interested in determining why you and HAL (and probably others) commingle the perfectly reasonable pollution management and the idea that we are destroying the Earth because our activities might be warming the place up a tiny bit.

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Because unlike you we know CO2 is a pollutant

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Comingling pollution cont ...

If took millions of years to give us an atmosphere in which oxygen breathers could exist outside of water.

So long in fact we lost our gills!.

Now we are liberating all that carbon back into the atmosphere, every atom of which is combining with two oxygen ones. Worse still we are killing the only practical method of redressing the balance plants.

Anything can be a pollutant. if somebody poured a gallon of water in to your petrol tank, they've polluted it, with water.

All a pollutant is, is something that will damage an environment, what is a pollutant depends on the environment, not the chemical composition of the unwanted substance itself.

The reverse is equally true, if some one added a dash a petrol to your evian, you'd be complaining wouldn't you.

Amounts count as well. Breathe pure oxygen and you'll suffer. Hyperventilate and you reduce the co2 level in your blood stream to the point where you become ill. Too much CO2 will poison you.

Have a heart attack, they give you a wee bit of digitalin, it will save your life. Give you too much, ill or not and it will kill you. That too much is a very very small amount.

I don't know that we are destroying the earth, I know we could be. Based on that ignorance is saying ah f**k it, a rational response?

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All of your points were good enough for me

by sn53 In reply to I don't care what the pol ...

Hi Tony,

I do agree that anything can be a pollutant in context.


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"What if a warmer climate is both natural and beneficial to humankind?"

by Absolutely In reply to Great!

It is not. Warmer oceans mean that when tropical storms occur, they will be more severe than previously. Climatologists, not just those employed by the UN, are in unanimous agreement on this. If you can posit any benefits that might counter the cost represented by worse hurricanes, typhoons, etc., please do so.

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a warmer climate is both natural and beneficial

by sn53 In reply to "What if a warmer climate ...

Abso wrote, "It is not."

Okay. So you think people were better off during the last ice age?

Fine by me. But I think we are going to have climate change no matter how many freedoms you force me to give up. And some people will benefit and some people will lose in exactly the same ways as have occurred throughout the life of this planet.

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I can't wait to see this!

by Absolutely In reply to a warmer climate is both ...

No, having stronger hurricanes is not a benefit.

No, I do not think people were better off during the last ice age: I'm not talking about gradual changes in temperature that happen naturally over many centuries, I'm talking about more sudden changes in average temperature, measurable over much shorter periods.

No, I haven't suggested you give up any freedoms. I think the Left should put more money into manufacturing & research, to create the alternatives they want, not whine for the government to do it for them. But you didn't ask me that, you just assumed.

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The truth comes out - it's about your freedom to f*ck up the world.

by deepsand In reply to a warmer climate is both ...

Your freedom to swing your fist ends at my nose.

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