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What an achivement! My 100th discussion!

By jdclyde ·
7301 posts later, and here I am.

100th discussion. Some were very active, others not. A few actually turned out pretty good!

I have agreed with some people, and told others they are blinken nuts. Not offensive or agressive MOST of the time, and even on-topic some of the time.

Looking back, I have only had a few posts that I regretted, and was quick to say so on the follow up posts.

People may not agree with everything I write, but I have learned that it is alright to allow them to be wrong.

To TR members in general, this is a great site and thanks for being a part of it.

For TR people that I have come to know a lot better, it has become like a home thanks to you. From the tech support questions to the great personal advice that helped me through a very difficult time, this has really become something special. Thanks.


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Jersey Girl

by AV . In reply to Jersey?

If you live in NJ long enough, it definitely rubs off on you. I don't know if thats a good thing or not. Either way, you will pay to live in NJ. I'm sure you know.

I'm a native and have lived all over NJ. I think the unique thing about it is that North, South, East, West and Central NJ all have their own culture.

If you live in Northeast NJ, its very city-like. Western and Northwestern NJ has farms, more like PA. Southern NJ is very laid back. Central NJ is a melting pot. Its a highly-diversified state and there is something here for everyone.

I'm not leaving TR anytime soon unless I get thrown out for being too "Jersey." You know, people in Jersey don't mince words.

I hope you will follow in the Jersey Girl tradition of having your hair twice as big as your head and your fingernails registered as lethal weapons with your local police department. At the same time you, must be properly manicured by your local nail technician or face a steep fine that will raise your property taxes even more.

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I couldn't get the hair big

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Jersey Girl

so I let it grow long and it's red. That seems to be accepted thus far. I got the nails, but I am at the keyboard, so I keep them shorter than some...still, I hear, "Nice nails!" often, and have found that's the way people say hello here. LOL (Had the nails when I arrived.)
As for if it's a good thing or not to become a Jersey's a good thing. I still have my Ms. New England within me, but I never did fit there. The quote chosen for my graduation picture (not by me) in my high school year book was: "I will not retreat a single inch and I will be heard." Sure sounds Jersey to me!
Between the two I am old fashioned and out spoken. It confuses some people, but that's just fine.
When I tried being modern and quiet my life went backward!

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what I want to know

by jdclyde In reply to I couldn't get the hair b ...

is when you two are going to have the cat fight, and what the address for the web cam is!

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bad luck jd

by rob mekel In reply to I couldn't get the hair b ...

I think the cat fight won't happen jd. The 2 of them just sound as nice kittens playing around with the woolen ball.

But ... maybe that's how they sharpen their nails. :0 Let the fights begin.
But do tell us what the address for the web cam is.


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Thats the attitude!

by AV . In reply to I couldn't get the hair b ...

"I will not retreat a single inch and I will be heard."

I think the greatest thing about NJ is that you can be outspoken, maybe even outrageously so, and thats normal.

Being old-fashioned and outspoken is ok. Confusing is good too. I never think you should show all your cards unless you have to.

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It's more fun

by oneamazingwriter In reply to I couldn't get the hair b ...

to let people think I'm not working with a full deck!
"Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to la la.
I was raised by poker playing parents who taught me house rules. It works for me! I just make sure I don't visit too many houses, and scope the place out well before I enter...making sure there's an exit close at hand!
And they thought we would fight, AV!!

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Oh, it will happen.... ;\

by jdclyde In reply to I couldn't get the hair b ...

Two Jersey girls in the same spot?

Wacha luken et beech? I rearange you face you be luken at my man! :^0

cat fight! Cat FIGHT! B-)

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Youse guys are too much!

by AV . In reply to I couldn't get the hair b ...

If Writer and I ever have a cat fight we're gonna sell tickets and get rich off the proceeds. Thats how they do things in Jersey. You don't do somethin' for nothin'.

Look how much Mike Tyson made fighting!

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You telll 'em AV!!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to I couldn't get the hair b ...

And in Jersey if you don't have big hair of your own, you can buy it at a lot of stores around here. We look the way we WANT to look! (Also if there's a cat fight, we'll get to pull hair off not out.)

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by jdclyde In reply to Its a definite milestone

she never looked better than she does right now!


helloween costume. this was how I informed all my friends at the costume party I always go to that we were not together anymore. figured if I made it light hearted, it would be less awkward for everyone else.

My boys thought is was both cruel and funny. They understood the spirit of it all, so it went over well. I don't know if their female parental unit ever found out or not. She never mentioned it, and I only talk to her when I have to, about what I have to.

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