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What an achivement! My 100th discussion!

By jdclyde ·
7301 posts later, and here I am.

100th discussion. Some were very active, others not. A few actually turned out pretty good!

I have agreed with some people, and told others they are blinken nuts. Not offensive or agressive MOST of the time, and even on-topic some of the time.

Looking back, I have only had a few posts that I regretted, and was quick to say so on the follow up posts.

People may not agree with everything I write, but I have learned that it is alright to allow them to be wrong.

To TR members in general, this is a great site and thanks for being a part of it.

For TR people that I have come to know a lot better, it has become like a home thanks to you. From the tech support questions to the great personal advice that helped me through a very difficult time, this has really become something special. Thanks.


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mmmmmmmmm carrot cake

by Shellbot In reply to hopefully

god i love carrot i gonna have to make some :)

(i did get yer mail yes...did you get my reply? i sent a nice long one..i ranted for a bit
so go have a read of it..if you not get it let me know and i'll resend)

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dang spam filter.....

by jdclyde In reply to mmmmmmmmm carrot cake

grabbed it on me for some reason. That is why I have TR mail go to my gmail account and then forward into my work account. If the filters grab it, a copy is still in the gmail. Will reply soon. Thanks for writing.

If you love carrot cake, I will have to send you my recipe. everything from scratch and I have never seen a desert that could touch it!

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Congrats jd

by rob mekel In reply to What an achivement! My 1 ...

Like your comments a lot :) , altho we do differ sometimes, mostly in politics, they realy crack the bush :^0 :)

(wisper mode)Now if I only knew how to talk this guy out off an opinion once he has made up his mind ]:)


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by jdclyde In reply to Congrats jd

and I DO change my opinion, if I am shown a better position based on proven facts instead of other opinions and emotions. (not a very emotional person)

You can always choose to come to the light! B-)

Rational thought, what a concept! ;\

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yw jd

by rob mekel In reply to Thanks

Rational thought is nice and good, if y're not having an opinion to a subject yet. Even then if y're having an opinion it isn't bad to be rational about the subject.

On the other hand if seeing what the subject does cause ... than comes in the emotion.
Emotion is the thing that people make click, go for it, be compassionate, giving the extra drive for being outstanding.

I do think adding emotion to enlighten/improve is good. B-)
(I do like the positive approach better then denying the bad)

Rational emotional thinking, what a thought. ;\ Improved concept? :)


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by oneamazingwriter In reply to yw jd

When intellect rules emotion over time, maturity results. Intellect and emotion are meant to work togather=WARM LOGIC!
Me? I call that love.

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Hey, you.....

by Jellimonsta In reply to What an achivement! My 1 ...

get back to work!!!

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by jdclyde In reply to Hey, you.....

you make it sound like I had ever started! B-)

Surfing TR IS work related, dontchaknow? Part of my job is staying on top of the new toys and latest wizbang that I can bring back to work. I get a lot of that from here. So yea, bossman knows I am hear a lot, and he is happy for it because of what I am able to bring to the table because of it!

Also, working salary, all he cares about is my job is done and done well. No start time, no end time, just get the job done. life is good.

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You're getting there

by Oz_Media In reply to What an achivement! My 1 ...

I remember my 10,000th post, I think I remember it, anyway, it was a while ago now.

I fogot where to find those stats, they havent been relevant for some tme since the site was revamped. I haven't a clue how many discussions I've started, I usually post and don't start as many though.

100 is a good round number though, worth a flaming cake or something anyway.

Hey JAY!!! Send this dude a mug or something!

Like that'll happen!

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go to your "my discussion" page

by jdclyde In reply to You're getting there

between the subscribed and the participated sections will list number of posts and number of threads started.

It doesn't seem that others can get this information, as I looked but it doesn't seem to show up? Oh well!

10K posts. Got about 2500 to go, and as I have been getting "distracted" recently, the posts are slowing down, not speeding up. This might take a while. Worth waiting for though. Always been the kind of person to get a stupid kick out of rolling an odomiter! I have about 2300 miles till I roll 200K on my 99 concorde. Should take about a month, maybe two. Maybe that will be a discussion too! B-)

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