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What an achivement! My 100th discussion!

By jdclyde ·
7301 posts later, and here I am.

100th discussion. Some were very active, others not. A few actually turned out pretty good!

I have agreed with some people, and told others they are blinken nuts. Not offensive or agressive MOST of the time, and even on-topic some of the time.

Looking back, I have only had a few posts that I regretted, and was quick to say so on the follow up posts.

People may not agree with everything I write, but I have learned that it is alright to allow them to be wrong.

To TR members in general, this is a great site and thanks for being a part of it.

For TR people that I have come to know a lot better, it has become like a home thanks to you. From the tech support questions to the great personal advice that helped me through a very difficult time, this has really become something special. Thanks.


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Oh yeah!

by Oz_Media In reply to go to your "my discussion ...

They've added so much junk to this site I forget where everything is now.

Number of posts: 11925
Number of threads started: 242


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What would be cool

by jdclyde In reply to Oh yeah!

is if you could view posting activity on a graph along a time line! That would be cool to see.

Would also be nice to be able to go back and see the very first post or discussion and know when it was and what it was about.

I have no idea where I started or what it was the dragged me from the sidelines of just reading the newsletters to reading the discussions to joining in. Maybe a google search will help me! ;\

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The first "LONG" discussion I encountered

by jardinier In reply to What an achivement! My 1 ...

was titled: "Why," and was posted by a guy who used the moniker of "Mallard."

I joined in November 2002 and the discussion was about terrorists and/or Iraq. I cannot recall (although for sure some people will) whether the "why" referred to 9/11 or the invasion of Iraq.

In those bygone days (3 1/2 years ago) I seem to recall that 150 posts constituted a "long" discussion. But you and ProtiusX changed the rules.

Personally I weary of a discussion by about post number 200, because by that time so many side threads have started that the posts lose touch with the original topic.

My score is: 2501 posts, 126 discussions started.

A quick calculation on my slide rule puts me at a similar post to discussion ratio as Jaqui.

It's kind of interesting to see which members do more talking (posting) and less initiating of discussions.

Anyhow jd, as you know, I have a high respect for your intelligence, general knowledge and ESPECIALLY fairness in your comments. You may have done some flaming in the past, but currently you avoid the name-calling and simply comment on the post.

Will I ever learn not to flame? Well, can pigs fly?

Congratulations jd.

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Avoid name calling?

by jdclyde In reply to The first "LONG" discussi ...

Sure, I haven't said anything flame worthy since yesterday! Go look at the TQ&A's

Thanks for the compliments. I know not everyone out here will agree, but can't please everyone, "I rather drive a truck". B-)

200 long? It is just getting warmed up? When your chatting LIVE with a group of friends at the bar, do you stay on one topic through the whole discussion, or does one topic lead to another and another and another? That is kind of what happens here. Sure, I stop following half the discussion, and follow a subtread for a bit unless a title catchs my attention.

As for my flaming vs just commenting on the post. I TRY to always go after the idea, not the person. At times, I have been less than stable mentally and would be a little bit quicker to nip. As I go back, I can see posts like that line up with events in the divorce discussion pretty closely. When I would realize it, I would back up for a bit. Even I can't be perfect ALL THE TIME!

Looking at your ratio compared to mine, interesting. The majority of my discussions started would be in the last year, as I had things I felt were discussion worth. I still have a ways to go before catching OZ though.

It would be cool to be able to pull stats to see who has the most posts and who has the most discussions started. Going to have to get with Smorty on that one!

hey look there! is that a pig flying? ;\

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"Bugger off punk" -- Post edited because it is jd's happy dance.

by jardinier In reply to Avoid name calling?

Is that the best you can come up with? You are just vindicating my opinion that you ARE NOT capable of being truly offensive.

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This discussion is my happy dance

by jdclyde In reply to "Bugger off punk" -- Post ...

could you move your post to the TQ&A, and send it with love? And edit here would be nice as well.

I will be watching the Q&A to see your further chastisement of this load that should have been swollowed! ;\

Not truly offensive? I like to try to stay at about that level although I have been known to make references to activites they do with their mother...... :0 Especially when playing games on line with a bunch of 14 year old punks playing tough to make up for getting their a$$es kicked at school that day! B-)

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Smorty and Jay, got a question or three

by jdclyde In reply to What an achivement! My 1 ...


I am curious about a few things.

It appears we have a membership number, but it sometimes is not in order? (see Jelli's post) Was there a purge and reclaiming of numbers?

What is the LOWEST member number that is still active on TR?

Who has the MOST posts? (are they still members?)

Who has started the most Discussions? (are they still members?)

(did I mention my car is almost ready to roll 200K? Will have to keep my camera on hand for that!) ;\

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bravo fella

by nazil dsouza In reply to What an achivement! My 1 ...

hey bravo my friend............. you OUR MAN.............. i think we should be partying together throw in some beers and everyone get drunk till late................... Buddy i wonder how it feels having finished 100 discussions.......... hope you dont feel like you crossed senior citizenship :)

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Actually, yeah

by jdclyde In reply to bravo fella

but then I have always been one to find odd things like that interesting.

Like when M_A_R_K pointed out the 01:02:03 04/05/06. Now I can't wait till June 6th! ;\

Drunk is for other people, so I can sit back and laugh as they spew all over the place. A healthy buzz is always welcome though!

As for age, I am younger than many of the other regulars (but I didn't tell you that!) B-)

A nice single-malt will work just fine tongith. :)

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Not me....

by Jellimonsta In reply to Actually, yeah

You're older than me old timer! ;\

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