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What Anti-Virus for Linux in Enterprise do you recommend?

By jdclyde ·
Running Linux for some time now and have been real happy with the performance and stability.

The question I have, What is a good Anti-Virus to run on an Enterprise deployment of Linux?

What have you been using and for how long?

Dependabiltiy is more important than "free".

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Trend Micro

by garnerl In reply to What Anti-Virus for Linux ...

Like the other posters here, I have no experience with this product on Linux, but I've had great success with the "NeatSuite" for Windows & Netware (and yes, I know that there are also no NetWare viruses, but I ran AV on the servers anyway).

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my experience

by apotheon In reply to Trend Micro

In my experience, Trend Micro kinda sucks. Granted, I've never used the network version of Trend Micro's AV solution, but the single-system version sucks rocks. I'd probably recommend Norton before Trend Micro, because even though Norton is horrible hostageware, spyware, and six or seven other kinds of evil, at least it will find virus infections a sizable percentage of the time, whereas Trend Micro (in my experience) misses a LOT of stuff.

Luckily, there's much better AV out there, including AGV from Grisoft and ClamAV for Windows (called ClamWin). Then, of course, there's the Unix version, ClamAV, which runs on Linux. Much, much better.

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TrendMicro: my experience

by Thrash Cardiom In reply to my experience

Haven't tried the single system version but I recently moved one of the networks I work on from Norton's Corporate to TrendMicro's Neatsuite and find it a far better product. Haven't had a virus infection under either product but I find I have far more information and control using NeatSuite. The TrendMicro ScanMail component stops a quite a bit of stuff that gets through to our Exchange server (after passing through the first defensive layer - MailMarshal) that Norton's simply ignored - mainly phishing items and the like rather than viruses though.

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fair 'nuff

by apotheon In reply to TrendMicro: my experience

I'll defer to your expertise in the matter. I haven't touched Trend Micro in several years (since the most recent of my bad experiences with it), and have found far better virus protection than I'd found anywhere else in AVG and ClamAV.

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