What are some incites you have for me to create this site?

By EssayDoctor ·
What are some incites you have for me to create this site?

I would like to create a website which would allow users to submit an essay. Their essays would be in a timed-environment, and hence, the site should have a countdown timer, which I heard is very heard to implement.

The site should be aesthetically very pleasing, intuitive, and scalable to do more things.

Already, I've registered a domain name, but I haven't gotten it hosted yet. I have no clue which programming language, scripts, etc. to use, or how to go about doing it.

Do you think that godaddy or bluehost is better at hosting this dynamic site for me?

Finally, I heard that has many tools that I could use. How do I test it out? another words, where do I download the compiler or whatever it is that I'll need to play around with it?

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by EssayDoctor In reply to Try something else

I downloaded moodle, and it's a very comprehensive site for educators. To me, it's like a more advanced and comprehensive blog site. Here are my questions:
1. I have a website with moonfruit. Could moodle integrate with moonfruit (or wix)?
2. How do I change the appearance of moodle? I'd like to change the font, background color, and the curvature of the bevels.

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BlueHost vs GoDaddy

by mperata In reply to What are some incites you ...

While shying away from inciting ill feelings toward either hosting company I would like to add my insight toward BlueHost.

BlueHost is very competitive price wise and the few times I have had to call customer service, they have been very responsive, understanding of the issue and pleasant to deal with. My sites do not have large traffic numbers so I can't judge efficiencies, but then it appears your site will also have little traffic.

The only comment I have for GoDaddy is that I think Danica Patrick will fail miserably in NASCAR. Besides that comment, I try to stay from businesses with cute, silly names as the business does not engender immediate confidence.

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Grammar and word/phrase usages are important.

by HollyLouise In reply to What are some incites you ...

What's the purpose of the essay site?
Also, it's "In other words,..." not "another words..." Just trying to help you out if you're going to call yourself "EssayDoctor" running an essay site which would be more effective with proper use of the language. :)

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Reponse To Answer

by EssayDoctor In reply to Grammar and word/phrase u ...


One is free to state "another words" or "in other words." The former re-states the thesis. The latter implies that the statement resides between words. This is hyper-parsing of the wording, I know. But look it up both phrases, and you'll see that we're both right.

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