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What are the benfiits of Cloud Computing?

By jayanth_reddy ·
Hi everyone..

Can anyone explain me the benefits of cloud computing.what are the major benefits do we have in cloud computing?please explain in detail.

-Thank you

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Benefits of Cloud Computing

by arpitabiswas In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

The benefits are innumerable. Few major benefits are storage, security, simplified and powerfulness to be precise.

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Cloud is the future

by urolimesmm In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

Cloud computing is the most widely used and successful technology in the world. Cloud offers a variety of services including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, monitoring and much more. Due to fast access of data from virtually anywhere using a remote computer makes cloud computing a preferred technology. Some benefits are

1. Security: The data on a cloud computer is virtually safe and it cannot be hacked easily because of the technologies constantly implemented for making the data secure.
2. Cost effective: This is another reason for the popularity of cloud because in cloud computing we need to pay only for the services that we use.
3. Highly reliable: Since there multiple data centres all over the globe, the data is not stored in a single place and if any data centre fails, the rest will continue to work.

The number of benefits for cloud computing is definitely more. These are some benefits only.

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Top 5 benefits of cloud computing

by alexbarnes590 In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

1. The cloud has less operational issues
2. The cloud actually saves you money
3. The cloud requires less capital
4. Cloud computing increases collaboration amongst your team
5. Cloud computing reduces your carbon footprint

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Benefits of cloud computing

by alexbarnes590 In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

Flexibility. Users can scale services to fit their needs, customize applications and access cloud services from anywhere with an internet connection.
Efficiency. Enterprise users can get applications to market quickly, without worrying about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance.

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Cloud Computing benefits

by R192377t678 In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

There are three main reasons to move to cloud computing:

1. Cost savings. A cloud user gets exactly as much space as he needs, and will not be charged for any space that he doesn’t need. Taken together, these factors result in lower total costs and higher returns.

2. Security. Information is the main tool of many businesses, and it is extremely important to keep it safe and secure.

3. Flexibility. The cloud offers businesses much more overall flexibility than it is possible to get by hosting on a local server.

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On Security

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cloud Computing benefits

Just how is this possible when it has been claimed that Countries are involved in Cracking these services to gain Data for their Intelegance Services or use as a Weapon.

While these sites may be marginally secure against Criminals they show no proof of Security or for that matter even slowing down a State Operation where the Full Resources of the State are put behind the Cracking Attempts.

Most Western Countries have blamed China for Cracking these systems in the past few weeks and so far none of any of the Cloud Providers have even slowed down the Data Stealing Actions of this claimed country.

I would suggest if China has been caught with their fingers in the Cookie Jar as claimed many other States are involved and as yet have not been caught or for that matter even had their actual Intrussions discovered.

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cloud benefits

by asamits765 In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

Well, there are many benefits. But, the most important being the data security. You'll never lose your data. It will be safe in the cloud. You can restore it whenever you need.

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Then perhaps you can explain

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to cloud benefits

How so many Western Countries where in the Media Recently Blaming China for Cracking these systems and using the Data for Comerical Gain or Weaponising it to use against the countries that it was taken from right?

More importantly can you garantee that no other country has been involved in doing the same but has been so good that they have not even had their intrusions detected?

Perhaps you can point out one Cloud Provider who has the resources of a Country to put behind their Security so things like this do not happen often?

When Countries are involved in Cracking No Company has a hope in **** of stopping them as they simply do not have the resources or are willing to expend those resources to do what they claim they are.

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by aameliareed19 In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

Well, Cloud is the future of IT. It obviously has infinite advantages. But that is dependent on what subscription plan you are taking. Like your organization is handling which type of cloud service. Is it a private or public cloud? Generally, it has common benefits like no maintenance of any physical servers and with that no worries of data loss because of any external harm like natural or man-made disasters. less workload, management, cost of labor, etc.

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Cloud Computing

by supocod In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

Cloud storage and computing power greatly facilitate all the work associated with computing. It's all a plus. You do not need to hire staff to monitor your equipment, you do not need to physically install and maintain it, spend money on maintenance and upgrades, and much more. Another question is where to find such systems with ready-made solutions that will satisfy your requests? I would search them on this resource. Here you can compare, choose the parameters, and just read the reviews about existing hosting and their possible selection criteria in the location of your remote calculations.

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